First-Line Index to HH4

First-Line Index to HH4

HM 198, Henry E. Huntington Library (Book I, Haslewood-Kingsborough ms.)

Compiled April 2010

with assistance from Jennifer S. Adams, Kelley Bradley, Dayoung Chung, M. Farrington, Elyssa Gretchen Jechow, Tracy McLawhorn, Brittany Swihart, and Brandi Nicole Tevebaugh

In left-to-right order, each item listed below is identified by (a) its Donne Variorum short form (nc =noncanonical), (b) a siglum-plus-ordinal-position item tag, (c) its location in the artifact (by folio or page nos.), and (d) diplomatic transcriptions of its heading (HE) and first line. %+ = preceding letter is a large cap.  The brackets »…« indicate material inserted in a second hand. All other codes used are definied in the Donne Variorum Markup Tags list.

This index last corrected 6-7-12.

Curse HH4.1 pp.23r-23v HE  %XDuns Curse upon him that knew his m%5rs%6:
whoesoeuer ghesses, thinkes, or dreames he knowes
ElBrac HH4.2 pp.35-37 HE  %Xupon the loss of A Bracelett
Not that in collour it was like thy Haire
[nc] HH4.3 pp.37-40 HE  verses made upon S%5r%6 francis Bacon /viscount verasam:
When you Awake dull Reason and behould
[nc] HH4.4 pp.40-42 HE  om
why faire now brother have
[nc] HH4.5 pp.42-43 HE  %XDedicated to the La: L: B:
Hide like not thy loue and mine shallbe/ open to the
ElBed HH4.6 pp. 43-4  HEom
Come Madame come all rest my powers defye
[nc] HH4.7 pp. 44-46 HE  om
And are returned againe with all thy faults
[nc] HH4.8 pp. 46-51 HE  %XTo the Comidians of Cambridg whom theyr Acts
Faith Gentlmen I doe not blame your witt
[nc] HH4.9 pp.51-53 HE  %XUpon A faire woeman
When last wee mitt (Praising your beauty) yon
[nc] HH4.10 p. 53 HE  %XUpon an Hower Glass
Doe but consider this small dust heer running in the Glass
[nc] HH4.11 p.53 HE  %XThe Curse
Goe perciud Man, and if thou are returne
[nc] HH4.12 pp.53-54 HE  %XFra Ro: venalia
Hott liverd Galles could not Longe forbeare
[nc] HH4.13 p. 54 HE  om
Sitting and ready to be drawne
[nc] HH4.14 pp.54-55 HE  %XThe boddye
Drawe first all saue The Lorde
[nc] HH4.15 pp.55-56 HE  %XThe Maide***** thou art come but may begone
[nc] HH4.16 pp.56-58 HE  %XState Passages
Theer was some
[nc] HH4.17 pp.58-59 HE  %XFra Ro: venalia
Hoot liverd Galles could not Longe forbeare
[nc] HH4.18 pp. 59-60 HE  %XOf Thomas Coriatt:Haile
[nc] HH4.19 pp. 60-61 HE  om
Now Goe
[nc] HH4.20 p. 61 HE  om
If all the day with fine thoughts to raise
[nc] HH4.21 p.62 HE  om
There is no louer he or she
[nc] HH4.22 pp. 62-63 HE  %XTo ouer blsssed S. Eliz of famous memory y%5e%6 Humble Petition of
If Saints In Heaven can eyther see or heare
[nc] HH4.23 p.63 HE  om
Since all things loue why should not wee
[nc] HH4.24 p.63 HE  om
Wheer are all ouer false oath blowne
