VOLUME 2.2 (1983)


Dennis Flynn. The “Annales School” and the Catholicism of Donne’s Family. 1-10.
Achsah Guibbory. A Sense of the Future: Projected Audiences of Donne and Jonson. 1-22.
Sidney Gottlieb. Elegies Upon the Author: Defining, Defending, and Surviving Donne. 23-38
Michael C. Schoenfeldt. Submission and Assertion: The “Double Motion” of Herbert’s “Dedication”. 39-50.
Edward J. Rielly. Marvell’s “Fleckno,” Anti-Catholicism, and the Pun as Metaphor. 51-62.
Alan T. Bradford. Nathanael Richards, Jacobean Playgoer. 63-78.
Ernest W. Sullivan, II. Donne Manuscripts: Dalhousie II. 79-90.
Annabel Patterson. Review Essay: Talking About Power. 91-106.