First-Line Index to Y3

First-Line Index to Y3

b148, Yale University Library, James Osborn Collection (Osborn ms.)

Compiled June 15, 1994, by Katie Hannah

In the left-to-right order, each item listed below is identified by (a) its Donne Variorum short form (noncan = non canonical), (b) a siglum-plus-ordinal- position item tag, (c) its location in the artifact (by folio or page nos.), and (d) diplomatic transcriptions of its heading (HE) and first line. %X = element centered on the page.

This index last corrected 1-13-18.

noncan       Y3.1  p. 1              HE     Worthy S***
                                     Tis nott a coate of graye or sh*** (30 ll.) [SS. I:D: ffinis:]
noncan       Y3.2  pp. 1-2           HE     om
                                     Loue bred of glances, 'twixt amorous eyes (12 ll.) [SS. I:D: ffinis]
Christ      Y3.3  p. 2              HE     %XWhen hee went wth ye Lord Doncaster
                                     What torne shipp soeur I embarke (28 ll.) [SS. I:D: finis]
Damp        Y3.4  pp. 2-3           HE     %XThe Dampe
                                     W*** I am dead & doctors kn** nott why [SS. I:D: ffinis:]
noncan       Y3.5  p. 3              HE     %XNil refert loqui dum vti liceat
                                     An English ladd longe woed a lasse of Wales (12 ll.) [SS. ffinis]
noncan       Y3.6  pp. 3-4           HE     om
                                     Marcetta now growne old hath broke her glasse (8 ll.) [SS. om]

noncan       Y3.7  p. 4              HE     %XIn obitum proim
                                     That death should thus from hence our Buttler Catch (8 ll.) [SS. ffinis]
noncan       Y3.8  p. 4              HE     om
                                     If I freely may discouer (20 ll.) [SS. ffinis]
TWHence     Y3.9  pp. 4-5           HE     Madam:
                                     Att once from hence my lines & I doe parte [SS. ffinis]
noncan       Y3.10 p. 5              HE     om
                                     Stay oh sweete & doe nott rise (6 ll.) [SS. I:D: ffinis]
noncan       Y3.11 pp. 5-6           HE     om
                                     Censure nott sharpely then butt mee aduise (26 ll.) [SS. B:I: ffinis]
noncan       Y3.12 p. 6              HE     %XTo his Mistriss
                                     O loue whose power & might (32 ll.) [SS. om]
noncan       Y3.13 pp. 6-7           HE     %XHer Answeare
                                     Ye letter I receiued (20 ll.) [SS. ffinis]
noncan       Y3.14 p. 7              HE     %XThe Mar: B: to the La: ffe: H:
                                     Victorious beauty though ye eyes (25 ll.) [SS. ffinis]
ValWeep     Y3.15 pp. 7-8           HE     om
                                     Lett mee power forth [SS. I:D: ffinis]
Ecst        Y3.16 pp. 8-10          HE     %XThe Extasie
                                     Where like a pillowe one a bedd [SS. ffinis]
Sat1        Y3.17 pp. 10-12         HE     %XSatire the first
                                     Away thou changelinge mottly humorist [SS. ffinis]
Sat3        Y3.18 pp. 12-15         HE     %XSatire the Second:
                                     Kind pitty cheakes my spleene; braue scorne forbidds [SS. ffinis]
Sat5        Y3.19 pp. 15-17         HE     %XSatire the Third
                                     Thou shalte nott laugh in this leafe Muse nor they [SS. ffinis]
Sat4        Y3.20 pp. 17-22         HE     %XSatire the fourth
                                     Well I may now receiue & die, my sinne [SS. ffinis]
noncan       Y3.21 p. 23             HE     %XThe Gyer:
                                     Good foalkes for gold or hire (23 ll.) [SS. ffinis:]
noncan       Y3.22 p. 23             HE     %XTo younge Gentlewoemen att Courte
                                     Beware faire maydes of muskye Courtiers oathes (26 ll.) [SS. ffinis]
Pyr         Y3.23 p. 23             HE     %XPiramus and Thisby
                                     Twoe by themselues each other loue & feare [SS. I:D ffinis]
EpLin       Y3.24 pp. 24-26         HE     %XEpithalamiu%M:  One ye Marriage of ye La: Elizabeth
                                     The sunne beames in ye East are spread
Lam         Y3.25 pp. 26-35         HE     %XThe Lamentation of Ierimie:
                                     >Chap: i< i How sitts this Citty lately most populous [SS. I:D ffinis]