[nc] HH4.25 p.63 HE  om
Sweet doe not pitty If thou canst not loue
LovDiet HH4.26 p. 64 HE  %XDiet Amoris:
To what A Combersome unwieldnesse
ELNat HH4.27 p. 64 HE  %XElegy 3rd
Natures lay Idiott I taught y%5e%6 to loue
ElComp HH4.28 pp. 64 HE  %XElegy
As the sweet sweat of Roses in A still
LovAlch HH4.29 p. 65 HE  om
Some that haue deeper dig’d Loue mine then I
HWNews HH4.30 p. 65 HE  %XTo S%5r%6: Henry wotten from Court
Her’s no more news then virtue’I may as well
[nc] HH4.31 p.65 HE  om
If you doe meane
[nc] HH4.32 pp. 65-66 HE  om
I aske not Loue but I aske reason why
[nc] HH4.33 p. 66 HE  om
when you sit musing
ValWeep HH4.34 pp. 66-67 HE  %XA valediction of Teares
Let me power fourth
Image HH4.35 p. 67 HE  %XElegy the 17%5th%6
Image of her, whome I loue more then she
Will HH4.36 p. 68 HE  %XHis Testament Loues Legacy
Before I sigh my last Gaspe, let mi breath
Canon HH4.37 p. 68 HE  %XCanno’zon
ffor Gods sake hold your tonge lett mi Loue
ValName HH4.38 p. 69 HE   %XA ualediction of my Name in the Glass
My Name ingrau’d herein
Commun HH4.39 p. 69 HE  om
Good we must loue & hate ill
LovUsury HH4.40 pp. 69-70 HE  om
For euery hower y%5t%6 thow wilt spare me now
Fever HH4.41 p. 70 HE  %XA feuer
O doe not Dye for I shall hate
BedfRef HH4.42 p. 70 HE  %XTo the Countes of Bedford
Madame: / you haue refin’e me & to worthyest things
BedfCab HH4.43 p. 71 HE  %XTo the Coun: of Bedford
Maddame /That I might make y%5r%6: Cabinett my Tombe
Fun HH4.44 p.71 HE  %XThe funerall
whoeuer comes to the shroude me, doe not harme
[nc] HH4.45 pp.71-72 HE  %XTo his M%5rs%6: the usurye of time
Lett natures fooler made out of sullen earth
ElVar HH4.46 p. 72 HE  %XElegy:The Heavuen reioice in motion why should I
Sappho HH4.47 p. 73 HE  om
Wher is y%5e%6 hott fyer w%5ch%6: uerse is saide
dubia HH4.48 p. 73 HE  %XJulia
Harke news O enuy, thou shalt hear discryde
[nc] HH4.49 p.73 HE  Peter:You write that Loue & reason
[nc] HH4.50 pp. 74-76 HE  %XSatyre: 9%5th%6(?) to S%5r%6 Nicho. Smith; 1602
[nc] HH4.51 p. 76-77 HE  %XTo Ben Johnson 9%5th%6 Nouember: 1603
If greate min wrong me I will spare my liffe
[nc] HH4.52 p.77 HE  om
Now why should Loue
Dream HH4.53 pp. 77-78 HE  %XA Dreame:
Deare Loue for nothing less then y%5e%6
Carey HH4.54 pp. 78-79 HE  om
Maddame /Heer, wherby all, all Saints inuoaked are
BedfShe HH4.55 pp. 79-80 HE  %XElegy to the Lady Bedford
Yow that are, shee, and yow thats double shee
HarLtr HH4.56 p.80 HE  %XTo the Countes of Bedford
Maddame, I haue learned by those
Har HH4.57 p.80-85 HE  %XObsequies of y%5r%6 Loe Harrington Brother to y%5e%6 Country of Bedforde
Faire soule w%5ch%6: wast not only or all Soules bee
ElExpost HH4.58 pp. 85-6 HE  %XElegy:
To make the doubt cleare that no womans true
ElPart HH4.59 pp. 86-8 HE  om
