VOLUME 7.1 (1988)


Mary Ann Radzinowicz. The Politics of Donne’s Silences. 1-20.
Louis L. Martz. Donne and Herbert: Vehement Grief and Silent Tears. 21-34.
Dennis Flynn. “Awry and Squint”: The Dating of Donne’s Holy Sonnets. 35-46.
Helen B. Brooks. “Soules Language”: Reading Donne’s “The Extasie.” 47-64.
Sallye Sheppeard. Eden and Agony in “Twicknam Garden.” 65-72.
Richard Harp. Jonson’s “To Penshurst”: The Country House as Church. 73-90.
Reid Barbour. “Wee, of th’ adult’rate mixture not complaine”: Thomas Carew and Poetic Hybridity. 91-114.


John T. Shawcross. On Some Early References to John Donne. 115-118.
Bernard Richards. Donne’s “Aire and Angels”: A Gross Misreading. 119-122.
James A. Riddell. A Previously Unnoticed Source for a Poem by Ben Jonson. 123-124.

Review Essays

Anthony Low. Donne and the New Historicism. 125-132.
Julia M. Walker. “Left/Write/Right” Of Lock-Jaw and Literary Criticism. 133-139.