First-Line Index to HH5

First-Line Index to HH5

HM 198, Henry E. Huntington Library (Haslewood-Kingsborough ms.)

Compiled April 2010

with assistance from Kelley Bradley, Dayoung Chung, M. Farrington, Elyssa Gretchen Jechow, Tracy McLawhorn, Brittany Swihart, and Brandi Nicole Tevebaugh

In left-to-right order, each item listed below is identified by (a) its Donne Variorum short form (nc = noncanonical), (b) a siglum-plus-ordinal-position item tag, (c) its location in the artifact (by folio or page nos.), and (d) diplomatic transcriptions of its heading (HE) and first line. %+ = preceding letter is a large cap.  The brackets »…« indicate material inserted in a second hand. All other codes used are definied in the Donne Variorum Markup Tags list.

ElWar HH5.1 f. 1r-v HE om
Till I haue peace w%5th%6 >%5the%6< warre other men
[nc] HH5.2 f.1v-2r HE om
If great men wrong me
HWKiss HH5.3 f. 2r-v HE om
More then kisses Lre>>%5t%6<<s mingle soules
ElChange HH5.4 ff. 2v-3r HE om
All though thie hand & faith and good works to
Image HH5.5 f. 3r-v HE om
Image of her whom I loue more then she
ElAut HH5.6 ff. 3v-4r HE om
Nor->>>Noe<< springe nor sum%Mer beautie hath such grace
ElNat HH5.7 f. 4v HE om
Natures lay Ideott, I taught thee to loue
ElPict HH5.8 ff. 4v-5r HE om
%1H%+ere%2 take my Picture, though I bid farewell
ElFatal HH5.9 f. 5r-v HE om
by o%5r%6. first strange and fatall interviewe
[nc] HH5.10 ff.5v-6r HE Ode
where dost thou
[nc] HH5.11 f.6r-v HE Ode
I sing her worth and praised sight
[nc] HH5.12 ff.6v-7r HE om
The wright of this Harmoni be Sphere
[nc] HH5.13 f.7r HE %XThe Face
fatall aspect that hast an influence?
[nc] HH5.14 f.7r-v HE %XTo her booke?
Regard full pro whoso first
[nc] HH5.15 f.7v HE %X
To her MindExalted *** that guard that beautous Sphere
[nc] HH5.16 f.7v HE Epitaph
Within this marbl bed
[nc] HH5.17 f.7v HE %XEpitaph
I  write twelue yeared not full unto a weary breath
[nc] HH5.18 ff.7v-8r HE %XEpitaph: Mrs. B
Me thinks death like one hastening unto bed
[nc] HH5.19 ff.8r-9r HE om
Shall lovue be
[nc] HH5.20 f.9r-v HE om
I his this is loue and worse then I can say
[nc] HH5.21 f.10r HE om
Ist not enough that I have lodgd’ thee Twice
[nc] HH5.22 f.10r HE %XEpitaph
A maide, a wife she liued a widowe died
[nc] HH5.23 f.10v HE om
If you doe meane to >%Vbe the< marke of Loue
[nc] HH5.24 ff.10v-11r HE %XEpigram
Good Maddam Fowler Do not trouble me
[nc] HH5.25 f.11r HE %XSr. B.
