VOLUME 1.1-2 (1982)


A.B. Chambers. Glorified Bodies and the”Valediction: forbidding Mourning.” 1-20.
A.J. Smith. No Man Is a Contradiction. 21-38.
Annabel Patterson. Misinterpretable Donne: The Testimony of the Letters. 39-54.
John R. Roberts. John Donne’s Poetry: An Assessment of Modern Criticism. 55-68.
Anthony Low. The “Turning Wheele”: Carew, Jonson, Donne and the First Law of Motion. 69-80.
Stanley Stewart. Two Types of Traherne Centuries. 81-100.
Michael P. Parker. Carew’s Politic Pastoral: Virgilian Pretexts in the “Answer to Aurelian Townsend.” 101-116.
S.K. Heninger, Jr. “Metaphor” and Sidney’s Defence of Poesie. 117-150.
A. Leigh DeNeef. Ploughing Virgilian Furrows: The Genres of Faerie Queene VI. 151-166