First-Line Index to H7

First-Line Index to H7

ms. Eng. 966.6, Harvard University Library (The Norton ms. 4500, Dobell ms.)

Compiled April 2010

with assistance from Kelley Bradley, Dayoung Chung, M. Farrington, Elyssa Gretchen Jechow, Tracy McLawhorn, Brittany Swihart, and Brandi Nicole Tevebaugh

In left-to-right order, each item listed below is identified by (a) its Donne Variorum short form (nc = noncanonical), (b) a siglum-plus-ordinal-position item tag, (c) its location in the artifact (by folio and page nos.), and (d) diplomatic transcriptions of its heading (HE) and first line. %+ = preceding letter is a large cap.  The brackets »…« indicate material inserted in a second hand. All other codes used are definied in the Donne Variorum Markup Tags list.

This index last corrected 6-11-12.

Sat1 H7.1 ff. 40-42v,
pp. 79-84
HE %X.Satyra Prima.
Away thou fondlinge=Motley Humorist
Sat2 H7.2 ff. 43-45v,
pp. 85-90
HE %X|.Satyra. Secunda.|
S%5r%6, though I thank God for it, I doe hate
Sat3 H7.3 ff. 46-48v,
pp. 91-96
HE %X%3– .%1Satyra. Tertia
%2.Kind Pittie Chokes my spleene, brave scorne forbidds
Sat4 H7.4 ff. 49-54v,
pp. 97-08
HE %X|%5.%6 Satyra %5.%6 Quarta %5.%6|
Well I may now receive and dye. My Synn
Sat5 H7.5 ff. 55-57,
pp. 109-13
HE %X|.Satyra Quinta.|
Thow shalt not Laugh in this leafe (Muse) nor they
[nc] H7.6 ff. 57-60,
pp. 113-19
HE %X.|Satyra Sexta.|/%X To S%5r%6 Nicholas Smyth.|
Sleepe, next Socyetie, and True freindshippe
ELJeal H7.7 f. 64r-v,
pp. 127-28
HE %X|.Elegia Prima.|
ffond woman w%5ch%6 woldst haue thy husband dye
ElPict H7.8 ff. 64v-65,
pp. 128-29
HE %X|.Elegia Secvnda.|
Here take my Pic%Ature, though I bidd Farewell
Sorrow H7.9 ff. 65v-66,
pp. 130-31
HE %X.|Elegia Tereia.|
Sorrow, who to this howse scarse knew y%5e%6 way
ElComp H7.10 ff. 66-67,
pp. 131-33
HE %X|.Elegia Qvarta.|
As the sweet sweat of Roses in A Styll
ElFatal H7.11 ff. 67v-69v,
pp. 134-36
HE %X|.Elegia Qvinta.|
By our fir%Ast strau%Ange, & fa%Ata%All Interview
BedfShe H7.12 ff. 69v-70v,
pp. 136-38
HE %X|.%1Elegia Sexta%2.| /%X%1To y%5e%6 Cowntess of Bedford.|
Y%+ou that are shee, and you that ar double shee
BedfReas H7.13 f. 70r-v,
pp. 139-40
HE %X|.%1Elegia Septima%2.| /%X%1To the Countesse of Bedford%2.|
Madam. /R%+eason is o%5r%6 Sowles left hand, faith her right
ElServe H7.14 ff. 71-72,
pp. 141-43
HE %X.Elegia Octava.|
O let me not serve soe, As those men serue
ElProg H7.15 ff. 72-74,
pp. 143-47
HE %XElegia Nona /%X|.Loves Progresse.|
Who eve%5r%6 Loves if he doth not Propose
Image H7.16 f. 74r-v,
pp. 147-48
HE %X.Elegia Decima.
Image of her, whome I loue more then shee,
[nc] H7.17 ff. 74v-75,
pp. 148-49
HE %X|.Elegia Vndecima.|
Even Love fynds wytt, but he whose witt doth move
ElChange H7.18 ff. 75-76,
pp. 149-51
HE %X|.Elegia Duodecima.|
Although thy hand, a%And faith a%And Good works too
ElNat H7.19 f. 76r-v,
pp. 151-52
HE %X|.Elegia Decima tercia.|
%1Natures%2 lay %1Ideot%2, I taught thee first to Love
ElExpost H7.20 ff. 76v-78v,
pp. 152-56
HE %X|.Elegia Decima quarta.|