*** whilst there thou
[nc] HH5.26 f.11v HE om
All that I am smite  of Loue
[nc] HH5.27 ff.11v-12r HE om
Conscience will sitt above our faults but till
Storm HH5.28 f. 12r-v HE >Storme|<
Thou w%5ch%6 art I (tis nothinge to be soe)
Calm HH5.29 f. 15r-v HE >Calme|<
Our strome is past and that strom’s  tirannus? rage
Lit HH5.30 ff. 15v-18v HE %X%1A Letany%2
Father / Father of heauen by him by whom
ValWeep HH5.31 ff. 18v-19 HE om
Lett me poure forth
ValBook HH5.32 f. 19r-v HE om
Il’e tell thee now deare loue what thou shalt doe
WomCon HH5.33 ff. 19v-20 HE om
Now thou hast lou’d me one whole day
Anniv HH5.34 f. 20r-v HE om
All Kings and all theire fauorites
Fever HH5.35 f. 20v HE om
O Do not die for I shall hate
ValName HH5.36 ff. 20v-21v HE om
My name engraued herein
SGo HH5.37 f. 21v HE om
Goe and catch a fallinge starre
SunRis HH5.38 f. 22r HE %XTo the Sunne
Busie Ould foole, %Yrul%Zvnrulie Sonne
ConfL HH5.39 f. 22r-v HE om
Some man vnworthie to be possessor
SSweet HH5.40 f. 22v HE om
Sweetest loue I doe not goe for wearines of thee
Break HH5.41 ff. 22v-23r HE om
Tis true, tis day, what though it be
Witch HH5.42 f. 23r HE %XPicture
I fixe mine eye on thine and there
Expir HH5.43 f. 23r HE %Xvaledice
So goe leaue of this last lamentinge kisse
Dream HH5.44 f. 23v HE %XDreame
Deare Loue for nothinge lesse then thee
Compu HH5.45 f. 23v HE om
for my first Twenty Yeares since Yesterday
Bait HH5.46 f. 24r HE om
Come liue w%5th%6 me and be my loue
Mess HH5.47 f. 24r-v HE omSend hom
e my long strai’d eyes to mee
Canon HH5.48 ff. 24v-25 HE %X%1The Canonization%2.
for gods sake lett me loue &? hold this Tongue
LovAlch HH5.49 f. 25 HE %XMum%My
Some that haue deeper dig’d loues mine then I,
Prohib HH5.50 f. 25r-v HE om
Take heed of louinge me
LovExch HH5.51 ff. 25v-26 HE om
Loue any Diuell ells but yo%5w%6.
Ind HH5.52 f. 27 HE om
I can love both faire and browne
Commun HH5.53 f. 27r-v HE om
Good wee must love & must hate ill
GoodM HH5.54 f. 27v HE om
I wonder by my troth what thou & I
Lect HH5.55 ff. 27v-8 HE %XShadowe
Stand still  & I will read to thee
Air HH5.56 f. 28 HE %XAire & Angells
Twice or thrice had I lovd the
Twick HH5.57 f. 28v HE om
Blasted w%5th%6 sighs & surunded w%5th%6 teares
Leg HH5.58 ff. 28v-29 HE om
When I died last (o%C dear I dye
Triple HH5.59 f. 29 HE om
I%+ am two fooles I know
Broken HH5.60 f. 29r-v HE om
He is starke madd who eu%5er%6 sayes
LovUsury HH5.61 ff. 29v-30 (p57 in pdf) HE om
ffor euery hower that thou wilt spare me now
Curse HH5.62 f. 30 HE om
Who eu%5r%6 guesses, >%Vthincks, or< dreames, %Yor#thincks%Z he knowes
LovInf HH5.63 f. 30r-v HE om
If yet I have not all thy love
Flea HH5.64 ff. 30v-31 HE %XThe fflea
Marke but this flea and marke in this
Ecst HH5.65 ff. 31r-32r HE %XThe extasie
Where like a pillow and abedd
Under HH5.66 f. 32 HE om
I haue done one braver thing
LovDeity HH5.67 f. 32v HE om
I long to talke w%5th%6 som%Me old lou%5r%6s gost
LovDiet HH5.68 ff. 32v-33 HE %XLoves Dyett
To what a cumbersome unwildines
EdHerb HH5.69 f. 33r-v HE om
Man is a lumpe where all beasts kneaded be
Will HH5.70 ff. 33v-34 HE %XThe will
Before I sigh my last graspe let me breath
[nc] HH5.71 f.34r-v HE om?
