Volume 5: The Verse Letters

Volume 5: The Verse Letters

AltVic                 A Lettre written by Sr. Henrye Goodier and Iohn Dunne: alternis vicibus. [Since euerie tree begins to blossome nowe,]

BB                    To Mr. B. B.   [Is not thy sacred hunger of science]

BedfCab           To the Countesse of Bedford. [That I might make your Cabinet my Tombe]    

BedfDead          To the Countesse of Bedford begun in France; but neuer perfected. [Though I bee dead and buried, yett I haue]

BedfHon           To the Countesse of Bedford. [Honor is so sublime perfection,]

BedfReas          To the Countesse of Bedford. [Reason is our Soules left-hand, Faith her Right,]

BedfRef             To the Countesse of Bedford. [Yow haue refind mee; and to worthiest thinges]

BedfShe            Elegie to the Lady Bedford. [You, that are shee, and you, thats double shee,]

BedfTwi             To the Countesse of Bedford att New-Yeares tide. [This twylight of two yeares, not past, nor next]

BedfWrit            To the Countesse of Bedford. [To haue written then, when yow writt, seemd to mee]

Calm                 A Calme. [Our Storme is past, And that stormes tiranous rage]

Carey               To the Honorable lady the lady Carew. [Here, where by all, all Saints invoked are,]

CB                    To Mr. C. B. [Thy frind whom thy deserts to thee enchaine,]

EdHerb            To Sir Edward Herbert at Iulyers. [Man is a lumpe, where all Beasts kneaded bee;]

EG                    To Mr. E. G. [Euen as lame things thirst their perfection, so]

GHerb               To Mr. George Herbert, with my Seal of the Anchor and Christ. [Qui prius assuetus Serpentum fasce Tabellas]

HG                    To Sir Henry Goodyere. [Who makes the Past, a Patterne for next yeare]

HuntMan          To the Countesse of Huntingdon. [Man to Gods Image, Eve to mans was made]

HuntUn            To the Countesse of Huntingdon. [That unripe side of earth, that heavy clime]

HWHiber           H. W. in Hibernia belligeranti. [Went you to conquer? and haue so much lost]

HWKiss            To Mr. Henry Wotton. [Sir, More then kisses, Letters mingle Soules:]

HWNews          To Mr. Henry Wotton 20 Iuly. 1598. At Court. [Here is no more newes then Vertu:’I may as well]

HWVenice         To Sir Henrie Wotton, at his going Ambassadour to Venice.   [After those reuerend Papers, whose soule is]

ILBlest              To Mr. I. L. [Blest are your North parts, for all this long time]

ILRoll               To Mr. I. L. [Of that short roll of frinds, writt in my hart]

LD                     To L. of D. [See sir, how as the Suns hott masculin flame]

Libro                 De libro cum mutuaretur… [Parturiunt madido quæ nixu præla, recepta;]

MHMary            To the Lady Magdalen Herbert, of St. Mary Magdalen. [Her of your name, whose fair inheritance]

MHPaper           To M. M. H. [Mad paper stay and grudge not heere to burne]   

RWEnvy          To Mr. R. W.     [Kindly I envy thy Songs perfection]

RWMind           To Mr. R. W. [Muse not that by thy mind thy body’is led:]

RWSlumb        To Mr. R. W. [If as myne is thy life a slumber bee]

RWThird           To Mr. Rowland Woodward.   [Like one who’in her third widowhed doth profes]

RWZeal            To Mr. R. W.   [Zealously my Muse doth salute all thee,]

Sal                     To the Countesse of Salisbury. [Faire, Great, and Good, since seeing yow wee see]

SB                    To Mr. S. B.   [O thou which to search out the secret parts]

Storm               The Storme to Mr. Christopher Brooke. [Thou, which art I, (tis nothing to bee soe)]

Tilman               To Mr. Tilman after hee had taken Orders. [Thou whose diuiner Soule hath caus’d thee now]

TWHail              To Mr. T. W.   [All haile sweete Poet, more full of more strong fyre]  

TWHarsh          To Mr. T. W. [Haste thee harsh Verse as fast as thy lame measure]

TWHence         To Mr. T. W. [At once from hence my lines and I depart,]

TWPreg           To Mr. T. W. [Pregnant againe with th’old twinnes Hope and Feare]