To ma%Ake the doubt c%Alea%Are tha%At no Woma%Ans true
ElWar H7.21 ff. 78v-79v,
pp. 156-58
HE %X.Elegia Decima Quinta.
Till I ha%Ave Pea%Ace%A w%5th%6 thee, I wa%Arr w%5th%6 othe%5r%6 men
ElBrac H7.22 ff. 79v-82v,
pp. 158-64
HE %X|.Elegia Decima Sexta.|
Not that in Colou%5r%6, it wa%As like thy ha%Ayre
ElAnag H7.23 ff. 82v-84,
pp. 164-67
HE %X|.Elegia Decima Septima.|
Ma%Arrye, and Love thy Flavia, for shee
ElBed H7.24 ff. 84-85,
pp. 167-69
HE %X|.Elegia Decima Octava.|
Come, Madam, Come all rest my Powers defie
BoulNar H7.25 ff. 85v-86v,
pp. 170-72
HE %X|.Elegia Decima Nona.| /%Xvpon y%5e%6 death of M%5rs%6 Bolstred
Langua%Mge thou art too narrow, and too weake
BoulRec H7.26 ff. 87-88v,
pp. 173-76
HE %X.Elegia Vicessima. On the death /%Xof the said M%5rs%6 Boulstrod
Death I Recant, and say, vnsaid by mee
[nc] H7.27 ff. 88v-89v,
pp. 176-78
HE %X|.Elegia Vicesima Pryma.|
Behold a wonde%5r%6, such as hath not bene
[nc] H7.28 ff. 90-91v,
pp. 179-82
HE %X|.Elegia Vicesima Secunda.| /%X On the death of the Lady Markham.|
As vnthrifts mourne in straw for their pawnd bedds
EdHerb H7.29 ff. 91v-93,
pp. 182-85
HE %X|.%1Elegia vicesima Tertia%2.|
M%+an is a Lumpe, where all Beasts kneaded bee
ElAut H7.30 ff. 93-94,
pp. 185-87
HE %X|.Elegia vicesima Quarta.| /|.%XA Paradox of an ould woman.|
No Springs, or some%5r%6 Bewty hath suc%Ah gra%Ac%Ae
ElPerf H7.31 ff. 94v-95v,
pp. 188-90
HE %X|.Elegia Vicesima Qvinta.|
Once%A, a%And but onc%Ae found in thy Compa%Anie
[nc] H7.32 f. 96r-v,
pp. 191-92
HE %X|.Elegia Vicesima Septima.| %/|.To S%5r%6 Thomas Roe. 1603.|
Deare Tom: Tell her if shee to hyred servants showe
HWKiss H7.33 ff. 101-102v,
pp. 201-04
HE %X.%1To S%5r%6 Henrie Wotton%2 /%X %1knight%2.
S%+%5r.%6 More then kisses, Lette%5rs%6 mingle sowles
HWNews H7.34 ff. 102v-103,
pp. 204-05
HE %X%1To S%5r%6 Henrie Wotton%2. /%X%1from y%5e%6 Court%2.
Here is no more Newse then Virtue; I may as well
RWThird H7.35 ff. 103v-104,
pp. 206-07
HE %X/.%1To M%5r%6 Rowland Woodward%2./
%5Thr%6L%+ike one who in her third wydow hood doth profes
TWHail H7.36 ff. 104v-105,
pp. 208-09
HE %X%1To M%5r%6 T W%2./
A%+ll haile sweet Poett more full of more strong fyre
Storm H7.37 ff. 105v-107,
pp. 210-13
HE %XThe Storme to S%5r%6 Basile Brooke.
Thou w%5ch%6 art I (tis nothinge to be soe)
Calm H7.38 ff. 107-108,
pp. 213-15
HE %X.%1The Calme%2.
O%+ur Storme is past, and that storms Tyranous rage
[nc] H7.39 ff. 108v-109,
pp. 216-17
HE %X/.To M%5r Ben: Johnson./
The state, and mens Affayres are the best Playes
[nc] H7.40 f. 109r-v,
pp. 217-218
HE %XTo Ben Johnson 9%5o%6 November. 1603.
If great Men wrong me, I will spare my selfe
Har(E) H7.41 f. 110,
p. 219
HE %XTo the Countesse of Bedford./
Madam/ I have learnt by those Lawes in w%5ch%6 I am%A a%A /little conversant.
Har H7.42 ff. 110v-116v,
pp. 219-32
HE %X.Obsequies of y%5e%6 Lord Harrington
ffaire Sowle, w%5ch%6 was’t not onlie as all Sowles bee,
ValName (pt2) H7.43 f. 117r-v,
pp. 233-34
HE %X/.His Name engraven in a Casement./
When thy inconsiderate hand
ValBook (pt2) H7.44 ff. 117v-118,
