First-Line Index to B30

First-Line Index to B30

Harley 4064, British Library (Harley Noel ms.)

Compiled January 25, 1999 by J. Syd Conner

In left-to-right order, each item listed below is identified by (a) its Donne Variorum short form (noncan = noncanonical), (b) a siglum-plus-ordinal-position item tag, (c) its location in the artifact (by folio or page nos.), and (d) diplomatic transcriptions of its heading (HE) and first line.

Additional information: Beal describes this volume as a composite ms., ff. 230-99v comprising an independent verse miscellany which includes 47 Donne poems. See Beal for comments on ff. 300-08.

                   f. 230       non-scribal notes and doodles

                   f. 230v      blank

noncan    B30.1    f. 231r-v    HE  |Prolegomenae%L quae%Lstam| (4)
                                Painter while there thou sitst drawing the sight,

noncan    B30.2    f. 231v      HE  [om]
                                [LM, 2] When will come that happye season

noncan    B30.3    f. 232       HE  [om]
                                [LM, 3] Calling to mynd, myne eyes went long about

noncan    B30.4    f. 232       HE  [om]
                                [LM, 4] I and my loue, for kisses playd

noncan    B30.5    f. 232v      HE  An Epitaph.
                                [LM, 5] Within this marble Casket lyes

noncan    B30.6    f. 232v      HE  [om]
                                [LM, .6:] I Earle of Nothing am, and iustlie soe

noncan    B30.7    f. 232v      HE  [om]                
                                [LM, .7.] My spirit ioyeth in the Combat of the tilt

noncan    B30.8    f. 232v      HE  [om]                
                                [LM, .8.] All afterwitts are like a shower of rayne

noncan    B30.9    f. 232v      HE  [om]                
                                [LM, 9] Dull Citizens god grannt yor trees may grow

noncan    B30.10   f. 233       HE  Sr Iohn Harrington to Queene Elizabeth
                                [LM, .10.] Dread soveraigne and ever loving Prince

noncan    B30.11   f. 233       HE  [om]                
                                [LM, .11.] In Elder tymes the Anncyent custome was

noncan    B30.12   f. 233v      HE  What a woeman is
                                [LM, .12.] O heauenly powers whie did you bring to light

noncan    B30.13  ff. 233v-234  HE  A Translation
                                [LM, 13] A Taylor thought a man of vpright dealing

[text on f. 234 has been scratched out]

noncan    B30.14   f. 234v      HE  [om]
                                [LM, 14:] How happy is he borne or taught, that serueth

noncan    B30.15   f. 235       HE  [om]
                                [LM, .15.] The man of liest vpright, whose guiltles liest is free

noncan    B30.16   f. 235r-v    HE  [om]
                                [LM, .16.] O faithles world and thy most faithles part

Bait      B30.17  ff. 235v-36   HE  [om]
                                [LM, 17] Come liue wth me and be my loue

noncan    B30.18   f. 236-37    HE  Ode
                                [LM, .18.] Where dost thou careles lye

noncan    B30.19   f. 237r-v    HE  Ode
                                [LM, .19.] If men and tymes were now

noncan    B30.20   f. 238       HE  [om]
                                [LM, 20] Scorne or some humble fate,

ElPart    B30.21  ff. 238v-40   HE  Elegie
                                [LM, -2i.] Since shee must goe and I must mourne; come night

noncan    B30.22  ff. 240v-41   HE  To Sicknesse.  >>Ode Anareon:<<
                                [LM, .22.] Whie, disease, dost thou molest

noncan    B30.23   f. 241v      HE  Of our sence of Synne
                                [LM, 23] Vengance Will set aboue or faults; but till

noncan    B30.24  ff. 242-43    HE  Parte of the xviijth Epistle of Horace hb:1. /translated into English.
                                ad sollium
                                [LM, 24] But, that I forth aduice, (if any need

noncan    B30.25   f. 243r-v    HE  A speech out of Lucane
                                [LM, 25] Iust and fit actions Ptolemey (he saith)

noncan    B30.26  ff. 243v-45v  HE  To the Countesse of Rutland / An Elegie
                                Madame| [LM, .26.] Whilst that for wthall vertue now is sould,

