Volume 2: The Elegies

Volume 2: The Elegies

ElAnag             The Anagram.  [Marry and love thy Flavia]

ElAut               The Autumnal.  [No spring nor summer beauty]

ElBed               Going to Bed.  [Come, Madam, come]

ElBrac              The Bracelet.  [Not that in color it was like thy hair]

ElChange         Change.  [Although thy hand and faith]

ElComp            The Comparison.  [As the sweet sweat of roses in a still]

ElExpost           The Expostulation.  [To make the doubt clear]

ElFatal             On His Mistress.  [By our first strange and fatal interview]

ElJeal              Jealousy.  [Fond woman which would’st have thy husband die]

ElNat                Nature’s Lay Idiot.  [Nature’s lay idiot]

ElPart               His Parting From Her.  [Since she must go]

ElPerf              The Perfume.  [Once and but once found in thy company]

ElPict                His Picture.  [Here take my picture]

ElProg              Love’s Progress.  [Whoever loves, if he doe not propose]

ElServe            Oh Let Me Not Serve So.  [Oh let me not serve so ]

ElVar                Variety.  [The heavens rejoice in motion]

ElWar               Love’s War.  [Till I have peace with thee]

Sappho            Sappho to Philaenis.  [Where is that holy fire]



Citizen             A Tale of a Citizen and his Wife.  [I sing no harme, goodsooth, to any wight]

Julia                 Elegy. Iulia.  [Hearke newes, รด Enuy, Thou shalt heare descry’d]