pp. 234-35
HE om
Here Loue Devines (since all divynitie [f.117r]
[nc] H7.45 f. 118v,
p. 236
HE om
Absence heere tho my Protestatyons
[nc] H7.46 f. 119,
p. 237
HE om
Madam, that fflea w%5ch%6 wept between yo%5r%6 bres[t]
Ind H7.47 ff. 119v-120,
pp. 238-39
HE>>(“The Indifferent.”)<<
I can Love both faire, and Browne
Commun H7.48 f. 120r-v,
pp. 239-40
HE >>(“Community”.)<<
Good wee must Love, and must hate ill
[nc] H7.49 ff. 120v-121v,
pp. 240-42
HE om
Deare Love *Contynenie* myne, and Chast
LovUsury H7.50 ff. 121v-122,
pp. 242-43
HE (>>Loves Usury/<<)
For everie hower that y%5w%6 wilt spare me now
Under H7.51 ff. 122-123,
pp. 243-45
HE >>(The Undertaking /)<<
I haue done one brauer thinge
SSweet H7.52 f. 123r-v,
pp. 245-46
HE >>(Song /)<<
Sweetest Loue I doe not goe
SGo H7.53 f. 124,
p. 247
HE >>(Song/)<<
Goe, and katch a fallinge starr
Triple H7.54 f. 124v,
p. 248
HE >>(The Triple Fool./)<<
I am two fooles, I knowe
Broken H7.55 f. 125r-v,
pp. 249-50
HE >>(The Broken Heart. /<<
Hee is starke madd who eue%5r%6 sayes
Compu H7.56 f. 125v,
p. 250
HE >>(The Computation.)<<
ffor my first twenty years since yesterday
[nc] H7.57 f. 126,
p. 251
HE >>(Sun, Begone)<<
Wherefore peeps’t thou envyous day?
Mess H7.58 f. 126v,
p. 252
HE >>(The Message.)<<
Send home my Longe strayd Eyes to mee
[nc] H7.59 f. 127,
p. 253
HE om
Great, and Good if she deryde mee
GoodM H7.60 f. 127v,
p. 254
HE >>%X(The Good-morrow/Ch.i.3)<<
I wonde%5r%6 by my troth, what thou and, I
Para H7.61 f. 128,
p. 255
HE >>(The Paradox. /Ch.i.74)<<
Noe Love%5r%6 saith I Love, nor any othe%5r%6
ConfL H7.62 f. 128v,
p. 256
HE >>%X(Confined Love. /Ch.i.37)<<
Some Man vnworthye to bee Possesso%5r%6
Anniv H7.63 f. 129r-v,
pp. 257-58
HE >>%X(The Anniversary /Ch.i.24)<<
All Kings, and their ffauorites
LovInf H7.64 ff. 129v-130,
pp. 258-59
HE >>(Lovers’ Infiniteness. /Ch.i.15)<<
If yet I haue not all yo%5r%6 Loue
WomCon H7.65 f. 131,
p. 261
HE >>Woman’s Constancy/Ch.i.5.)<<
N%+ow thou ha%Ast lovde me one whole da%Ay
Leg H7.66 f. 132v,
p. 264
HE >>(The Legacy/Ch.i.18)<<
When I dide last, and dea%Are I dye
ValBook (pt1) H7.67 f. 133r-v,
pp. 265-66
HE %X(Valediction to his Book) /(Ch.i.30)
Ile tell thee now (deare Love) what y%5w%6 shalt doe
[nc] H7.68 f. 133v,
p. 266
HE om
Thou sentst to me A Hart was sound
Break H7.69 f. 134,
p. 267
HE %X(Break of Day) /Ch. i. 23
T%+is true tis day, what though it bee?
[nc] H7.70 ff. 134v-135,
pp. 268-69
HE om
Beleeve yo%5r%6 Glasse, and if it tell you (Deare)
f.135v, p.270 blank
Lit H7.71 ff. 136-142v,
pp. 271-84
HE %X%5.%6%1A Letanie%2. ch.i.174 /%X%1The Father%2.
%1Father%2 of Heaven, and him, by whome
Cor1-7 H7.72 ff. 143-145,
pp. 285-89
HE %X%3La Corona.%4
D%+aigne at my hands this Crowne of praye%5r%6, & praise
Cross (pt1) H7.73 f. 145r-v,
pp. 289-90
HE %X|.%1On the Crosse%2.|
Since Christ imbrac’t the Crosse dare I
Cross (pt2) H7.74 f. 146r-v,
pp. 291-92
HE %X|A Crucifixe:|
ffor when y%5t%6 Crosse vngrudg’d vnto yo%5u%6 sticks
Annun H7.75 ff. 146v-147v,
pp. 292-94