Since she must goe and I must mourn come death
Sorrow HH4.60 pp.88-89 HE  %XEllegy 8
Sorrow who to his House
BedfReas HH4.61 p. 89 HE  %XTo the Countes of Bedford Elegy: 17%5th%6
Reason is our Soles Lost hand faith her right
Merc HH4.62 p.89 HE  %XVpon Mercurius Gallobelgicus
Like Esope fellow slaue, O Mercury
Damp HH4.63 p. 90 HE  %XThe Dampe
When I am dead and Doctors know not why
MHPaper HH4.64 pp. 90-91 HE  om
Mad paper stay and grudg not heer to burne
BedfHon HH4.65 pp. 91-92 HE  %XTo the Countes of Bedford:
Honnor is soe sublime perfection
HG HH4.66 pp. 92-93 HE  %XTo S%5r%6: Henry Goodyeare
Who makes the past A patterne for next yeare
Eclog HH4.67 pp. 93-95 HE  %XAlophanes finding Idus in the Countrye this Christmas
vnseasnable man statue of Ice
[nc] HH4.68 pp. 95-96 HE  %XEpithalamions
Thouw art repriv’d, olde year, thou shalt not Dye
[nc] HH4.69 P. 96 HE  %X Pos: D: Buckinghame
Twas fatall unto the that in thy race
[nc] HH4.70 pp.97-98 HE  %XA Funerall Elegy on the Lady Haddington who dyed of the Small Pox
Deare lost, to tell the world I greiue, weer true,
[nc] HH4.71 pp. 98-99 HE  %XA Funerall Elegy on the Death of the faire vertuous / Penelope Late Lady Clinton Lady Clifton
Smile thou Art Dead Clifton, the world may see
[nc] HH4.72 pp. 99-101 HE  %XA Funerall Ellegye on y%5e%6 Death of the famous Actor Richard Burbely/ who dyed
Some skilfull Limner helpe me, if not soe
[nc] HH4.73 pp. 101-02 HE  %XOn the Dame y%5t%6
Guddy Sinn, Harlotry, Huswife, thing in
[nc] HH4.74 pp.102-04 HE  %XTo his friend
Amongst strang things caldfriends If I haue anny
[nc] HH4.75 pp.104-05 HE  %XDoctor Cor. Ellegy upon Doctor Raui Bishop of London
When I past Paules and trauel’d in the wilde
[nc] HH4.76 pp.105-06 HE  %XDoctor Corbett to M%r%6 Alsburye upon y%5e%6 Comes Nowe: 1628
My brother, and much more hadst thou
[nc] HH4.77 pp.106-07 HE  %XMy M%5rs%6: Commanding me to returne her Letter
So greiuies the Aduentrous Marchaunt ?????
[nc] HH4.78 p. 107 HE  %XUpon the Death of M%5r%6: Beamond:
If I had Learning or his greter Muse
[nc] HH4.79 pp. 108-09 HE  %XTo the La. Mordant:
My Lo: I doe confide Y%5e%6 first newes
[nc] HH4.80 p.109-13 HE  %XThe Itinnary In y%5e%6 North, 10%5th%6: Aug: 1618Four Clarks Of Oxford Dorking
[nc] HH4.81 p.114 HE  om
When shall we meet againe and haue A tast
  HH4.82 pp.114-15 HE   %XBen Johnsons Ode to himeself
Come Leaue the Loathed Staye
[nc] HH4.83 pp.115-16 HE  %XRandulphus again to Ben Johnson Ode
Ben doe not leaue she staye
[nc] HH4.84 pp.116-17 HE  om
Tis true deare Ben: Thy Just Chastizing hand
[nc] HH4.85 pp.117-20 HE  om
I will enioye the now my Celia come
[nc] HH4.86 pp.120-21 HE  %XUpon A Lady
Must she still Languish & wee suffer this