Abhorre ever thou my protestation
[nc] HH5.72 f.34v HE om
Before devotions now noe more
[nc] HH5.73 f.35r HE om
Quaint hope heare now what are thy fashions
[nc] HH5.74 f.35r HE om
Now doe go shepards with their flocks
[nc] HH5.75 f.35v HE om
Blushing Aurora marked your way
[nc] HH5.76 f.35v-36 HE om
Glory loue & gold
[nc] HH5.77 f.36r-36v HE om
Blind god of love as you wouldst so
[nc] HH5.78 f.36v HE om
O blessed prince of
[nc] HH5.79 f.37r HE om
Though my marriage bee but carelesse
[nc] HH5.80 f.37r-37v HE om
God more varied
[nc] HH5.81 p.37v HE om
To thee twice
[nc] HH5.82 f.38r HE om
Once and no more soe said my life
[nc] HH5.83 f.38r HE om
Sweete petrarch those high notes of thine
[nc] HH5.84 f.38r HE om
Alas how can I hope
[nc] HH5.85 f.38r HE om
My greife that only
[nc] HH5.86 f.38r HE om
ffavor philllis in a woofull wife
[nc] HH5.87 f.38v HE om
Now shall mount Sion
[nc] HH5.88 f.38v HE om
A time not containd when a
[nc] HH5.89 f.39r HE om
Where Drake first found there last honest
[nc] HH5.90 f.39r-42r HE om
Each woman is a breife Of woman kinde,
[nc] HH5.91 f.42r HE om
How ***** did flow from eyes
[nc] HH5.92 f.42v HE om
Defame me
[nc] HH5.93 f.42v-45r HE %XA Sonnett
my care so keeps my word I promise it
[nc] HH5.94 f.45r HE om
When aid the hand at tennis played
[nc] HH5.95 f.45v HE om
In elder time an ancient custome was
SSweet HH5.96 f. 46r HE om
Sweetest love I doe not goe
[nc] HH5.97 f.46r-46v HE om
ffaithlesse world & thy most faythless parts
[nc] HH5.98 f.46v-47r HE om
poors things be
[nc] HH5.99 f.47r HE om
To love or praise a thing unknownd
[nc] HH5.100 f.47r-47v HE om
We will not love as other lovers doe?
[blank] HH5.101 f.48r-48v HE om
[nc] HH5.102 f.49r HE om
Come prety Cupid play w%5th%6 me
[nc] HH5.103 f.49r-49v HE om
Till our faith
[nc] HH5.104 f.49v-51r HE om
A dialogue between love and lust
Heart HH5.105 ff. 50v-51 HE om
When my harte was mine owne & not by vowes
[nc] HH5.106 f.51r-52v HE om
I labour still in vaine
[nc] HH5.107 f.52v-53r HE om
Wrong not dear empresse of my hart
[nc] HH5.108 f.53r-53v HE om
If thus you must needs goe
[nc] HH5.109 f.53v-54r HE om
deare leave thy home & ro%Mme w%5th%6 me
[nc] HH5.110 f.54r-54v HE om
Muse get the to a
[nc] HH5.111 f.54v-56r HE om
Oh shall I speake or silent be
[blank] HH5.112 f.56v HE om
[nc] HH5.113 f.57r HE om
A shippe that kingly
[nc] HH5.114 f.57v HE om
Thou that soe make thy liberty dost
[nc] HH5.115 f.57v-58r HE om
To make an Inventory of thy parts
[nc] HH5.116 f.58r-58v HE om
If art by wishinge could attyned by
[nc] HH5.117 f.58v HE om
I wonder much that all this parliament
[nc] HH5.118 f.58v HE om
Co%Mme on you
[nc] HH5.119 f.59r HE om
Be not unwillinge my request to grannt
[nc] HH5.120 f.59r-60v HE om
Unto that my power my fortune & my love
[nc] HH5.121 f.60v HE om
If my victoria be content to lose
[nc] HH5.122 f.65r (misfoliated) HE om
