First-Line Index to Y2

First-Line Index to Y2

b 114, Yale University Library, James Osborn Collection (Raphael King ms.)

Compiled January 27, 1999, by J. Syd Conner

In left-to-right order, each item listed below is identified by (a) its Donne Variorum short form (noncan = noncanonical), (b) a siglum-plus-ordinal-position item tag, (c) its location in the artifact (by folio or page nos.), and (d) diplomatic transcriptions of its heading (HE) and first line. Italic om= omitted.

Correction(s) last made to this index on January 26, 2006.

Sat1      Y2.1   pp. 1-9       HE  Satira prima.
                                Away thou changling motlie humorist
Sat2      Y2.2   pp. 9-16      HE  Satyra Secunda.
                                Sr (though I thanke god for itt) I doe hate
Sat3      Y2.3   pp. 17-25     HE  Satira Tertia.
                                Kind pitty choakes my spleene, braue scorne forbids
Sat4      Y2.4   pp. 25-42     HE  Satyra Quarta.
                                Well now I may receiue, & die my sinne
Sat5      Y2.5   pp. 43-50     HE  Satyra quinta.
                                Thou shalt not laugh in this leafe (Muse) nor they
noncan    Y2.6   pp. 51-60     HE  Satira Sexta. To Sr Nicolas Smyth.
                                Slepe next sosiety, & true frindship
noncan    Y2.7   pp. 60-63     HE  Satyra Septima.
                                Men writts, yt loue & reason disagree
EdHerb    Y2.8   pp. 64-67     HE  Satira Octava.
                                Man is a lumpe where all beast[sic] kneaded be
Merc      Y2.9    p. 68        HE Vpon Mercurius Gallo belgicus.
                                Like AE%Lsopes fellowe slaue:[sic] oh Mercurie
ElBed     Y2.10  pp. 69-71     HE  The Eligies.[section] / Elegia prima [short horiz. line]
                                Come Madam, come, all rest my powers defie
ElJeal    Y2.11  pp. 72-74     HE  Elegia 2da
                                Fond woman wch wouldst haue thy husband die
      Scribal pagination skips from 76 (a recto) to 78 (a verso); no om text.
ElChange  Y2.12  pp. 75-78     HE  Elegia Tercia.
                                Allthough thy hand & faith & good workes too
      Scribal pagination skips from 81 (a recto) to 83 (a verso); no om text.
ElWar     Y2.13  pp. 79-83     HE  Elegia 4ta.
                                Till I haue peace, wth thee warre other men
ElPict    Y2.14  pp. 83-84     HE  Elegia quinta
                                Here take my picture, though I bid farwell
Sorrow    Y2.15  pp. 85-86     HE  Elegia Sexta.
                                Sorrow, who to this house scarce knew ye way
ElServe   Y2.16  pp. 87-91     HE  [om]
                                Oh lett me not serve so as thes men serve
ElNat     Y2.17  pp. 91-93     HE  Elegia octaua.
                                Natures lay Idiott I taught thee to loue
ElFatal   Y2.18  pp. 93-97     HE  Elegia Nona.
                                By or first strange & fatall Interveiw
ElBrac    Y2.19  pp. 98-105    HE  Supra Vna catena.  Elegia Decima
                                Nott yt in coulor itt was like thy haire
ElProg    Y2.20  pp. 106-13    HE  Elegia Vndecima.
                                Who euer loues if he doe not propose
ElComp    Y2.21  pp. 113-17    HE  Elegia Duodecima.
                                As ye sweete sweate of Roses in a still
noncan    Y2.22  pp. 118-20    HE  Elegia Decima Tertia To Mrs Boulstreede.
                                SHall[sic?] I goe forc>e<, an Elegie, abuse
noncan    Y2.23  pp. 121-23    HE  Elegia 14.ta To Sr Thomas Roe.
                                Deare Tom / Tell her if she to hired servants shew
noncan    Y2.24  pp. 123-25    HE  Elegia 15ta.
                                True loue finds[sic] witt, but he whose witt doth moue
noncan    Y2.25  pp. 125-29    HE  Elegia 16ta
                                Come fates I feare you not, all whom I owe
Mark      Y2.26  pp. 129-34    HE  Elegia 17ta. / A Funerall Elegie Vpon ye Ladie Marcham.[sic]
                                Man is ye world & death ye Ocean
BoulRec   Y2.27  pp. 134-39    HE  Elegia / A funerall Elegie on mrs Boulstrede.
                                Death I recant & say, vnsayd by me
BoulNar   Y2.28  pp. 140-44    HE  [om]
                                Language thou art to narrow & to weake
