VOLUME 4.1 (1985)


Anthony Low. The Compleat Angler’s “Baite”: or, The Subverter Subverted. 1-12.
Patrick F. O’Connell. “Restore Thine Image”: Structure and Theme in Donne’s “Goodfriday.” 13-28.
Julia M. Walker. “Here you see mee”: Donne’s Autographed Valediction. 29-34.
Frances M. Malpezzi. The Withered Garden in Herbert’s “Grace.” 35-48.
David P. Jaeckle. Marvell’s Reformed Theory of Architecture: Upon Appleton House, I-X. 49-68.
Maureen Sabine. Crashaw and the Feminine Animus: Patterns of Self-Sacrifice in Two of His Devotional Poems. 69-94.
Paul A. Parrish. Cowley and Crashaw on Hope. 95-108.

Review Essays

A.B. Chambers. Will the Real John Donne Please Rise? 109-144.
Leah S. Marcus. Report from the Opposition Camp: Jonson Studies in the 1980s. 121-144.
Pamela L. Royston. Genre, Genius, and Genealogy: Revising Literary History. 145-159.