Prose       Y3.26 p. 35             HE     %XProblemes / Why Courtiers are sooner Athests then other men
Prose        Y3.27 p. 35             HE     %XWhy Sr Walter Rawghly did write ye History / %Xof these times
Prose        Y3.28 pp. 35-36         HE     %XWhy greate men of all there dependants / %Xchoose to prferre 
                                     there baudes
Prose        Y3.29 p. 36             HE     %XWhy gold doth nott soyle the ffingers
Prose        Y3.30 p. 36             HE     %XWhy none dye of Loue nowe
Prose        Y3.31 p. 36             HE     %XWhy younge lay-men doe soe much study diuinitye
Prose        Y3.32 p. 37             HE     %XWhy venus starre doth only cast a shadow
Prose        Y3.33 pp. 37-38         HE     %XWhy is venus starr multinominus / %Xcalled both hesperus & 
Prose        Y3.33a p. 38            HE     %XWhy is there more varietie of greenes then of other Colours
                                              [note: this entry added 1-13-18]
Prose        Y3.34 pp. 38-39         HE     %XWhy new officers are least oppreseinge
Prose        Y3.35 p. 39             HE     %XWhy ye com%Mon opinion hath afforded woemen Soules
Prose        Y3.36 pp. 39-40         HE     %XWhy are the fairest falsest
Prose        Y3.37 pp. 40-41         HE     %XWhy bastards haue best fortune
Prose        Y3.38 p. 41             HE     %XWhy paritanes make longe sermons
Prose        Y3.39 pp. 41-42         HE     %XWhy ye pox doth soe much affect to vndermine ye Rose [SS. 
Prose        Y3.40 pp. 42-43         HE     %XParadoxes / %XThat all things kill themselues
Prose        Y3.41 pp. 43-44         HE     %XThat nature is our worst guide
Prose        Y3.42 pp. 44-45         HE     %XThat onely Cowards dare dye
Prose        Y3.43 pp. 45-46         HE     %XThat ye gifts of ye body are better then ye / %Xgifts of ye 
                                     minde or fortune
Prose        Y3.44 pp. 46-47         HE     %XThat good is more common then euill
Prose        Y3.45 pp. 47-48         HE     %XThat by discord things increase
Prose        Y3.46 pp. 48-49         HE     %XThat old men are >more< phantasticke then younge
Prose        Y3.47 pp. 49-50         HE     %XThat a wise man is knowne by much laughinge [SS. ffinis.]
Flea        Y3.48 pp. 50-51         HE     %XThe fflea
                                     Marke butt this flea & marke in this [SS. I:D: ffinis]
Fun         Y3.49 p. 51             HE     %XThe ffunerall
                                     Whoe eur comes to shrowd mee doe nott harme [SS. I:D. ffinis]
Will        Y3.50 pp. 52-53         HE     %XThe Will
                                     Before I sigh my last gaspe lett mee breath [SS. I:D. ffinis]
Appar       Y3.51 p. 53             HE     %XApparision
                                     When by thy scorne oh murdresse I am dead [SS, I:D: ffinis]
LovDiet     Y3.52 pp. 53-54         HE     %XLoues Dyett
                                     To wt a Combersome vnwildinesse [SS. I:D ffinis]
ConfL       Y3.53 p. 54             HE     %XTo ye worthiest of all my loue my virtuous Mrs
                                     Some man vnworthy to bee possessor [SS. I:D: ffinis]
Witch       Y3.54 pp. 54-55         HE     %XThe Picture
                                     I fix mine eye one thine & there [SS. I:D: ffinis]
TWHail      Y3.55 pp. 55-56         HE     %XTo Mr T: W
                                     All haile sweete Poett full of more stronge fire [SS. :ffinis]
Antiq       Y3.56 p. 56             HE     %XAntiquary
                                     If in his study Hamon haue such care [SS. om]
Disinher    Y3.57 p. 56             HE     om
                                     Thy father all from thee by his last will [SS. om]
Liar        Y3.58 p. 56             HE     om
                                     Thou in ye feilds walkst outt thy suppinge houres [SS. ffinis]
Twick       Y3.59 p. 56             HE     %XTwittingham Garden
                                     Blasted wth sighes & surrouded wth teares [SS. ffinis]
ElAut       Y3.60 pp. 57-58         HE     %XWiddowe
                                     Noe springe nor sommr beautie hath such grace [SS. ffinis]
ValMourn    Y3.61 p. 58             HE     %XAn Eligie
                                     As virtuous men passe mildly away [SS. ffinis]