fforbear my headstronge Uclidtropian thoughts
[nc] HH5.123 f.65r-65v HE om
If now that gratious season of the goose
[nc] HH5.124 f.65v-66r HE om
Industrious virtue
[nc] HH5.125 f.66r HE om
Since I the
[nc] HH5.126 f.66r-66v HE om
Industrious time
[nc] HH5.127 f.66v-67v HE om
My ffortune was the other day
[nc] HH5.128 f.67v-68v HE om
My cruell frend so inconsiderate of my
[nc] HH5.129 f.68v-69v HE om
In fruitlese hope to languishe & remaine
[nc] HH5.130 f.70r-71r HE om
If’t true that my affections lately
[nc] HH5.131 f.71r HE om
Though he that loved which unrequited lost
[nc] HH5.132 f.71r-71v HE om
Tis possible you can deny
[nc] HH5.133 f.71v-72r HE om
Doe not resist those fittest of y%5r%6 and
[nc] HH5.134 f.72r-72v HE om
But that Great present of this faire rounde
[nc] HH5.135 f.73r HE om
Oh doe not tease me w%5th%6 a brutish loss
[nc] HH5.136 f.73r HE om
My lord to show you bold desire
[nc] HH5.137 f.73r-74v HE om
When god gave man the high
[nc] HH5.138 f.74v-76r HE om
To be assurd men love as they professe
[nc] HH5.139 f.76r HE om
Will women more content for modesty
[nc] HH5.140 f.76r-77r HE om
Loues an
[nc] HH5.141 f.77r-79r HE om
It is not night yet all the world is blacke
[blank] HH5.142 f.79v-80r HE om
[nc] HH5.143 f.82v (misfoliated) HE %XMem.
Wanting in the original two leaves to
[nc] HH5.144 f.82r (misfoliated) HE om
Now hurt my wished graunted art
[nc] HH5.145 f.82r HE om
When some ofwomen: true, of
[nc] HH5.146 f.82v HE om
my drowsie soule awake from time
[nc] HH5.147 f.82v-83r HE >Taken out of …|<
Scribe proud, cruell, kind of  of workmanship
[nc] HH5.148 f.83v HE %XA Recantation and Excrie For the grevious invectiue against women
Pardon, though I to you faire
[nc] HH5.149 f.83v-84r HE om
Goe harmeless I
[nc] HH5.150 f.84r HE om
Eccho, say, where’s my Soul Say
[nc] HH5.151 f.84r-84v HE om
Deare Hearte O%5r%6 lett me kiss yo%5u%6
[nc] HH5.152 f.84v-f.85r HE om
Our Lidia now younge lust
[nc] HH5.153 f.84v-f.85r HE om
She whom My hart admireth
[nc] HH5.154 f.85r HE om
O my hart cease torment mee
[nc] HH5.155 f.85r-85v HE om
Jockey with
[nc] HH5.156 f.85v HE om
Happie the man that may thee see
[nc] HH5.157 f.85v HE om
On a faire bankes of Lillie
[nc] HH5.158 f.85v HE om
Muther, helpe, helpe, her eyes haue shamed me
[nc] HH5.159 f.86r HE om
In Mary, when Loue Ladds goe a maddinge
[nc] HH5.160 f.86r HE om
Best of beautie, when I eye you
[nc] HH5.161 f.86r HE om
I am so tame I die,
[nc] HH5.162 f.86r HE om
Hearke desperate Louer. Harke a wonder
[nc] HH5.163 f.86v HE om
Beautie and youth in one conspiring
[nc] HH5.164 f.86v HE om
I and my loue soe kissed
[nc] HH5.165 f.86v HE om
Why me hath an humble piercing eye
[nc] HH5.166 f.86v HE om
Kisst me quoth I no, faintly
[nc] HH5.167 f.86v HE om
Who clime aloff, oft rise to fall
[nc] HH5.168 f.86v HE om
Loue I deny that thou art blind
[nc] HH5.169 f.87r HE om
O bitter sweete of Loue.
