VOLUME 19 (2000)

Donne Returns to Loseley


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Ilona Bell. Courting Anne More. 59-86.
John T. Shawcross. The Meditative Path and Personal Poetry. 87-99.
Helen B. Brooks. “When I would not I change in vowes, and in devotione”: Donne’s “Vexations” and the Ignatian Meditative Model.” 101-137.
Kate Gartner Frost and William J. Scheick. Signing at Cross Purpose: Resignation in Donne’s “Holy Sonnet I.” 139-161.
Catherine Gimelli Martin. The Advancement of Learning and the Decay of the World: A New Reading of Donne’s First Anniversary. 163-203.
Ted-Larry Pebworth and Claude J. Summers. Contexts and Strategies: Donne’s Elegy on Prince Henry. 205-222.
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Mary Alexander. Pyrford, Pyrford Place, and Queen Elizabeth’s Summerhouse. 339-360.