HE %X%1Vppon the Annu%Mcacon%M & Pass%Mionn /–{fallinge vpon one day 1608.}
Tamely fraile Bodie abstaine to day, to day
[nc] H7.76 f. 148r,
p. 295
HE %XOn the Blessed Virgin Marie.
In that a Queene of Queens thy birth was free
ValName (pt1) H7.77 ff. 148r-149,
pp. 295-97
HE %X%J%1The diamond and Glasse%2%K.|
My name engraven herein
Fever H7.78 f. 149r-v,
pp. 297-98
HE %X.Feaver.
O doe not die for I shall hate
Canon H7.79 f. 150r-v,
pp. 299-300
HE %XCanonisationn./
ffor Gods sake hould yo%5r%6 toung, and let me Loue
ValWeep H7.80 f. 151r-v,
pp. 301-02
HE %X/.A Valediction of Tears./
Let me powre forth
Expir H7.81 f. 151v,
p. 302
HE %XValedictio Amoris.|
S%+oe, soe Leaue of this Last Lamentinge kisse
LovDeity H7.82 f. 152r-v,
pp. 303-4
HE %X|.Loves Dietie.%T.|
I%+ lo%Ange to talke with some ould louers Ghost
LovDiet H7.83 ff. 152v-153,
pp. 304-05
HE %X|.%JLoves Diett.|%K
To what A Cumbersome vnweildynes
Lect H7.84 f. 153r-v,
pp. 305-06
HE %X|.Loves Lecture.|
S%+tand still, and I will read to thee
Will H7.85 ff. 154-155,
pp. 307-09
HE %X|.%1Loves Legacie%2.|
/B%+efore I sigh my Last Gaspe let me breath
Appar H7.86 f. 155v,
p. 310
HE A%+n A%+pparitio*n/
W%+hen by thy scorne, o%C Murdres I am dead
LovGrow H7.87 f. 156r-v,
pp. 311-12
HE /.The Springe./ >>(Love’s Growth)<<
I Scarce beleive my Loue to be soe pure
Flea H7.88 ff. 156v-157,
pp. 312-13
HE %X%JThe Flea.%K
Marke but this fflea, & marke in this
Air H7.89 ff. 157v-158,
pp. 314-15
HE %XAire & Angells.
Twice or thrice had I lov’d thee
Curse H7.90 f. 158r-v,
pp. 315-16
HE %X.Curse.
Who eue%5r%6 guesses, thinks, or dreams he knowes
LovAlch H7.91 f. 159r-v,
pp. 317-18
HE %X/.Mummie./ >>%J(Love’s Alchemy)%K<<
Some that haue deep dig’d Loves myne then I
Merc H7.92 f. 159v,
p. 318
HE %1Vppon Mercurius Gallo-Belgicus.%2
Like AE%Lsops fellow-slave, o Mercurie
Twick H7.93 f. 160r-v,
pp. 319-20
HE T%+witnam G%+ardens.|
B%+lasted w%5th%6 sighes, and surrounded w%5th%6 tears
Ecst H7.94 ff. 160v-162v,
pp. 320-24
HE %1%XAn Extacie.|%2
Where like a%A Pillowe on A Bedd
ValMourn H7.95 ff. 162v-163v,
pp. 324-26
HE %XVppon partinge from his Mistris.|
As virtuous Menn passe Myldlye away
[nc] H7.96 ff. 163v-165v,
pp. 326-30
HE A Paradox of A Painted Face.
Not kisse! by Ioue I must, and make Impression
SunRis H7.97 ff. 165v-166,
pp. 330-31
HE %X|.Ad Solem.|
Busie old ffoole, vnrulie Sunne
Prim H7.98 ff. 166v-167,
pp. 332-33
HE %X%1The Primrose%2.|
1. Vpon this Primrose hyll
Blos H7.99 ff. 167-168,
pp. 333-35
HE %XThe Blossome.|
Little thinkst thou pore flower
Damp H7.100 f. 168r-v,
pp. 335-36
HE %X%1The Dampe%2.
1 When I am dead and docto%5r[s]%6 know not why
Fun H7.101 f. 169r-v,
pp. 337-38
HE %X|.%1The Funerall%2.|
Who eue%5r%6 comes to shrowd me doe not harme
Relic H7.102 ff. 169v-170,
pp. 338-39
HE %X|.%1The Funerall%2.|
Who eue%5r%6 comes to shrowd me doe not harme
Goodf H7.103 ff. 170v-171,
pp. 340-41
HE %X|%5.%6Good Fryday%5.%6|
L%+et man*s sowle be a Sphae%Lre, and then in this
Dream H7.104 ff. 171v-172,
pp. 342-43
HE %XDreame.|%K
D%+eare Love, for nothinge lesse then thee