[nc] HH5.170 f.87r HE om
if I dye, I die contented
[nc] HH5.171 f.87r HE om
I must, alas, I must be gone
[nc] HH5.172 f.87r HE om
Weepe not, o weepe not, fairest, sweetest
[nc] HH5.173 f.87r HE om
Nature most faire, most sweete in yo%5e%6
[nc] HH5.174 f.87v HE om
Phillis, quoth Gordon Thou art unkind
[nc] HH5.175 f.87v HE om
Phillis, those pretty flowers
[nc] HH5.176 f.87v HE om
O lett thye heauens bright sunne leaue shininge
[nc] HH5.177 f.87v HE om
Faire Phillis when I come in loue to kisse thee
[nc] HH5.178 f.87v HE om
My Tongue doth
[nc] HH5.179 f.87v-88r HE om
Why me and the time
[nc] HH5.180 f.88r HE  om
And yet proud thoughts if yo%5u%6 will
[nc] HH5.180 f.88r HE %XTo his most deare
Friend,So when
[nc] HH5.181 f.88v HE %XTo our blessed Ladie in Honor of her Assumption
Upon the center, and the Summit of all
[nc] HH5.182 f.88v HE %XTo S%5t%6 Michaell Th’archangell
***** Haue wish great
[nc] HH5.183 f.89r HE %XTo my Angelus
Bright Angell, deare companion, faithfull guide
[nc] HH5.184 f.89r HE %XTo S%5t%6 John Baptist
Like curiousburninge glasse w%5ch%6 doth retire
[nc] HH5.185 f.89v HE %XTo S%5t%6 Peter
Though in that garden where thy M%5r%6. praide
[nc] HH5.186 f.89v HE %XTo S%5t%6 Joseph
Lett Wordlie wisdome
[nc] HH5.187 f.90r HE %XTo S%5t%6 Luke
When thou by glorious death didst First beginne
[nc] HH5.188 f.90r HE %XTo S%5t%6 George
He that this Title beares
[nc] HH5.189 f.90v HE %XTo S%5t%6 Paule
To that great S%5t%6 of whom thou bearst the name
[nc] HH5.190 f.90v HE %XTo S%5t%6 Augustine the Doctor
Tell me deare Saint, for thou alone canst tell
[nc] HH5.191 f.91r HE %XTo S%5t%6 ********
A soule so
[nc] HH5.192 f.91r HE %XTo S%5t%6 Mary Magdalene
To maruell that thou art admired so high
[nc] HH5.193 f.91v HE %XTo S%5t%
None but King Dauid
[nc] HH5.194 f.91v HE %XTo S%5t%6 Ursula
Honor of Brittany,
[nc] HH5.195 f.92r HE %XTo S%5t%6 Catherine
As holy Peter was Christs deputy
[nc] HH5.196 f.92r HE %XS%5t%6 Barbara
Saint Paule doth feare how they that they that doe prophane
[nc] HH5.197 f.92v HE %XTo S%5t%6 Monaca
The soile from whence that
[nc] HH5.198 f.92v HE %XTo S%5t%6 Paula
Henceforth lett drake and Bandite not proclame
[nc] HH5.199 f.93r HE %Xwhen I was a sleepe in a great sicknes
It is no window though it looke like one
[nc] HH5.200 f.93v HE %XA Sonnett w%5ch%6 I made to a friend beinge sick of sore eyes
I grew but wonder not at thee
