VOLUME 6.2 (1987)


Dennis Flynn. Donne’s Ignatius His Conclave and Other Libels on Robert Cecil. 163-184.
A.B. Chambers. “Goodfriday, 1613. Riding Westward”: Looking Back. 185-202.
John T. Shawcross. The Concept of Sermo in Donne and Herbert. 203-212.
Peter Beal. More Donne Manuscripts. 213-218.
Ernest W. Sullivan, II. Updating the John Donne Listings in Peter Beal’s Index of Englsih Literary Manuscripts. 219-234.
Paul R. Sellin and Augustus J. Veenendaal, Jr. A “Pub Crawl” Through Old The Hague: Shady Light on Life and Art Among English Friends of John Donne in The Netherlands, 1627-1635. 235-260.
Daniel P. Jaeckle. Marvell’s Dialogics of History: Upon Appleton House, XI-XXXV. 261-274.
Judith Dundas. “Arachnean Eyes”: A Mythological Emblem in the Poetry of George Chapman. 275-284.

Review Essays

Anthony Low. Grief, Anger, and Consolation, 285-288.
Andrew M. Mclean and J. Lawrence Gunter. Donne Done Into German. 289-294.
Achsah Guibbory. The Directions of Indirection. 295-298.
Stanley Stewart. Georgic and the Absence of Georgic. 299-303.