VOLUME 30 (2011) 


Raymond-Jean Frontain. Donne, Salvation, and the Biblical Basis of Poetic Action. 1-30.
Lara M. Crowley. Donne’s Dubia: Reassessing the Authorship of Six Prose Pieces. 31-49.
Christopher Stone. John Donne and the Astronomers in Ignatius his Conclave. 51-63.
M. Thomas Hester. The Parallax View: Donne’s Second, “inticing” Letter to Sir George More. 65-78.
Sean Davidson. “Stand in the way”: Seeking True Religion in John Donne’s Satyre III. 79-97.
Luke Taylor. Donne’s Unwilled Body. 99-121.
Claire Falck. Purer Spheres: The Space Systems of Donne’s Courtly Epithalamions. 123-155.
Raymond-Jean Frontain. “since that I may know”: Donne and the Biblical Basis of Sexual Knowledge. 157-171.

More Signs of Donne

Alison Knight. Donne and Company on Stage. 173-188.
Paul A. Parrish. John Donne and John Adams. 179-193.
Sean H. McDowell. Making the Present Speak: “The Extasie” Behind Seamus Heaney’s “Chanson d’Aventure.” 195-209.

Book Reviews

Anthony Raspa. A Handbook of History and Hermeneutics. 211-219.
Allison P. Coudert. A Plurality of Religions. 221-224.
R. V. Young. John Donne in Meditation, Again. 225-230.
Brian Blackley. “We’re on a mission from God.” 231-240.
Guillaume Coatalen. A Mute Queen. 241-247.