[nc] HH5.201 f.94r HE %XA Sonnett of griefe for his paine
That in sp
[nc] HH5.202 f.94r HE %XA New yeares Gifte
Reason reclaimed though custome doe inuite
[nc] HH5.203 f.94v HE %XUpon a Friends Absence
What helpe is in
[nc] HH5.204 f.94v HE %XTo a Religious Woman
Deare sister since, I must
[nc] HH5.205 f.95r HE %XUpon the Sight of Douer Cliffs from Callis
Better it were for me to haue been blinde
[nc] HH5.206 f.95r-97r HE %XUpon the Expectation of a friends Cominge To me
Give me that hand to kisse,
[nc] HH5.207 f.97r-97v HE om
Lett me beginne to Love
[nc] HH5.208 f.97v-99r HE om
Shall I stand still and see the world
[nc] HH5.209 f.99r-99v HE %XEpigram
If each in and  And Fault ??? in hid ofrehand writt
[nc] HH5.210 f.99v HE %XSonnett
When by thee paroled
[nc] HH5.211 f.99v HE om
I had
[nc] HH5.212 f.100r-01r HE %XElegie
Lett natures fooles made out of sullen earth
[nc] HH5.213 f.101r-02r HE om
Why w%5th%6 unkindest’
[nc] HH5.214 f.102r-02v HE om
In these Blacke and
[nc] HH5.215 f.102v-04r HE %XCharacter
God hath done much for
[nc] HH5.216 f.104r-05r HE %XElegie
That in the dust wee buried,
[nc] HH5.217 f.105r-05v HE %XElegy
Why w%5th%6 unkindest
[nc] HH5.218 f.106r-06v HE %XElegy
Whether these honourd, or
[nc] HH5.219 f.107r HE om
The greatest painter when he did
[nc] HH5.220 f.107r HE %XSibilta Delphina or The Inspired maide that went into the light
[nc] HH5.222 f.107r-07v HE %XSonnett
Unhappie is the life
[nc] HH5.223 f.107v-08r HE %XElegy
It is not that
[nc] HH5.224 f.108v-09r HE %XElegy
Giue to mine eyes there fearefull Liberty
ElVar HH5.225 ff.109v-10v HE %XElegie|
The heauens rejoyce in motion, whie should I
[nc] HH5.226 f.110v-11v HE %XCharacter
That these are
[nc] HH5.227 f.111v HE %XMalvig
Come Louvers all to me, and wake
[nc] HH5.228 f.111v HE %XMalvig
Laura came by
[nc] HH5.229 f.111v HE om
Sweete Cupid ripen her Desire
Bait HH5.230 ff. 111v-12r HE om
Come liue w%5th%6 me, and be my Loue
Mess HH5.231 f. 112r-12v HE om
Send home my longe straied eyes to me
ElBrac HH5.232 ff. 112v-13v HE om
Not for in Colour it was like thie haire
[nc] HH5.233 f.113v HE om
Here I Repose , but in lamented walk
[nc] HH5.234 f.113v HE %XEpitaph
Stay proue the stone,
[nc] HH5.235 f.114r-14v HE %XTo the Countesse of Rutland
Maddam, Soe may my versed pleasinge bee
[nc] HH5.236 f.115r-15v HE %XTo his Friend B. J.
The Sunn w%5th%6 doth the greate??  Bringe
[nc] HH5.237 f.116r HE %XTo Mr. B. J.
