Essays in Literature and the Visual Arts
Edited by Richard S. Peterson


Clark Hulse. Shakespeare’s Sonnets and the Art of the Face. 3-26.
Alan T. Bradford. Use And Uniformity in Elizabethan Architecture and Drama. 27-62.
Ernest B. Gilman. “To adore, or scorne an image”: Donne and the Iconoclast Controversy. 63-100.
David Evett. Donne’s Poems and the Five Styles of Renascence Art. 101-132.
Murray Roston. Herbert and Mannerism. 133-168.
Richard S. Peterson. Icon and Mystery in Jonson’s Masque of Beautie. 169-200.
John Peacock. Inigo Jones and the Florentine Court Theater. 201-234.
Cedric C. Brown. The Komos in Milton. 235-266.
David Sturdy. Bodley’s Bookcases: “This goodly Magazine of witte”. 267-290.
John Dixon Hunt. The Portrait of William Style of Langley: Some Reflections. 291-310.


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