VOLUME 32 (2013)


Judith H. Anderson. Donne Cooking: Analogy, Proportion, Authority, and Faith. 1-23.
Graham Roebuck. From Donne to Great Tew. 25-56.
Erin A. McCarthy. Poems, by J. D. (1635) and the Creation of John Donne’s Literary Biography. 57-85.
Donald R. Dickson. The Text of Donne’s Good Friday Meditation. 87-106.
Hugh Grady. Donne’s First Anniversary as Baroque Allegory: Fragmentation, Idealization, and the Resistance to Unity. 107-129.
Alan James Hogarth. “no power, no will, no sense”: The End of Motion in Donne’s “The Storme” and “The Calme.” 131-147.
Caitlin Holmes. Claustrophobic Donne: Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions and Early Modern Quarantine. 149-173.
Brent Nelson. Radiant Donne: A Case for the Digital Archive and the John Donne Society’s Digital Prose Project. 175-200.

Book Reviews

Dennis Flynn. Same Old Same Old. 201-204.
Kui Yan. Donne’s Elegies Betrayed. 205-219.
Yaakov A. Mascetti. Labyrinthine Language-Games.  221-224.
Emily A. Ransom. From Pew to Prayer Closet. 225-229.
Meghan Davis-Mercer. TheState of Marlowe Studies. 231-235.
R. V. Young. A Welcome Edition. 237-240.


Corrigendum. 241.