Volume 7.1: The Holy Sonnets

Volume 7.1: The Holy Sonnets


HSBatter        [Batter my heart]

HSBlack          [O my black soul]

HSDeath         [Death be not proud]

HSDue             [As due by many titles]

HSLittle           [I am a little world]

HSMade          [Thou hast made me]

HSMin             [If poisonous minerals]

HSPart            [Father part of his double interest]

HSRound        [At the round earth’s imagined corners]

HSScene          [This is my play’s last scene]

HSShe             [Since she whom I loved]

HSShow           [Show me dear Christ]

HSSighs          [O might those sighs]

HSSouls           [If faithful souls]

HSSpit              [Spit in my face]

HSVex              [O to vex me]

HSWhat           [What if this present]

HSWhy             [Why are we by all creatures]

HSWilt              [Wilt thou love God]