First-Line Index to SP1

First-Line Index to SP1

MS 49.B.43, St. Paul’s Cathedral (The St. Paul’s ms.)

Compiled March 23, 1992, by Ted Sherman

In left-to-right order, each item listed below is identified by (a) its Donne Variorum short form (nc = noncanonical), (b) a siglum-plus-ordinal-position item tag, (c) its location in the artifact (by folio or page nos.), and (d) diplomatic transcriptions of its heading (HE) and first line.

Additional information: Foliation (added since Peter Beal’s Index of English Literary Manuscripts [1980]) proofed by Gary A. Stringer, April 29, 1992.

On July 21, 2008 this index was updated to reflect the current foliation of the manuscript. (When the manuscript was rebound in the late 80s, the binder skipped a page and the DV index originally showed a f. 76a. The manuscript was since refoliated from f. 76, probably by librarian Jo Wisdom, the St. Paul’s librarian, to avoid confusion.)

Explanation of DV codes: %+ = preceding letter is a large cap; %> = “changed to” (by overwriting)

Sat1     SP1.1   ff. 8-9v       HE   Satira .1a.
                                A%+waie thou Changling motley Humorist.
Sat2     SP1.2   ff. 10-11v     HE   Satira .2a.|
                                S%+.r (Thoughe I thanke God for it) I doe hate
Sat3     SP1.3   ff. 12-13v     HE   Satyra .3a.
                                K%+inde Pittie choakes my spleene: Brave skorne forbides
Sat4     SP1.4   ff. 14-18r     HE   Satyra 4a
                                W%+ell, I maie now receiue and die: My Sinne 
Sat5     SP1,5   ff. 18r-19v    HE   Satyra .5a.|
                                Thou shalt not laughe in this leafe Muse, nor they
                  f.  20r-v     BLANK LEAF
ElBrac   SP1.6   ff. 21-23      HE   Elegie. 1.
                                N%+ot that in colour it was like thy haire,                                                        
ElBed    SP1.7   ff. 23-24      HE   Elegie 2d.|
                                C%+ome Madam, come, all rest my Powres defie,
ElJeal   SP1.8   ff. 24r-v      HE   Elegie .3d.
                                ffond Woaman, which wouldst haue thy Husband die,
ElAnag   SP1.9   ff. 25-26r     HE   Elegie .4.
                                M%+arrie, and loue thy fflavia, for shee
ElChange SP1.10  ff. 26r-v      HE   Elegie .5.|
                                A%+lthoughe thy hand, and fayth, and good workes to
ElPerf   SP1.11  ff. 26v-28r    HE   Elegie .6.
                                O%+nce, and but once found in thy Companie.
ElPict   SP1.12  ff. 28r-v      HE   Elegie .7.
                                H%+eere take my Picture, thoughe I bidd farewell.
Sorrow   SP1.13  ff. 28v-29r    HE   Elegie .8.
                                S%+orrowe who to this House scarse knew the waye,
ElServe  SP1.14  ff. 29v-30v    HE   Elegie 9.
                                O%+h! let mee not serve soe as those Men serve,
ElWar    SP1.15  ff. 30v-31v    HE   Elegie .10.
                                T%+ill I haue Peace with thee, warre other Men
ElFatal  SP1.16  ff. 31v-32v    HE   Elegie 11
                                B%+y our first strang, and fatall Interveiwe,
ElNat    SP1.17  ff. 32v-33v    HE   Elegie.
                                N%+atures laye-Ideott, I taught thee to love,
ElProg   SP1.18  ff. 33v-35v    HE   Elegie. On Loues Progresse| [several spaces between 
                                     the two parts of the HE]
                                W%+ho euer loues, if hee doe not propose
Mark     SP1.19  ff. 35v-37r    HE   Elegie. On the Ladie Markham
                                M%+an is the world, and Death the Ocean
BoulRec  SP1.20  ff. 37r-38v    HE   Elegie. on Mrs Boulstred.
                                D%+eath I recant, and saie, vnsaid by Mee
                 ff. 38v[bottom half]--39v BLANK LEAVES
TWHence  SP1.21  ff. 40r        HE   An odd Letter.
                                A%+t once from hence, my Lines and I depart,
HWKiss   SP1.22  ff. 40r-41v    HE   To Sr Henrie Wooton.|
                                S%+r, more then Kisses, letters mingle Soules
Storm    SP1.23  ff. 41v-43r    HE   The Storme. To Mr Christopher Brooke
                                T%+hou, which art I, (t'is nothing to bee soe,)
Calm     SP1.24  ff. 43r-44v    HE   The Calme.
                                O%+ur Storme is past, and that Stormes tyrannous rage
RWThird  SP1.25  ff. 44v-45v    HE   To Mr Rowland Woodward
                                Like one who in her third widdowhead doth profess
HWNews   SP1.26  ff. 45v-46r    HE   To Sr Henry Wooton
                                Here is no more newes then vertue, I may as well
HG       SP1.27  ff. 46r-47v    HE   To Sr Henry Goodyere.|
                                Who makes ye past, a paterne for next yeare
EdHerb   SP1.28  ff. 47v-48v    HE   To Sr Edward Herbert at Iulyers
                                Man is a lumpe, where all beasts kneaded bee
BedfReas SP1.29  ff. 48v-49v    HE   To the Countesse of Bedford.|
                                Madame / Reason is our soules lefthand, faith her right
