VOLUME 15 (1996)


M.L. Stapleton. “Why should they not alike in all parts touch?”: Donne and the Elegiac Tradition, 1-22.
Achsah Guibbory. “The Relique,” The Song of Songs, and Donne’s Songs and Sonets. 23-44.
John T. Shawcross. Some Rereadings of John Donne’s Poems. 45-62.
Rodney Stenning Edgecombe. Eschatological Elements in Donne’s “Anniversarie.” 63-74.
Donald Friedman. Christ’s Image and Likeness in Donne. 75-94.
Kate Frost. The Lothian Portrait. 95-126.
Ted-Larry Pebworth. The Early Audiences of Donne’s Poetic Performances, 127-140.
Graham Roebuck. Johannes Factus and the Anvil of the Wits. 141-152.
P.G. Stanwood. Donne’s Art of Preaching and the Reconstruction of Tertullian. 153-170.
Bryan N.S. Gooch. Music for Donne. 171-188.
Barry Spurr. The John Donne Papers of Wesley Milgate. 189-202.

Book Reviews

Maurine Sabine. “A Place of Honor”: Dennis Flynn’s Biography of Donne. 203-212.
Jeanne Shami. Donne’s Political Casuistry: An Introduction. 213-218.
Brian Blackley. Claude and Ted-Larry’s Excellent Adventure. 219-233.