VOLUME 8 (1989)


Ernest W. Sullivan II. Who Was Reading/Writing Donne Verse in the Seventeenth Century? 1-16.
Celestin J. Walby. The Westmoreland Text of Donne’s First Epithalamium. 17-36.
Graham Roebuck. Donne’s Visual Imagination and Compasses. 37-56.
Noralyn Masselink. Donne’s Epistemology and the Appeal to Memory. 57-88.
Yameng Liu. The Making of Elizabeth Drury: The Voice of God in “Anatomy of the World.” 89-102.
Sharon Cadman Seelig. In Sickness and Health: Donne’s Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions. 103-114.
M.L. Donnelly. “To furder or represse”: Donne’s Calling. 115-124.
Winfried Schliner. Donne’s Coterie Sermon. 125-132.
Robert C. Evans. John Donne, Governor of Charterhouse. 133-150.
Joanne Altieri. Hero and Leander: Sensible Myth and Lyric Subjectivity. 151-166.
Kristine Wolberg. All Possible Art: The Country Parson and Courtesy. 167-190.
Barbara Looney. Marvell’s Dewdrop: Two Possibilities for the Soul. 191-193.