VOLUME 6.1 (1987)


David M. Sullivan. Riders to the West: “Goodfriday, 1613.” 1-8.
Jeanne Shami. Kings and Desperate Men: John Donne Preaches at Court. 9-24.
Ronald J. Corthell. “Coscus onely breeds my just offence”: A Note on Donne’s “Satire II” and the Inns of Court. 25-32.
Paul W. Harland. Imagination and Affections in John Donne’s Preaching. 33-50.
Robert H. Ray. Another Perspective on Donne in the Seventeenth Century: Nehemiah Rogers’s Allusions to the Sermons and “A Hymne to God the Father”. 51-54.
Donald R. Dickson. Grace and the “Spirits” of the Heart in The Temple. 55-66.
Ann Baynes Coiro. Herrick’s “Julia” Poems. 67-90.
Dale B.J. Randall. Phosphore Redde Diem: Ancient Starlight in Quarles’ Emblems I.14. 91-108.
W. Speed Hill. John Donne’s Biathanatos: Authenticity, Authority, and Context in Three Editions. 109-134.

Review Essays

Raymond B. Waddington. “When thou hast done, thou hast not done.” 135-146.
Eugene Cunnar. Steps to Crashaw. 147-150.
Anthony Low. Sister Arts. 151-158.
Michael P. Parker. Annotating Aurelian. 159-161.