noncan    Y2.29  pp. 144-46    HE  An Epistle to mr Ben: Ihohnson
                                The state & mens affaires are ye best playes
noncan    Y2.30  pp. 147-48    HE  Epistola 2da to mr Ben Iohnson / No: 9o. i603.
                                If great men wronge me I will spare my selfe
    Scribe numbers both p. 149 & p. 150 "149," but correctly numbers p. 151.
Annun     Y2.31  pp. 149-52    HE  Anuntiation & Passion
                                Family,[sic] fraile bodie abstaine to day, to day
Cor1      Y2.32  pp. 152-53    HE  La Corona.
                                Daigne at my hands this Crowne of prayer & p[r]ayse
Cor2      Y2.33  pp. 153-54    HE  2d
                                [ind]Salvation to all yt will is nig[h]e
Cor3      Y2.34  pp. 154-55    HE  3d
                                [ind]Imo%Msitie,[sic] cloystred in thy deare wombe
Cor4      Y2.35   p. 156       HE  4th:
                                Wth his kind mother, who pertakes thy woe
    Scribal pagination skips from 156 (a verso) to 158 (a recto) to 160 (a verso), after which 
    both of the next two pages are numbered 161.
Cor5      Y2.36   p. 158       HE  5th.
                                [ind]By miracles exceeding power of man
Cor6      Y2.37   p. 160       HE  La Corona.
                                Moyste wth one drope of thy bloode my dry soule
Cor7      Y2.38   p. 161[1st]  HE  La Corona.
                                [ind]Salute ye last & euerlasting day
noncan    Y2.39  pp. 161[2nd]  HE  A Sonnett / On ye blessed Virgin Marie
                                In yt oh Queene of Queenes thy birthe may free
Lit       Y2.40  pp. 163-99    HE  A Lettanie / The Father.
                                Father of him[sic] & him by whome
Will      Y2.41  pp. 200-05    His last will & Testamt
                                Before I breath my last gaspe, lett me breathe
    Items from Paradoxes are Donne prose.
Paradoxes  Y2.42  p. 206       Section HE  Problemes. / HE  Why doe women delight so much / in feathers..
                                They thinke yt feathers imitate winges, & to show
Paradoxes  Y2.43  p. 297       HE Why die none for loue now
                                Because women are become easier, or because thes
Paradoxes  Y2.44 pp. 207-08    HE  Why haue Bastards best fortune.
                                Because fortune herselfe is a whore, but such are
Paradoxes  Y2.45  p. 209       HE  Why doth not go>%Vl< d soyle ye fingers
                                Doth itt direct all ye venome to ye hart, or is itt
Paradoxes  Y2.46 pp. 209-10    HE  Why are Courtiers soner Atheists / then men of other condition.
                                It is because as Phisitians contemplating Nature
Paradoxes  Y2.47 pp. 211-12    HE  Why are states men most incredulous:
                                Are they all wise enough to follow their exelent part=/ner
TWHail    Y2.48  pp. 213-15    HE  A Sonnett to mr F.[sic] W: [running HE: A Song]
                                All haile sweet Poet more full of more strong fier
HWNews    Y2.49  pp. 215-17    HE  From ye Court.
                                Here is [sic]more news, then virtue, I may as well
RWThird   Y2.50  pp. 217-20    HE [om; running HE: from ye Court. (p.217), Dalla Corte. (pp. 218-20)]
                                Like one who in her third widdowhoode doth profess
Storm     Y2.51  pp. 221-26    HE  A Storme. / To Sr Basill Brooke.
                                Thou wch art I (tis nothing to be soe)
Calm      Y2.52  pp. 226-30    HE  The Calme.
                                Our storme is past & yt stormes tyranous rage
noncan    Y2.53  pp. 230-33    HE  A Wonder.
                                Behold a wonder such as hath not beene
HWKiss    Y2.54  pp. 233-38    HE  To Sr Henry Wotton.
                                Sr more then kisses, letters mingle soules
      Scribal pagination skips from 240 (a recto) to 250 (a verso); no om text.
ElAut     Y2.55  pp. 238-51    HE  Canzons. / Amourenses p%P le mesne Author.
                                No Spring nor Som%Mer beautie hath such grace
Compu     Y2.56  pp. 251-52    HE  Cansonetts. [becomes a section HE; 
                                this & next 3 poems separated by same hatched ll. that separate sts]
                                For my first twentie yeares since yeserday
