VOLUME 3.1 (1984)


Ted-Larry Pebworth. Manuscript Poems and Print Assumptions: Donne and His Modern Editors. 1-23.
Stanton J. Linden. Compasses and Cartography: Donne’s “A Valediction: forbidding Mourning”. 23-34.
Thomas Willard.Donne’s Anatomy Lesson: Vesalian or Paracelsian. 25-62.
John T. Shawcross.The Making of the Variorum Text of Anniversaries. 63-72.
Ilona Bell. Revision and Revelation in Herbert’s “Affliction (I)”. 73-96.
James S. Baumlin. A Note on the 1649/1650 Editions on Donne’s Poems. 97-98.
Dennis Flynn. Review Essay: A Problematic Text. 99-104.
Horton Davies. Review Essay: Calvinism and Literary Culture. 105-112.
Albert C. Labriola. Review: Donne Well-Done. 113-116.
Robert W. Halli, Jr.. Drinking with Donne: December 13, 1610. 117.