VOLUME 10.1-2 (1991)


Claude Summers and Ted-Larry Pebworth. Donne’s Correspondence with Wotton. 1-36.
Graham Roebuck. Donne’s Lamentations of Jeremy Reconsidered. 37-44.
Theresa DiPasquale. Ambivalent Mourning: Sacramentality, Idolatry, and Gender in “Since she whome I lovd hath payd her last debt.” 45-56.
Koos Daley. “And Like a Widdow Thus”: Donne, Huygens, and the Fall of Heidelberg. 57-70.
Gary Stringer. Donne’s Epigram on the Earl of Nottingham. 71-74.
John T. Shawcross. Some Further Early Allusions to Donne. 75-78.
Satyre III Colloquium. Stringer, Sellin, Slights, Hester. 79-102.
Hal Hellwig. The Poet’s Role in Rhetoric: Herbert in the Service of the Lord. 103-110.
Richard Todd. Carew’s “crowne of Bayes”: Epideixis and the Performative Rendering of Donne’s Poetic Voice. 111-128.
Dan Jaeckle. De-Authorizing in Marvell’s The Rehearsal Transpros’d. 129-142.