[nc] HH4.87 pp. 121-23 HE  %XTo M%5r%6. Ben Johnson:
Dr. Johnson cross nott our Religion soe
[nc] HH4.88 p. 123 HE  %XUpon the Duke of Richmond who dyed on the Parliament day
He all distaster fled or will death say
[nc] HH4.89 p. 123 HE  %XA Gentlman farwell to his M%5rs%6: goeing to Sea
Farwell fayre Saint, may not, the Seas, and wind
[nc] HH4.90 pp.123-24 HE  om
My once Deare Loue, hapless that I no more
[nc] HH4.91 pp.124-25 HE  %XA Lamentation upon the conflayration of the Muses habitation
What heat of learning kindled your desire
[nc] HH4.92 p.126 HE  %XThe: Randolph upon A Sweet voice butt bad facd woman
I chanc’d swet Lisbia’s, voyce to heare
[nc] HH4.93 p. 126 HE  om
Lost in A troubled Sea of greife I floate
[nc] HH4.94 pp.127-28 HE  %XThomas Randolph Gratulatory to Ben Johnson for adopting him his fame
I was not borne to Hellicon, nor dare
[nc] HH4.95 pp.128-29 HE  %XFrom: Beamond(?) to Ben: Johnson
The Sume w%5ch%6: does the greatest comfort bring
[nc] HH4.96 pp.129-30 HE  %XTo Ben: Johnson.  South Swansly:
Benn the worlde much in debt & though it may
[nc] HH4.97 p.130 HE  %XTo his M%5rs%6: in absence The: Carew
Though I must loue heer & byforee
[nc] HH4.98 pp.130-31 HE  %XOn the goeing by Tjp” Carrew
Now that the winters gone The Earth hath lost
[nc] HH4.99 pp.131-34 HE  %XVindicce:  Johnso:
Since only what past ages had begunn
[nc] HH4.100 pp.134-36 HE  %XA defence To the Answer made for the Lord Bacon
What hatfull fury dost thy raging Devill
[nc] HH4.101 pp.136-37 HE  %XDoctor Price his answer to Corbetts reply on his
Soe too dead Hector boye may doe disgrace
[nc] HH4.102 p.137 HE  %XDoctor Corbetts reply
Nor is itt greived (graue youth) the memory
[nc] HH4.103 p.137 HE  om
Happy y%5E%6 mann y%5e%6 to Sweet homes retired
[nc] HH4.104 p.138 HE  %XEarle of Pembroke to S%5r%6 Ben Ruyon
If her disdaynes least change in you can moue
[nc] HH4.105 p. 138 HE  %XS%5r%6 Bens: Ruyon
Tis Loue breeds loue in mee & cold disdaine
[nc] HH4.106 pp.138-39 HE  %XEarle of Pembroke to  Day:
Should Loue that gaue Hero the foyle
[nc] HH4.107 pp.139-41 HE  %XS%5r%6 Ben: Ruyon Answer
No prayse it is, y%5t%6(?) him who fashon show,
[nc] HH4.108 pp.141-43 HE  %XEaL Pembroke answer:
Is it enough, ma%5r%6 yow graunt Loue
[nc] HH4.109 pp.143-46 HE  %XS%5r%6 Ben: Runyon Answer
Not Like A serpent equally distract
[nc] HH4.110 pp.146-47 HE  %XEarle Pembroke:
Men sad and gifted Loue not to contend
[nc] HH4.111 p.147 HE  %XS%5r%6 Ben: Ruyon:
Nor will I now your wound axcellerate
[nc] HH4.112 p.147 HE  om
No Louer sayth Howe
[nc] HH4.112 p.147 HE  om
No Louer sayth Howe
[nc] HH4.114 p.149 HE  om
My Loue is mortall and it must be fed
[nc] HH4.115 p.149 HE  %XUpon Tom of Chri. Chu.: new Cast:
Be dumb y%5e%6 infant charms thump not y%5r%6 meritte.
