What will be installed on your computer


  1. The following Visual Basic system files will be installed in the folder C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\:
    1. ASYCFILT.DLL (145KB)
    2. COMCAT.DLL (16KB)
    3. CTL3D32.DLL (26KB)
    4. MSVBVM50.DL (1,324KB)
    5. OLEAUT32.DLL (585KB)
    6. OLEPRO32.DLL (161KB)
    7. STDOLE2.TLB (18KB)
  2. The following application fileswill be downloaded to the folder C:\DV-COLL\:
    1. DV-COLL.EXE (190KB)–the collation program
    2. F-GEN.EXE (37KB)–the frame file generator program
    3. UNINST000.DAT (8KB)–datafile for the uninstaller program
    4. UNINST000.EXE (66KB)-the uninstaller program
  3. The following general documentation files will be downloaded to the folder C:\DV-COLL\COLLDOC\:
    1. AsciiCod.JPG (120KB)–a list of Donne Variorum Markup Tags for text entry
    2. filesins.html (6KB)–a list of all installed files and their locations
    3. GLOSSARY.HTML (6KB)–a glossary of some terms used in the documentation
    4. GPL.HTML (17B)–a copy of the GNU Public License
    5. GuidePag.HTML (2KB)–documentation home page; contains links to all documentation files
    6. HISTORY.HTML (8KB)–a brief history of the Donne Variorum Textual Collation Program
    7. LICENOTE.HTML (4KB)–licensing rules for redistributing and/or modifying the programs
  4. The following documentation files for DV-COLL will be downloaded to the folder C:\DV-COLL\COLLDOC\DV-COLL\:
    1. UsingDVC.HTML (32KB)–complete instructions for using DV-COLL
    2. COLDONE.JPG (13KB)–image file for “UsingDVC” (collate panel)
    3. COLWIND.JPG (9KB)–image file for “UsingDVC” (collate panel)
    4. ICONS.JPG (2KB)–image file for “UsingDVC” (desktop icons)
    5. LAUNPAD.JPG (28KB)–image file for “UsingDVC” (launchpad empty)
    6. LAUNPAD2.JPG (30KB)–image file for “UsingDVC” (launchpad loaded)
    7. TITSCRN.JPG (30KB)–image file for “UsingDVC” (title screen)
  5. The following documentation files for F-GEN will be downloaded to the folder C:\DV-COLL\COLLD0C\F-GEN\:
    1. UsingFGN.HTML (10KB)–complete instructions for using F-GEN
    2. F-GENSCR.JPG (38KB)–image file for “UsingFGN” (F-GEN panel empty)
    3. F-GENFIL.JPG (39KB)–image file for “UsingFGN” (F-GEN panel loaded)
  6. The following accessory files will be downloaded to the folder C:\DV-COLL\ICONS\:
    1. BOOKS05.ICO (2K)–“Books” Icon for DV-COLL
    2. PEN05.ICO (2KB)–“Pen” Icon for F-GEN
  7. Start menu links will be created in the Start -> Programs -> DV-COLL group. To access this group, click the Start button, scroll up to Programs, and then click on DV-COLL. The following items will appear:
    1. DV-COLL–launches the DV-COLL program
    2. F-GEN–launches the F-GEN program
    3. DV-COLL–F-GEN Guide–brings up the documentation home page
    4. Uninstall DV-COLL–completely uninstalls/deletes the DV-COLL package
  8. The following desktop icons will be placed on the Desktop for convenience in launching the programs:
    1. DV-COLL (the “Books” Icon)
    2. F-GEN (the “Pens” Icon)

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