Storm       Y3.62 pp. 59-60         HE     %XStorme
                                     Thou wch arte I 'tis nothinge to bee soe [SS. ffinis]
Calm        Y3.63 pp. 60-62         HE     %XCalme
                                     Our storme is past, & yt stormes tirannous rage [SS. ffinis]
Broken      Y3.64 p. 62             HE     %XEligie
                                     Hee is starke madd whoe eur sayes [SS. ffinis]
LovAlch     Y3.65 pp. 62-63         HE     %XEligie
                                     Some yt haue deep dig'd loues mine then I [SS. ffinis]
noncan       Y3.66 pp. 63-64         HE     %XA Poem
                                     Absence heare thou my p%Ptestation (24 ll.) [SS. finis]
ElBrac      Y3.67 pp. 64-66         HE     %XThe Chaine
                                     Not yt in colour ytt was like thy haire [SS. ffinis]
SGo         Y3.68 pp. 66-67         HE     om
                                     Goe catch a fallinge starre [SS. ffinis]
Token       Y3.69 p. 67             HE     %XEligie
                                     Send mee some tokens yt my hopes may liue [SS. ffinis]
ElServe     Y3.70 pp. 67-68         HE     %XEligie
                                     Oh lett mee nott serue soe as those men serue [SS. ffinis]
Beggar      Y3.71 p. 68             HE     om
                                     I am vnable yonder beggar cries [SS. ffinis]
LovDeity    Y3.72 p. 69             HE     %XEligie
                                     I longe to talke wth some old louers ghost [SS. ffinis]
Ind         Y3.73 pp. 69-70         HE     %XSonnett
                                     I can loue both faire & browne [SS. ffinis; notation: Reade these three 
                                         staues as they are markt: 1:2:3:]
Mess        Y3.74 p. 70             HE     %XSonnett
                                     Send home my longe strayd eyes to mee [SS. I:D: ffinis]
noncan       Y3.75 p. 70             HE     om
                                     Ah silly John surpriz'd wth ioy (4 ll.) [SS. ffinis]
HWNews      Y3.76 p. 71             HE     %Xffrom Courte
                                     Heer's noe more newes then vertue, I may as well [SS. ffinis]
HWKiss      Y3.77 pp. 71-73         HE     om
                                     Sr more then kisses letters mingle soules [SS. ffinis]
ElComp      Y3.78 pp. 73-74         HE     om
                                     As ye sweate swett of roses in a still [SS. ffinis]
noncan       Y3.79 pp. 74-75         HE     %XEligie
                                     Come fates I feare you nott all whome I owe (56 ll.) [SS. ffinis]
BedfShe     Y3.80 pp. 75-76         HE     %XAn Eligie to the La: Bedford
                                     You yt are shee & You yt are double shee [SS. ffinis:]
BoulNar     Y3.81 pp. 77-78         HE     %XAn Eligie vppon ye Death of Mrs Boulstred
                                     Language thou arte to narrowe & too weake [SS. ffinis]
ElChange    Y3.82 pp. 78-79         HE     om
                                     Although thy hand & faith & good works too [SS. ffinis]
Leg         Y3.83 p. 79             HE     om
                                     When I dide last (& deare I dye [SS. ffinis]
ElBed       Y3.84 pp. 79-81         HE     %XSonnett
                                     Come Madam come all rest my powers defye [SS. ffinis]
Dream       Y3.85 p. 81             HE     %XA Dreame
                                     deare loue for nothinge lesse then thee [SS. ffinis]
Triple      Y3.86 pp. 81-82         HE     om
                                     I am twoe fooles I knowe [SS. ffinis]
LovGrow     Y3.87 p. 82             HE     %XThe Springe
                                     I scarce beleiue my loue to bee soe pure [SS. ffinis ID]
Prohib      Y3.88 p. 83             HE     om
                                     Take heed of loueinge mee [SS. ffinis]
ElJeal      Y3.89 pp. 83-84         HE     om
                                     ffond woeman wch would'st haue thy housband dye [SS. ffinis]
ElWar       Y3.90 pp. 84-85         HE     om
                                     Till I haue peace wth thee war other men [SS. ffinis]
SunRis      Y3.91 pp. 85-86         HE     om
                                     Busy old ffoole vnruly sunne [SS. ffinis]
Cross       Y3.92 pp. 86-87         HE     %XThe Cross