[nc] HH4.116 p.150 HE  %XOn fayrford windowes
Tell me y%5u%6 Anty-Saints why glas
[nc] HH4.117 pp.150-51 HE  %XIn praise of grey eyes:
Looke how the russett morne exceeds the night
[nc] HH4.118 pp.151-52 HE  %XThe Comendations Of A good Legg and Foote
If Hercules Tall atature might be guest
[nc] HH4.119 pp.152-53 HE  %XTo Felton in Prison
Enioy thy thy bondage make thy prison know
[nc] HH4.120 p.153 HE  %XAn Epitaph on one doomed in snowe
Within A Fleece of Silent nature drownd
[nc] HH4.121 p.153 HE  %Xby A gen that sent Arcadia to his m%5rs%6
What ever in Philotra the fayre,
[nc] HH4.122 pp.153-54 HE  %XOn A blisterd Lippe:
Chide not thy sprouting lippe nore fill
HH4.123 pp. 154-55 HE  om
No maruell if the Sune bright eye
[nc] HH4.124 p.155 HE  om
In y%5r%6 shine beauty I can see
[nc] HH4.125 pp.155-56 HE  %XSonnett
See how the bashfull morne in vaine
[nc] HH4.126 p.156 HE  %XOn the Duke of Buckinghams Tombe:
These are the solem obsequeys
[nc] HH4.127 p.156 HE  om
With thy owne reason lett my wishes goe
[nc] HH4.128 pp.157-58 HE  %XThe Co*** Of A Rodomancatho Sent by the Duke to the house of Common 28. Ju: 1628Auaunting giddy headed multitude
[nc] HH4.129 pp.158-59 HE  %XOn Felton
Imortall man of fury Whose braue hand
[nc] HH4.130 p.159 HE  om
And are thou who ??? thoughts thy state
[nc] HH4.131 p.160 HE  om
I tell the Jack thast giuen
[nc] HH4.132 p.160 HE  om
I tell the foole who out there bee
[nc] HH4.133 p.161 HE  %XMemorandum
The remainder of this part formed
[nc] HH4.134 p.163 HE  om
Thou  witt  I doe
[nc] HH4.135 p.163 HE  om
Lay is being
[nc] HH4.136 p.164 HE  %XTo thy Lady Mary
Hermophrodite in
[nc] HH4.137 p.164 HE  %XIn Curio
The Great Archpapist learned Curio
[nc] HH4.138 p.164 HE  %XIn Shik Holland
With new translation Holland doth soe fill us
[nc] HH4.139 p.165 HE  om
An English Ladd now A lass of wales
letter? JD HH4.140 p.165 HE  om
Trew Loue finds writt, butt he whose witt doth moue
ValMourn HH4.141 p. 165 HE  om
As vertuous men pas mildly away
[nc] HH4.142 p.165 HE  om
If when I dy to hell’s Eternall shade
[nc] HH4.143 p.165 HE  om
Passions are likned best to
[nc] HH4.144 p.166 HE  om
That more beauty thou do’st showe
[nc] HH4.145 p.166 HE  om
That more beauty thou do’st showe
[nc] HH4.146 p.166 HE  om
who sayes %5t%6 property begeth neglect
Air HH4.147 p. 167 HE  %XAyre and Angels
Twice or thrice had I loud the
LovGrow HH4.148 p. 167 HE  %XSpring
I scarce beleeue my loue to be soe pure
Lect HH4.149 p. 167 HE  %X|.Loves Lecture|
Stand still & I will read to thee
ValBook HH4.150 p. 168 HE  %XA vallediction of the booke
Ile tell y%5e%6 now (Deare Loue) what thow shalt doe
ConfL HH4.151 p. 168 HE  om
Some Man unworthy to be possessour
[nc] HH4.152 pp.168-69 HE  %XAn Ellegy to S%5r%6 Tho. Ros: 1603
Deare Tom:
[nc] HH4.153 p.169 HE  %XAn Ellegy to M%5rs%6 Boultred 1602
Shall I goe force
BoulNar HH4.154 pp.169 HE  %XEllegy upon the Death of m.%5rs%6 BoulstridLanguage thow art to narrow & to weake
Token HH4.155 p. 170 HE  om
Send me some token y%5t%6: my hope may liue
Anniv HH4.156 p. 170 HE  om
All Kings & all their fauorites
LovExch HH4.157 p. 170 HE  om
Loue, anny Diuell, else but yow
Prohib HH4.158 pp. 170-71 HE  om
Take heed of Loueing me
Under HH4.159 p. 171 HE  om
I haue done one brauer thinge
EdHerb HH4.160 p. 171 HE  %XA letter to S%5r%6: Edw. Herbert:
Man is A lumpe, wher all beasts kneded bee
TWHail HH4.161 pp. 171-72 HE  %XTo M:%5r%6 F: W: L C
All haile sweet Poett, more full of strong fire
BB HH4.162 p. 172 HE  %XBB
Is not thy sacred hunger of science
[nc] HH4.163 p.172 HE  %XBB
Thou sent’st to me prose & rime, I send for those
[nc] HH4.164 p.172 HE  %XElegy:
Come Fates I feare you not, all whome I owe
Para HH4.165 p. 173 HE  om
No louer saith I loue, nor anny other
TWHence HH4.166 p. 173 HE  %XA Letter.
