VOLUME 29 (2010)


Kate Gartner Frost. “Bedded and bedrid”: Severall Steps in Our Sicknes. 1-16.
Erica Longfellow. “the office of a man and wife” in John Donne’s Marriage Sermons. 17-32.
Theresa M. DiPasquale. Donne’s Naked Time. 33-44.
Ilona Bell. Oral Sex and Verbal Tricks–John Donne and Renaissance Sexual Practice. 45-76.
Michael A. Winkelman. Post-Coital Tristesse, Prolactin, and Donne’s “Farewell to love.” 77-95.
Robert W. Reeder. (True) Grief: Filial and Penitent Mourning in “If faithful souls.” 97-113.
Thomas P. Roche, Jr. On Donne’s “The Canonization.” 115-132.
Lara Dodds. “poore Donne was out”: Reading and Writing Donne in the Works of Margaret Cavendish. 133-174.
Richard S. Peterson. The Perennial Herbert. 175-179.

Colloquium: “Resurrection. Imperfect.”

Judith Scherer Herz. Introduction. 181-183.
Lara M. Crowley. A Text of “Resurrection. Imperfect.” 185-198.
Raymond-Jean Frontain. Donne’s Suns and the Condition of More. 199-206.
Kirsten Stirling. Absence and Presence in “Resurrection, imperfect.” 207-217.

Book Reviews

R. V. Young. John Donne Overdone? 219-223.
Graham Roebuck. Troping the Furniture. 225-234.