Ind       Y2.57  pp. 252-54    HE  [om]
                                [ind]I can loue both faire & browne
Commun    Y2.58  pp. 254-55    HE  [om]
                                [ind]God[sic] we must loue & must hate ill
ValBook   Y2.59  pp. 255-57    HE  [om; ll. 1-7 & 10-27 only]
                                Ile tell yee now (deare loue) what thou shalt doe
Twick     Y2.60  pp. 258-59    HE  Of: Twicknam Garden.
                                Blasted wth sighes & surroundred[sic] wth teares
LovUsury  Y2.61  pp. 259-61    HE  [om; appended to Twick as if one poem]
                                for euery hower yt thou wilt spare to me.[sic]
LovDeity  Y2.62  pp. 262-63    HE  Loues Dietie.[sic]
                                I long to talke wth some old louers ghost
LovDiet   Y2.63   p. 264-      HE  Loues Dietie[sic] [HE continued from p. 262--scribe may have thought it 
                                one poem; ll. 1-12 only]
                                [ind]To what a cumbersome vnwieldie guess
                 pp. 265-66 are missing; CW (If) on p. 264 is correct, but next page, numbered 267, begins 
                                with LovAlch.]
LovAlch   Y2.64  pp. 267-68    HE  Monie.[sic]
                                Some yt haue deep%P digg'd loues mine then [I]
Under     Y2.65  pp. 269-71    HE  Canzone.
                                I haue done one brauer thing
ValName   Y2.66  pp. 271-73    HE  [om]
                                [l. 43] [ind]When thy inconsiderate hand
Air       Y2.67  pp. 273-75    HE  Aire & Angles.[as running HE at top of page--separated by 
                                part of Under; on p. 274: Angles & Aire.]
                                [ind]Twice or thrice had I loud thee
GoodM     Y2.68  pp. 276-77    HE  Canzone.
                                I wonder by my troth what thou & I
Curse     Y2.69  pp. 277-79    HE  A Curse?
                                Who euer guesses, thinks or dreames, he knowes
LovInf    Y2.70  pp. 280-81    HE  Canzone.
                                Yet if I haue not all thy loue
Flea      Y2.71  pp. 282-84    HE  The Flea
                                Marke but this flea, & marke but this
Leg       Y2.72  pp. 285-87    HE  Canzone
                                When I died last, & deare I die
  Scribal pagination skips from 287 (a recto) to 289 (a verso); no om text.
Lect      Y2.73  pp. 287-[90]  HE  Shaddowe.
                                Stand still & I will reade to thee
ValBook   Y2.74  pp. [290]-93  HE  Canzone
                                [l. 28] Here loues deuine (since all devin%Mitie
LovGrow   Y2.75  pp. 293-95    HE  Spring
                                I scarce beleiue my loue to be so pure
ValName   Y2.76  pp. 296-99    HE  Diamond in glass.  [Ll. 1-42 only, followed by: finis]
                                [ind]My name ingraud herein
Canon     Y2.77  pp. 299-302   HE  Canzone.
                                For gods sake b%>>h< olde your tongue & lett me loue
Broken    Y2.78  pp. 303-05    HE  [om; running HE is Ca>n< zone.]
                                [ind]He is starke made, who euer sayes
Triple    Y2.79  pp. 305-07    HE  [om; running HE is Canzone.]
                                [ind]I am two fooles I know
SSweet    Y2.80  pp. 307-09    HE  [om; running HE is Canzone.]
                                Sweete loue I dare not goe
 noncan    Y2.81  pp. 310-11    HE  [om; running HE is Canzone.]
                                [ind]If I freely may discouer
Expir     Y2.82  pp. 311-12    HE  Valedictio Amoris
                                So so leaue of[sic] this last lamenting kiss
SunRis    Y2.83  pp. 312-14    HE  Ad Solem. A Song.
                                Busie old foole, vnrulie sunne
Mess      Y2.84  pp. 314-16    HE  A Song
                                Send home my long stayd[sic] eies to me
          Y2.85  pp. 316-17    HE  To ye Countess of Bedforde. [prose attributed to Donne]
                                Maddam / I haue learnt by thos lawes in wch I am
Har       Y2.86  pp. 318-36    HE  Obsequies on ye Lord Harrington / brother to ye Countesse / of / Bedford.
                                Faire soule wch was not only as all soules bee
                                [Ll. 1-248 only; ms. ends at bottom of p. 336 with correct CW for Har 249]