Para      B30.27  ff. 245v-46   HE  [om]
                                [LM, 27] No louer saith I loue, nor anie other

ElExpost  B30.28  ff. 246-47    HE  Elegie
                                [LM, .28.] To make the doubt clere that no womans true

noncan    B30.29   f. 247v      HE  A translacon
                                [LM, 3029.] There is no Woman good at all, or if some good be bad;

noncan    B30.30  ff. 247v-48   HE  An Epistle to Ben: Iohnson
                                [LM, S:rI:K: /30|] The state and mens>humane< affayres, are the best playes

noncan    B30.31   f. 248r-v    HE  Another to Ben: Iohnson
                                [LM, 31   3i][sic] If great men wrong me, I will spare myselfe:

noncan    B30.32  ff. 248v-50   HE  An Elegie:
                                [LM, 32 S:rI:K:] Come fates, I feare yee[sic] not, all whom I owe

noncan    B30.33  ff. 250-51v   HE  An ode in Horrace in prayse of a / Cuntrye lief: translated:
                                [LM, 33] Happy is ******e He that fro%M all busines clere

noncan    B30.34  ff. 251v-52   HE  A paradox / Loue is no fier:
                                [LM, .34.] Who soe tearmes loue a fier, may like a poet

noncan    B30.35   f. 252       HE  An Epitaph vppon the Ladye Markham.
                                [LM, :35.] A mayde, a wief, shee liu'd, a wydowe, dyed,

noncan    B30.36   f. 252r-v    HE  P
                                [LM, .36.] If hr*r[sic?] disdaine least change in you can move

noncan    B30.37  ff. 252v-53   HE  R
                                [LM, .37.] Tis loue breeds loue in me, and could disdaine

noncan    B30.38  ff. 253-54    HE  P
                                [LM, .38.] Shall loue that gaue Latonae's heire the foyle

noncan    B30.39  ff. 254-56    HE  R
                                [LM, .39.] No prayse it is that him whome pithon stew

Lect      B30.40   f. 256r-v    HE  [om]
                                [LM, .40.] Stand still and I will read to thee

noncan    B30.41  ff. 257-59    HE  To Sr Robt Wroth in praise of a Cuntry Lief, / Epode.
                                [LM, .41.] How blest art thou canst loue the Cuntry [LM]>Wroth.<

Twick     B30.42   f. 259r-v    HE  [om]
                                [LM, .42. >>ID<<] Blasted wth sighes, and surrounded wth teares

noncan    B30.43   f. 259v      HE  [om]
                                [LM, .43.] In=Constancy the greatest sinns

BoulRec   B30.44  ff. 260-61    HE  An Eligie on Mrs Bou>%Vl<stred [not ital]
                                [LM, .44.] >>ID<<] Death I recan>d%>t<, and say, vnsaid by mee 

noncan    B30.45   f. 261v      HE  Epitaph.
                                [LM, .45|] Stay view this stone; And, if thou beest not s[gutter]

noncan    B30.46  ff. 261v-62   HE  Another
                                [LM, .46.] Me thincks, Death like one laughing lyes

Break     B30.47   f. 262v      HE  [om]
                                [LM, .47. / >>I D<<] Tis trew, tis day; what though it bee?