BedfRef  SP1.30  ff. 49v-51r    HE   To ye Countesse of Bedforde
                                Madam. / Yo:w haue refinde me; And to worthiest things
                                [bottom fifth of f. 44r blank except for large flourish]
Carey    SP1.31  ff. 51v-52v    HE   A letter to ye Ladie Carey and M:rs / 
                                     Essex Rich from Amyens.| 
                                Madams / Here where by all, all Saintes mooved are
Sal      SP1.32  ff. 53r-54v    HE   To the Countess of Salisbury. Aug: 1614
                                ffaire, Greate, and good, since seeing yow; wee see
Cor1-7   SP1.33  ff. 54v-57r    HE   Holy Sonnets / La Corona.                                                                                     
                                Deigne at my hands this crowne of prayer and praise,
HSDue    SP1.34  ff. 57r        HE   Sonnett / 1
                                As due by many tithes, I resigne
HSBlack  SP1.35  ff. 57r-v      HE   2
                                Oh my black soule, now thou art sommoned [CW: By]
HSScene  SP1.36  ff. 57v-58r    HE   3
                                This is my plaies last Sceane, here heavens appoint                                                                                            
HSRound  SP1.37  ff. 58r        HE   4                                
                                As the round earths imagind corners, blow
HSMin    SP1.38  ff. 58r-v      HE   5
                                If poysonous mineralls, and if that tree [CW: Whose]
HSDeath  SP1.39  ff. 58v-59r    HE   6.                                                                                         
                                Death be not proud, though some have called thee                                                                                            
HSSpit   SP1.40  ff. 59r        HE   7
                                Spitt in my face yow Iewes, and peirce my side
HSWhy    SP1.41  ff. 59r-v      HE   8
                                Why are we by all creatures wayted on?                                                                                            
HSWhat   SP1.42  ff. 59v-60r    HE   9
                                What if this present were the worlds last night?                                                                                            
HSBatter SP1.43  ff. 60r        HE   10.
                                Batter my hart three persond God, for yo.w
HSWilt   SP1.44  ff. 60r-v      HE   11
                                Wilt thou love god, as he thee, then digest                                                                                            
HSPart   SP1.45  ff. 60v        HE   12
                                ffather, Part of his double interest                                                                                             
Cross    SP1.46  ff. 61r-62r    HE   The crosse
                                Since Christ embraced the cross itself, dare I
Annun    SP1.47  ff. 62r-63r    HE   The anuntiation                              
                                Tamely fraile body, abstaine today, today                                                                                            
Lit      SP1.48  ff. 63r-69r    HE   The Lettanie.| / The father.                                                                                                            
                                i. ffather of heaven, and him by whom
Goodf    SP1.49  ff. 69r-70r    HE   Good friday 1613. riding towards wales.
                                Lett mans soule be a spheare, and then, in this
                 ff. 70r [bottom 3/4s]--75v BLANK LEAVES]
Mess     SP1.50  ff. 76r        HE   Songe 
                                Send home my longe strayd eyes to me
Bait     SP1.51  ff. 76v-77r [FOLIATION SKIPS PAGE HERE]
                                HE   Omitted 
                                Come live wth me and be my love,
Appar    SP1.52  ff. 77r     HE   The Aparition.
                                When by thy scorne, oh Murdress, I am dead
Broken   SP1.53  ff. 77v-78r HE   Songe
                                Hee is starke mad who ever saies
Lect     SP1.54  ff. 78r-v      HE   Omitted
                                Stand still and I will read to thee
ValMourn SP1.55  ff. 78v-79v    HE   A Valediction.
                                As vertuous men pass mildely away,
GoodM    SP1.56  ff. 79v        HE   Omitted
                                I wonder, by my troth, what thou, and I
SGo      SP1.57  ff. 80r-v      HE   Song
                                Goe, and Catch a falling starr,
WomCon   SP1.58  ff. 80v        HE   Omitted
                                Now thou hast lovd me one whole day,
Image    SP1.59  ff. 80v-81r    HE   Omitted
                                Image of her whom I love, more then shee
SunRis   SP1.60  ff. 81v-82r    HE   Ad Solem
                                Busy old foole, vnruly sonne
Ind      SP1.61  ff. 82r-v      HE   Songe.
