VOLUME 11.1-2 (1992)


Jeanne Shami. Introduction: Reading Donne’s Sermons. 1-20.
Paul W. Harland. Donne’s Political Intervention in the Parliament of 1629. 21-38.
Gale H. Carrithers, Jr., and James D. Hardy, Jr. Love, Power, Dust Royall, Gavelkinde: Donne’s Politics. 39-58.
Lori Anne Ferrell. Donne and His Master’s Voice, 1615- 1625. 59-72.
Meg Lota Brown. “Though it be not according to the Law”: Donne’s Politics and the Sermon on Esther. 73-84.
Noralyn Masselink. A Matter of Interpretation: Example and Donne’s Role as Preacher and as Poet. 85-98.
Mark Vessey. Consulting the Fathers: Invention and Mediation in Donne’s Sermon on Psalm 51:7 (“Purge me with hyssope”). 99-110.
Lindsay A. Mann. Misogyny and Libertinism: Donne’s Marriage Sermons. 111-132.
Dayton Haskin. John Donne and the Cultural Contradicitons of Christmas. 133-157.