In Memoriam Louis Lohr Martz 1913-2001
Edited by Jonathan F. S. Post and R. V. Young


R. V. Young. Introduction: The Poetry of Meditation and the Aesthetics of Devotional Intention. 1-10.
Judith H. Anderson. Donne’s Tropic Awareness: Metaphor, Metonymy, and Devotions upon Emergent Occasions. 11-34.
Annabel Patterson. A Man is to Himself a Dioclesian: Donne’s Rectified Litany. 35-49.
Dayton Haskin. Is There a Future for Donne’s “Litany”? 51-88.
P. G. Stanwood. The Vision of God in the Sonnets of John Donne and George Herbert. 89-100.
Jonathan F. S. Post. The Baroque and Elizabeth Bishop. 101-133.
Robert B. Shaw. “Sometimes Metaphysical”: Louis Martz and Theodore Roethke. 135-149.
Donald M. Friedman. A Caroline Fancy: Carew on Representation. 151-182.
Sidney Gottlieb. An Collins and the Life of Writing. 183-207.

Book Reviews

Edward W. Tayler. “differing” Donne. 209-224.
Achsah Guibbory. Sacramental Poetics in an Age of Controversy. 225-230.
Dennis Flynn. Donne and the Uses of Courtliness: Trained to Lie? 231-236.