                                i. I can loue both faire and browne,
                                [stanzas 2 & 3 are reversed]
LovUsury SP1.62  ff. 82v-83r    HE   Omitted
                                Every hower that thou wilt spare me now
Canon    SP1.63  ff. 83r-84r    HE   The Canonization.
                                ffor Godsake hould your tongue, and lett me loue
Triple   SP1.64  ff. 84r-v      HE   Songe
                                I am two fooles I know [CW: ffor]
LovInf   SP1.65  ff. 85r-v      HE   Omitted
                                If yett I haue not all yor loue
SSweet   SP1.66  ff. 85v-86r    HE   Songe.|
                                Sweetest love I doe not goe, for wearines of thee,
Leg      SP1.67  ff. 86r-v      HE   Song.|
                                When I died last; And deere I dye
Fever    SP1.68  ff. 86v-87v    HE   A ffeauer.|
                                Oh doe not die for I shall hate
Air      SP1.69  ff. 87v-88r    HE   Aire & Angells
                                Twice or thrice had I loved thee,
Break    SP1.70  ff. 88r-v      HE   Omitted
                                Tis true, tis day, what though it be?
Prohib   SP1.71  ff. 88v-89r    HE   Omitted
                                Take heed of loving me
Anniv    SP1.72  ff. 89r-v      HE   Omitted
                                All Kinges, and all their favorites,
ValName  SP1.73  ff. 89v-91r    HE   A Valediction of my name in ye window
                                1 My name engrav'd herein,
ElAut    SP1.74  ff. 91r-92r    HE   Elegie Autumnall
                                No spring, nor Summer, Beauty, hath such grace
Twick    SP1.75  ff. 92r-v      HE   Omitted
                                Blasted wth sighes, and surrounded wth teares
BedfCab  SP1.76  ff. 93r-v      HE   Epitaph
                                Madam. / That I might make your Cabinett my tombe
                                [broken into two poems, the second w/HE Omnibus.| beginning 
                                w/line 7]
ValBook  SP1.77  ff. 93v-95r    HE   valediction of the booke.|
                                Ile tell thee now (Deare love) what thou shalt doe
Commun   SP1.78  ff. 95r-v      HE   Omitted
                                Good we must love, and most hate ill
LovGrow  SP1.79  ff. 95v-96r    HE   Springe
                                I Scarce beleeve my love to be soe pure
LovExch  SP1.80  ff. 96r-97r    HE   Omitted
                                Love, any devill else but you,
ConfL    SP1.81  ff. 97r-v      HE   Omitted
                                Some man vnworthy to be possessor
Dream    SP1.82  ff. 97v-98r    HE   The Dreame
                                Deere love, for nothing less then thee,
ValWeep  SP1.83  ff. 98r-v      HE   A Valediction,
                                Lett me poore forth
LovAlch  SP1.84  ff. 98v-99r    HE   Mummye.
                                Some that have deeper digd loves Myne, then I
Flea     SP1.85  ff. 99r-100r    HE   The fflea
                                Marke but this flea, and marke in this
Curse    SP1.86  ff. 100r-v      HE   The Curse
                                Who ever guesses, thinkes, or dreames he knowes
Ecst     SP1.87  ff. 100v-102v   HE   The Extasie
                                Where like a pillow, on a bed
Under    SP1.88  ff. 102v-103r  HE   Omitted
                                I haue done one braver thinge
LovDeity SP1.89  ff. 103r-v     HE   Loues Deytie
                                I longe to talke with some old louers Ghost
LovDiet  SP1.90  ff. 103v-104v  HE   Loues Diett
                                To what a Cumbersome vnwieldines,
Will     SP1.91  ff. 104v-105v  HE   The Will.
                                Before I sigh my last gaspe, lett me breath
Fun      SP1.92  ff. 105v-106r  HE   The ffunerall.|
                                Who ever comes to shroud me, doe not harme
Blos     SP1.93  ff. 106r-107r  HE   The Blossome
                                Little thinkst yo:u poore flower
Prim     SP1.94  ff. 107r-v     HE   The Primrose
                                Vpon this primrose hill
Relic    SP1.95  ff. 107v-108v  HE   The Relique
                                When my graue is broke vp againe,
Damp     SP1.96  ff. 108v-109r  HE   The Dampe.
                                When I am dead, and doctors know not why,
EpLiz    SP1.97  ff. 109r-111v  HE   An Epithalamion, or mariage songe on the /
                                     Lady Elisabeth, and ffredericke Count palatine,
                                     being married on St Valentines day.
                                Haile bishopp Valentine whose day this is
Eclog    SP1.98  ff. 111v-117v  HE   Eclogue 1613 December 26.|
                                Alloph. / Vnseasonable man, Statute%>>Statue< of Ice
Har      SP1.99  ff. 117v-123r  HE   obsequies to the lord Harrington, brothr /
                                     to the Countess of Bedford.
                                ffaire soule wch was not only as all soules be,
                 ff. 124-165    BLANK