                                     Since Christ embrac'd ye Cross himselfe dare I [SS. om]
Fever       Y3.93 pp. 87-88         HE     %XThe ffeauer
                                     Oh doe nott dye for I shall hate [SS. ffinis]
noncan       Y3.94 p. 88             HE     om
                                     Thou sendst mee prose & rimes I send for those (20 ll.) [SS. ffinis]
SSweet      Y3.95 p. 89             HE     %XSonnett
                                     %Xi / Sweetest loue I doe nott goe [SS. ffinis]
LovUsury    Y3.96 pp. 89-90         HE     om
                                     ffor euery houre yt thou wilte spare me now [SS. ffinis]
ElExpost    Y3.97 pp. 90-91         HE     %XEligie
                                     To make ye doubt cleare yt noe woema's true [SS. ffinis]
Carey       Y3.98 pp. 91-93         HE     om
                                     Heere whereby all saints inuoked are [SS. I:D: ffinis]
ElPict      Y3.99 p. 93             HE     %XPicture
                                     Heere take my Picture though I bidd farewell [SS. I:D: ffinis]
noncan       Y3.100 pp. 93-94        HE     om
                                     Vengeance will sitt aboue or faults butt till (20 ll.) [SS. ID: ffinis]
RWThird     Y3.101 pp. 94-95        HE     om
                                     Like one yt in her third widdowhood doth p%Pfesse [SS. ID: ffinis]
ElPerf      Y3.102 pp. 95-96        HE     %XEligie
                                     Once & butt once found in thy companie [SS.ID: ffinis]
noncan       Y3.103 pp. 96-97        HE     om
                                     True loue finds witt butt hee whose witt doth moue (20 ll.) [SS. I:D 
Canon       Y3.104 pp. 97-98        HE     %XThe Cannonization
                                     ffor gods sake hold yor tongue & lett mee loue [SS. I:D: ffinis]
ElProg      Y3.105 pp. 98-100       HE     om
                                     Whoe eur loues if hee doe nott p%Ppose [SS. ffinis]
Bait        Y3.106 pp. 100-01       HE     om
                                     Come liue wth mee & bee my loue [SS. ffinis]
ValBook     Y3.107 pp. 101-02       HE     %XThe Booke
                                     Ile tell thee deare loue wt thou shalte doe [SS. I:D: ffinis]
ValName     Y3.108 pp. 102-04       HE     %XValediction of Glass
                                     My name engraued heerein [SS. I:D ffinis]
ValWeep     Y3.109 p. 104           HE     %XA Validiction of Teares
                                     Lett mee poure forth [Ll. 1-3 only; notation: Posted before in 
                                         folio: 4:]
Anniv       Y3.110 pp. 104-05       HE     om
                                     All kings & all there fauorites [SS. I:D ffinis]
GoodM       Y3.111 p. 105           HE     om
                                     I wonder by my troath wt thou & I [SS. I:D: ffinis]
LovExch     Y3.112 pp. 105-06       HE     om
                                     Loue any Diuell else butt you [SS. I:D: ffinis]
Commun      Y3.113 pp. 106-07       HE     om
                                     Good wee must loue & must hate yll [SS. I:D: ffinis]
Lect        Y3.114 pp. 107-08       HE     %XThe Shadowe
                                     Stand still & I will reade to thee [SS. I:D: ffinis]
Air         Y3.115 p. 108           HE     %Xffire an Angells
                                     Twise or thrise had I loued thee [SS. I:D ffinis]
WomCon      Y3.116 pp. 108-09       HE     om
                                     Now thou hast staru'd mee one whole day [SS. I:D: ffinis]
Expir       Y3.117 p. 109           HE     %XValedico
                                     Soe soe leaue off this last lamentinge kisse [SS. I:D: ffinis]
Compu       Y3.117 p. 109           HE     om
                                     ffor my first twentie yeares since yesterday [SS. I:D: ffinis]
Under       Y3.118 pp. 109-10       HE     om
                                     I haue donne one brauer thinge [SS. I:D: ffinis]
EdHerb      Y3.119 pp. 110-11       HE     om
                                     Man is a lumpe where all beast kneaded bee [SS. I:D: ffinis]
LovInf      Y3.120 pp. 111-12       HE     om
                                     i: If yett I haue nott all thy loue [SS: I:D: ffinis]
Sappho      Y3.121 pp. 112-13       HE     %XSapho to Philenes
