VOLUME 18 (1999)


Anthony Raspa. Donne’s Pseudo-Martyr and Essayes in Divinity as Companion Pieces. 1-12.
Stella P. Revard. Donne’s “The Bracelet”: Trafficking in Gold and Love. 13-23.
Allison Spreuwenberg-Stewart. “To His Mistress Going to Bed,” or “Could You Lend Me Your Clothes?” 25-59.
L. M. Gorton. Philosophy and the City: Space in Donne. 61-71.
Albert C. Labriola. Lure and Allure in Donne’s “Aire and Angels.” 73-82.
Reuben Sanchez. Menippean Satire and Competing Prose Styles in Ignatius His Conclave. 83-99.
Julia Brett. Distance, Demystification, and Donne’s Divine Poetry. 101-126.
Paul W. Harland. Donne and Virginia: The Ideology of Conquest. 127-152.
Donald W. Rude. John Donne in The Female Tatler: A Forgotten Eighteenth-Century Appreciation.
John T. Shawcross. Additional Donne and Herbert Allusions. 167-176.
Pamela Royston Macfie. Ghostly Metamorphoses: Chapman, Marlowe, and Ovid’s Philomela. 177-193.

Colloquium: “Farewell to Love”

Ann Hurley. Introduction. 195-200.
Gary A. Stringer. The Text of “Farewell to Love.” 201-213.
Graham Roebuck. Into the Shadows…: Donne’s “Farewell to Love.” 215-227.
Richard Todd. “Farewell to Love”: “Things” as Artifacts, “thing[s]” as Shifting Signifiers. 229-241.
Theresa M. DiPasquale. The Things Not Seen in Donne’s “Farewell to Love.” 243-253.

Book Reviews

Anthony Low. Lost in a Book. 255-260.
Richard Harp. Reading Ritual. 261-266.

The Donne Variorum

Gary Stringer. More on Reading “How It Goes.” 267-275.