First Line Indexes

First-Line Indexes of 17th-Century Sources of Donne Poems

Over the years various editors and assistants in the Donne Variorum project have prepared several dozen first-line indexes of 17th-century artifacts that contain Donne poems. We are happy to make these available here, but wish to note (1) that the indexes do not all provide the same amount of detail or exhibit the same format; and (2) while we have taken reasonable care to ensure their accuracy, some of these indexes were prepared by students and have not been proofread with the same rigor as the work in our published volumes. Accordingly, they should not be relied on for exactness of bibliographical detail. We will gladly repair any mistakes that users may report.

Additional indexes will be added below as they become available.

Donne Variorum Markup Tags – The “%” codes found in transcriptions, first-line indexes, typescripts, and elsewhere as needed, contain formatting information. Click link for a full list containing all the codes used in DV transcriptions with examples of usage. Analogous to SGML tags, the Donne Variorum Markup Tags (keyboard characters only) were devised to facilitate sharing of computerized texts among various word-processing programs and across platforms.

“Beal” in the indexes refers to Peter Beal, Index of English Literary Manuscripts, Vol. I, Part I. London: Mansell; New York: R. R. Bowker, 1980.

17th-Century Printed Editions

A (1633 edition of Poems, by J.D.)     B (1635 edition)    C (1639 edition)     D (1649 edition)
E (1650 edition)     F (1654 edition)     G (1669 edition)


Where applicable, manuscript indexes are presented in traditional groups, separate lines demarcating subgroups.  If a siglum shown below is not hyperlinked, a manuscript index is not available here.  Unclassified manuscripts are listed alphabetically by DV siglum.  A complete sigla list can be found in the Front Matter.

Group I

B30    B32    C2    C8    O20    SP1

Group II

B7      CT1    DT1 (bound together with DT2)    H4
B40    TT1    TT2

Group III

B46    H5
C9      H6

Associated with Group III

B13    H3    H7    HH1    HH4   HH5     Y2
NY1   VA2 (a copy of NY1 with respect to canonical items and sequence; the two mss. differ following the canonical sequence)
O21    Y3

Group IV



(Since more than 200 mss. fall into this category, it is likely to remain only partially completed. Items will be added as the demands of the project require their preparation.)

AF1   B47   H8   O16 (partial)   O30   SA1   TM1

Modern Editions

Unless otherwise noted, the Tables of Contents for these modern editions are given as PDFs augmented by text-box notes when necessary. For editions without specific Tables of Contents, an HTML First-Line Index lists the DV short form, page numbers, heading, and first line for each canonical poem. For more information about these editions, see the Front Matter. The Tables of Contents and First-Line Indexes for the Modern Editions were compiled by Danielle Lake with assistance from Tracy McLawhorn in the Spring of 2014.

H (Tonson; 1719)     I (Bell; 1779)    J (Anderson; 1793 [HTML])     K (Chalmers; 1810)     L (Alford; 1839)     M (Lowell; 1855)
N (Grosart; 1872–73)     O (Grolier Club; 1895)     P (Chambers; 1896)     Q (Grierson; 1912)     R (Sparrow; 1923)     S (Hayward; 1929)
T (Bennett; 1942)     U (Gardner; 1952)     V (Redpath; 1956)     W (Manley; 1963)     X (Gardner; 1965)     Y (Milgate; 1967)
Z (Shawcross; 1967)     AA (Smith; 1971)     BB (Milgate; 1978)     CC (Redpath; 1983)     DD (Patrides; 1985 [HTML])