VOLUME 22 (2003)


Colloquium: “The Good-morrow”

Achsah Guibbory. Reading and Teaching “The Good Morrow.” 1-4.
Lara M. Crowley. Establishing a “fitter” Text of Donne’s “The Good Morrowe.” 5-21.
Ilona Bell. Betrothal: “The Good morrow.” 23-30.
Jonathan F. S. Post. “The Good Morrow” and the Modern Aubade: Some Impressions. 31-45.


Albert C. Labriola. “Vile harsh attire”: Biblical Typology in John Donne’s “Spit in my face yee Jewes.” 47-57.
Michelle Solomon. Trafique: A Consideration of John Donne’s The First Anniversary An Anatomie of the World. 59-75.
Brandon S. Centerwall. “Loe her’s a Man, worthy indeede to travell”: Donne’s Panegyric upon Coryats Crudities. 77-94.
Ernest W. Sullivan, II. What Have the Donne Variorum Textual Editors Discovered, and Why Should Anyone Care? 95-107.
Jeffrey Johnson. “One, four, and infinite”: John Donne, Thomas Harriot, and Essayes in Divinity. 109-143.
Brooke Conti. Donne, Doubt, and the Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions. 145-164.
Peter McCullough. Donne and Andrewes. 165-201.
Hugh Adlington. Preaching the Holy Ghost: John Donne’s Whitsunday Sermons. 203-228.
Noel Blincoe. Carew’s “A Rapture”: A Paradoxical Encomium on Erotic Love. 229-247.


Andrew Breeze. Donne’s “Blest Hermaphrodite” and Psalms “More Harsh.” 249-254.
Donald W. Rude. Seamus Heaney and John Donne: An Echo of “The Ecstasy” in “Glanmore Sonnet X.” 255-257.

Book Review

Jeanne Shami. Approaching Donne’s Theology. 259-262.