                                     Where is yt hott fire wch verse is said [SS. I:D: ffinis]
Image       Y3.122 p. 113           HE     om
                                     Image of her whome I loue more then thee [SS. I:D: ffinis]
MHPaper     Y3.123 pp. 114-15       HE     om
                                     Madd pap%P stay & grudge nott heere to burne [SS. I:D: ffinis]
ElAnag      Y3.124 pp. 115-16       HE     %XIn fflauiam
                                     Marry & loue thy fflauia for shee [SS. I:D: ffinis]
Curse       Y3.125 pp. 116-17       HE     %XDirae%L
                                     Who eur guesses, thinks or dreames hee knowes [SS. I:D: ffinis]
BoulRec     Y3.126 pp. 117-18       HE     %XAn Eligie ffunerall one ye Death of Mrs Boulstred
                                     Death I recant & say vnsaid by mee [SS. om; following poem merged
                                       with this as if one poem]
noncan       Y3.127 pp. 118-19       HE     om
                                     Death bee nott proude thy hand giues nott this blowe [SS: I: D: ffinis]
Mark        Y3.128 pp. 119-21       HE     %XAn Eligie ffunerall vppon ye La: Markham
                                     Man is this world & death the Ocean [SS. I:D: ffinis]
ElFatal     Y3.129 pp. 121-22       HE     om
                                     By or first strange & fatall interueiwe [SS. I:D: ffinis]
EpELiz      Y3.130 pp. 122-25       HE     %XVppon ye Marriage of ye Prine Palatine / %Xand ye Princess one 
                                         St Valentines day:
                                     Haile Bishopp Valentine whose day this is [SS. I:D: ffinis]
ElNat       Y3.131 p. 125           HE     om
                                     Natures Lay ydeott I taught yee to loue [SS. I:D ffinis]
Lit         Y3.132 pp. 126-32       HE     %XThe Letanie
                                     ffather of heauen & him by whome [SS. ffinis]
noncan       Y3.133 p. 132           HE     %XEarle of Penbrooke
                                     If her disdaine in you least change can moue (18 ll.) [SS. ffinis]
noncan       Y3.134 pp. 132-33       HE     %XBen Rudiar
                                     'Tis loue breeds loue in mee & cold disdaine (18 ll.) [SS. ffinis]
noncan       Y3.135 p. 133           HE     om
                                     Good Madam ffowler doe nott trouble mee (18 ll.) [SS. ff:B. ffinis]
Annun       Y3.136 pp. 133-34       HE     Annuntiation & Passion
                                     Tamely fraile body abstaine to day, to day [SS. I:D: ffinis]
noncan       Y3.137 pp. 134-35       HE     om
                                     deare loue continue nice & Chaste (34 ll.) [SS. ffinis]
Sorrow      Y3.138 pp. 135-36       HE     om
                                     Sorrowe whoe to this house scarse knew ye way [SS. I:D: ffinis]
noncan       Y3.139 pp. 136-38       HE     om
                                     I may forgett to eate to drinke to sleepe (116 ll.) [SS. I:D: ffinis]
Sat2        Y3.140 pp. 138-41       HE     %XLawe Satire
                                     Sr though (I thanke god for 't) I doe nott hate [SS. I:D: ffinis]
Prose        Y3.141 pp. 141-42       HE     %XThat woemen ought to painte
                                     ffowlenes is lothsome, can yt bee soe yt helpes ytt? [SS. I:D: ffinis]
noncan       Y3.142 pp. 142-43       HE     om
                                     Oh faithlesse world & I must faithlesse parte (28 ll.) [SS. ffinis]
HuntUn      Y3.143 pp. 143-46       HE     %XSr Walter Aston to ye Countiss of Huntington
                                     That vnripe side of earth yt heauye clime [SS. ffinis]
noncan       Y3.144 pp. 146-47       HE     %XAn Eligie one ye Death of ye La: Markham
                                     As vnthrifts greiue in strawe for some pawn'd bedd (72 ll.) [SS. ffinis]
ElPart      Y3.145 pp. 148-50       HE     om
                                     Since shee must goe & I must ***** [SS. ffinis]
noncan       Y3.146 p. 150           HE     om
                                     Why should nott Pilgrimes to thy body come (26 ll.) [SS. ffinis: ff:B:]
noncan       Y3.147 pp. 150          HE     %XOne Mrs Boulstred
                                     Me thinks death like one laughinge lyes [ms. ends after first couplet]