Att once from hence my Lines & I depart
[nc] HH4.167 p.173 HE  om
Disdaine mi still y%5t%6 I may euer loue
[nc] HH4.168 p.173 HE  om
when I doe loue I would not nigh to spend
[nc] HH4.169 p.173 HE  om
Addam y%5t%6 liu’d soe manny yeare agoe
[nc] HH4.170 p.174 HE  %Xthat loue is note fare
whoe so  begines Loue
[nc] HH4.171 p.174 HE  %XJ: J: now God blessing on all good Dreams:
yow Horrible Dreame wish
[nc] HH4.172 p.174 HE  %XR: W: Frendship & frend:
Frendship we may on-Earth as easy find
[nc] HH4.173 p.174 HE  %XBy s%5r%6: Ruh: B:
My loue my frend I will express
[nc] HH4.174 p.174 HE  %XDoctor Corbett to y%5e%6 Lo: Marquis Bucingham
When I can pay my Parents or my Kinge
[nc] HH4.175 pp.175-77 HE  %XS%5r%6: Will: Harrington, upon his father, S%5r%6 Har: harrington
Dearest who though butt dust I y%5r%6 Loue most
[nc] HH4.176 p.177 HE  %XHa: Morrison
Now if thow will this simely aply
[nc] HH4.177 pp.177-78 HE  %XM%5r%6 Morrison with La: Morrison
For line & take Comission from my hart
[nc] HH4.178 pp.178-79 HE  %XS%5r%6 Will. Harringtons preparation too trauell:
Tis time to call A Frend from his safe bedd
[nc] HH4.179 pp.180-84 HE  %XA protestant
Soe will the formalist be cal’d:
[nc] HH4.180 p.184 HE  %XA Papist
A Romanist is such annother thing
[nc] HH4.181 pp.184-85 HE  %XReligion:
Religion the most sacred power on earth
[nc] HH4.182 pp. 185-89 HE  %XThe true Puritan without disguise
A Puritan is such A most massive thing
[nc] HH4.183 pp.189-90 HE  %Xupon A Vallentine/ Ana Jane Hatton:/ A note in Hat
And is this trew, whence ist
[nc] HH4.184 pp.190-91 HE  om
when sleepe had draune the Curtayns so myne eyes
[nc] HH4.185 pp.192-93 HE  %XTo A friend in y%5??%6 greatt frost:
S%5r%6: as A Prisner hoping for repreiue
[nc] HH4.186 p.193-94 HE  om
The hayre A forrest is of Ambushes
[nc] HH4.187 pp.194-96 HE  %XElegy of the Lady Doniston sent to my M%5rs%6 out of france
Lett him who from his Tirant M%5rs%6 did
[nc] HH4.188 pp.196-97 HE  %XObsequies to the Lady Ann Haye
I heard the virgin sigh I saw the
[nc] HH4.189 p.197 HE  %Xon verses
The lustfull Goddes
[nc] HH4.190 pp.198-99 HE  %XTo the Countes of Angling up the Imoderatly lamented/ death by her of her Husband:
Maddam men say yow berne With dropping eyes
[nc] HH4.191 pp.199-201 HE  %XM%5r%6 Randolphes Petition to his Creditors
Pox take yow all from yow my sorrowes swell
[nc] HH4.192 pp.201-03 HE  %XThe witts
A sessione was held the other day
[nc] HH4.193 p.205 (misnumbered) HE  om
from seeing yow, tis now soe dangerous growne
[nc] HH4.194 pp.203-04 HE  %XLetther: to y%5e%6 Country of Rutland
Maddam soe may my
[nc] HH4.195 p.204 HE  %XChast and descreet Loue:
Loue gieu me leaue to serue the & bee wise