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Screen Size and Font

The appearance of this site will vary somewhat from user to user depending on the settings and capabilities of the hardware and software used. A 9” screen on a subcompact computer, e.g., will display less material than the screen on a larger machine. Here are some ways to optimize the viewing experience:

  1. Within your browser, type “ctl” + “+” to increase the size of fonts and images, “ctl” + “-“ to decrease them.
  2. Adjust the default screen font and font size within your browser through the “Tools” menu available in the toolbar. Adjusting these settings may help you achieve optimal alignment of transcriptions against facing-page images.
  3. In the Complete Concordance to the Poems and the Concordance to the Prose Letters, adjust the viewing area of various sections of the screen by clicking and dragging the frame borders.


(Note: Dark boldfaced type on any page signals a hyperlink.)
Move from one section of the site to another by

  1. Clicking on the hyperlinks (“An Introduction,” “Front Matter,” etc.) at the top of the page (including the “bread-crumb” trail in small type) or
  2. Clicking the “back” arrow in the upper left corner of your browser.
  3. The book icon in the upper right corner is a hyperlink to the site’s home page.

Image Manipulation

On occasion, you may want to download an image to your hard drive and rotate or otherwise alter it to make the text or interleavings more readable. Both the Windows and Mac operating systems come with image-editing software that permits rotating downloaded images. On a Windows system, you can use Windows Photo Viewer or Paint to manipulate images. On a Mac system, you can use iPhoto. Also available is Google’s (free) Picasa.

To download an image (on both Windows and Mac systems):

  1. Right click the image.
  2. Choose “Save Image As.”
  3. Save the file on your hard drive.

Downloading PDF and XLS Files

Various files of information on this site are available in PDF format, and the “Master List of Poems in 17th-Century Sources” is available in XLS (Microsoft Excel) format. Either type of file may be opened from within the website or downloaded for offline use. If opened on the website, each type of file will be downloaded to a temporary directory on your hard disk and will disappear when you close the file. If you wish to save the file for offline use, click on the “Save As” option in the toolbar and save the file to your hard disk. In sorting the data in the XLS file, follow the sorting instructions provided exactly or the data will be corrupted and you will need to redownload the file.