Wether to follow fashion nor to showe
Annun HH5.238 ff. 116v-17 HE  %X%1Vpon the Passion, and Annunciacon%M %/%X%1Fallinge both on a day%2| /%X1608|.|
Tamely fraile doy absteine to day to day
HWVenice HH5.239 f. 117r-v HE %XSir|
After those reuerent Papers whose soule is
Cross HH5.240 ff. 117v-18v HE %X%1The Crosse%2|
Since Christ embrac’d the crosse it selfe dare I
[nc] HH5.241 f. 118v HE %Xof Somewhat I mett somewhere
In Courte I mett
[nc] HH5.243 f. 119r-v HE %XElegy
Tis not his jealousie that
Appar HH5.244 f. 119v HE %XApparition
When by thie scorne (o murdresse) I am dead
Fever HH5.245 f. 120 r HE om
O do not die for I shall hate, %Yall#women%Z
Break HH5.246 f. 120r-v HE om
T’is true, t’is Day what though it bee
EpEliz HH5.247 ff. 120v-21 v HE %XEpithalamion
Haile Bishopp Valentine whose day this is
[nc] HH5.248 f. 122r HE om
Thow knowst (deare Sauio%5e%6) I was borne in Sinne
Curse HH5.249 ff. 122r-v HE %X%1The Curse%2|
Who euer guesses, thinks or dreames he knowes
[nc] HH5.250 ff. 122 v-23r HE  %XHorace Lib: 3. Ode /is/
The Brasen Tower, stronge
[nc] HH5.251 f. 123r HE %XLib: i. Ode ig /
The powerfull mother of the winged Gods
[nc] HH5.252 f. 123r HE %XLib: i. ode /23 /
Then fleest me Chloe,  like the wanton fawne
[nc] HH5.253 f. 123v HE  %XLib3. Ode 2b
Blinde of late for wantan wenches fitt
[nc] HH5.254 f.123v HE %XLib:r Ode. io
Via although a fierce barbarian bedd
[nc] HH5.255 f.124r-24v HE %XLib:2 ode /i4/
O how the >%flyinge<yeares doe past await
[nc] HH5.256 f.124v HE om
Is youth as fresh and sweete as flowers in springe
[nc] HH5.257 f.124v-25r HE om
Who sees yo%5e%6 fare, sees beauties fairest good
[nc] HH5.258 f.125r HE  om
I loue my Wife w%5th%6 an Earthie loue
[nc] HH5.259 f.125r-v HE om
Stay gentle%Ylushie%z blond, where canst then seeke
[nc] HH5.260 f.125v HE om
Here lied Salsburie
[nc] HH5.261 f.126r HE om
In Eastside, near Hartford,  there lied in a coffyn
ElWar HH5.262 f. 126r-v HE om
Till I haue peace w%5th%6 thee, warr w%5th%6 %Ymy%Z other men|
[nc] HH5.263 ff.126v-27r HE om
The state and mind
[nc] HH5.264 f.127r-v HE %XFor knowledge kindles
Yet use awhile and thou maist liue to see
[nc] HH5.265 f.128r HE om
T’is Loue breeds loue in mee,
[nc] HH5.266 f.128r HE om
When first this Morninge I awake
[nc] HH5.267 f.128r HE om
Within this chest
[nc] HH5.268 f.128v HE om
Goe begg yo%5u%6. Muses
[nc] HH5.269 f.128v HE om
Cupid a Boy and yet a God of might
[nc] HH5.270 f.129r HE om
Nay I must loue thee still,
[nc] HH5.271 f.129r HE om
Nothing remoues my hart,
[nc] HH5.272 ff.129r-30v HE om
Hide not thie loue;
[nc] HH5.273 f.130v HE om
Loud I am & yet complaine of loue
[nc] HH5.274 f.131r-v HE om
Come you swarmes of thoughts & bringe
[nc] HH5.275 f.131v HE om
A Lover: Death Fatall death in thy stronghold armes
[nc] HH5.276 f.132r HE om
Goe naked truthe & lett thy bashfull teares
[nc] HH5.277 ff.132r-34r HE om
Come Julia I will loue the now
[nc] HH5.278 f.134r-v HE om
Sheepheard gentle sheepeheard harke
[nc] HH5.279 ff.134v-35v HE om
There is noe Lover he nor shee
[nc] HH5.280 ff.135v-36r HE om
Thou wonder of all woman kinde
[nc] HH5.281 f.136r-v HE om
Alas that
[nc] HH5.282 ff.136v-37r HE om
Why should not man my Tirant sorrow name
[nc] HH5.283 f.137v-46r HE %XGuy of Warwicke
I singe the life & death of Great Sw%5e%6 Guy
[nc] HH5.284 ff.147r-48r HE om
Come not to me for scraps