VOLUME 17 (1998)


Margaret J. M. Ezell. A Possible Story of Judith Donne: A Life of Her Own? 9-28.
Thomas A. Festa. Donne’s Anniversaries and His Anatomy of the Book. 29-60.
Jeff Westover. Suns and Lovers: Instability in Donne’s “A Lecture upon the Shadow.” 61-73.
Arthur Lindley. John Donne, “Batter my Heart,” and English Rape Law. 75-88.
Shelley Karen Perlove. Witnessing the Crucifixion: Rembrandt and John Donne’s “Good Friday, 1613. Riding Westward.” 89-106.
Kate Narveson. Piety and the Genre of Donne’s Devotions. 107-136.
Mary Ann Koory. “England’s Second Austine”: John Donne’s Resistance to Conversion. 137-161.
Elena Levy-Navarro. “Goe forth ye daughters of Sion”: Divine Authority, the King, and the Church in Donne’s Denmark House Sermon. 163-173.
Gary A. Stringer. Filiating Scribal Manuscripts: The Example of Donne’s Elegies. 175-189.
D. Audell Shelburne. The Textual Problem of “Twicknam Garden.” 191-204.

Book Reviews

Paul J. Voss. Desiring Ideology. 205-208.
Dennis Flynn. “The meate was mine”: New Work from the Oxford School. 209-215.

The Donne Variorum

William Proctor Williams. A Variorum: “How It Goes.” 217-226.
John T. Shawcross. Using the Variorum Edition of John Donne’s Poetry. 227-247.