VOLUME 9.2 (1990)


Anne Barbeau. Donne and the Real Presence of the Absent Lover. 113-124.
Graham Roebuck. Elegies for Donne: Great Tew and the Poets,. 125-136.
John T. Shawcross. An Important Volume of Donne’s Poetry and Prose. 137-140.
Ernest W. Sullivan II. Updating the John Donne Listings in Peter Beal’s Index of English Literary Manuscripts, II. 141-148.
Lauren Silberman. To Write Sorrow in Jonson’s “On my First Sonne.” 149-156.
Esther Gilman Richey. “Wrapt in Nights Mantle”: George Herbert’s Parabolic Art. 157-172.

Review Essays

Maureen Sabine. “My Soul’s Country-Man”: The Critical Recovery of Crashaw. 173-182.
Anthony Low. The Problem of Mysticism. 183-187.