Canon     B30.48  ff. 262v-63v  HE  [om]
                                [LM, .48. / >>ID<<] ffor Godsake hould yor toung and let me %V\lou[gutter]

LovInf    B30.49  ff. 263v-64v  HE  [om]
                                [LM, .49. / >>ID<<] If >+\yt< yett I haue not all yor loue

Mark      B30.50  ff. 264v-65v  HE  An Eligye on ye Lady Markh:m
                                [LM, ._50. / >>ID<<] Man is the World, and Death the'Ocean

ValWeep   B30.51   f. 266       HE  A valediction.
                                [LM, .51.| / >>ID<<] [ind]Lett me power forth

Air       B30.52   f. 266v      HE  [om]
                                [LM, .52:. / >>ID<<] Twice or thrice had I loued thee

Image     B30.53   f. 267       HE  [om]
                                [LM, .53. / >>ID<<] Image of her, whome I loue more then shee

Prohib    B30.54   f. 267v      HE  [om]
                                [LM, .54.] Take heed of loving mee

noncan    B30.55  ff. 268-69    HE  To the Countesse of Rutland
                                [LM, Madam.| / .55.] Soe may my verses pleasing bee

noncan    B30.56   f. 269r-v    HE  Elegye on the Lady Markham [flourishes] / by C: L: of B.
                                [LM, .56.] Death be not proud, thy hand gaue not this blow

ValMourn  B30.57   f. 270r-v    HE  A valediction
                                [LM, .57. / >>ID<<] As vertuous men passe myldly away

Triple    B30.58  ff. 270v-71   HE  Song
                                [LM, 58 / >>ID<<] [ind]I am two ffooles I know

ElAut     B30.59  ff. 271-72    HE  Eligy Autumnall.|
                                [LM, .59. / >>ID<<] No Spring, nor Summer bewty hath such grace[gutter]

Leg       B30.60   f. 272r-v    HE  Song.
                                [LM, .60. / >>ID<<] When I dyed last and deare, I dy

ValBook   B30.61  ff. 273-74    HE  [om]
                                [LM, .62. / >>ID<<] Ile tell thee the now (deare loue) what thou shalt 

[Written item numbers in ms. skip from .60. to .62.]

GoodM     B30.62   f. 274r-v    HE  [om]
                                [LM, |.63. / >>ID|<<] I wonder by my troth what thou and I

RWThird   B30.63  ff. 274v-75   HE  A Letter
                                [LM, |64 / >>I D<<] Like one who in her third widowhed

ValName   B30.64  ff. 275v-76v  HE  A Valediction of my name / in the Window.|
                                [LM, .65. / >>ID<<] [ind]My name engrau'd herein

Broken    B30.65   f. 277r-v    HE  [S]onge[top half trimmed]
                                [LM, .66. / >>ID<<] He is stark mad, who euer saies,

Curse     B30.66  ff. 277v-78   HE  The Curse
                                [LM, 67 / >>ID<<] Who euer guesses, thinckes, or dreames he knows

Witch     B30.67   f. 278r-v    HE  Songe
                                [LM, 68 / >>ID<<] [ind]I fix myne Eie on thine, and there

LovUsury  B30.68  ff. 278v-79   HE  [om]
                                [LM, .69. / >>I D<<] ffor euery hower, that thou wilt spare me now

Fever     B30.69   f. 279r-v    HE  A Feuer
                                [LM, .70. / >>I D<<] Oh doe not dye, for I shall hate

BedfRef  B30.70  ff. 279v-81   HE  To the Countesse of Bedford
                                [LM, Madame.| / .71. / >>ID<<] You haue refin'd me, and to worthiest thinges

Ind       B30.71   f. 281r-v    HE  A song
                                [LM, .72. / >>I D<<] I Can loue both fayre and browne

BedfCab   B30.72  ff. 281v-82   HE  Epitaph
                                [LM, Madam| / .73. / >>ID<<] That I might make yor Cabynet my tombe

[Scribe records a separate HE (To all) between ll. 6 & 7; written item number .74. in LM at l. 7.]

Appar     B30.73   f. 282r-v    HE  An Apparition
                                [LM, .75. / >>ID<<] When by thy scorne O%C Murderers,[sic] I am dead,

noncan    B30.74  ff. 282v-83   HE  Songe
                                [LM, 7-6] Who will say

noncan    B30.75  ff. 283-84    HE  Eligie.|
                                [LM, .77.] Is tyme so pricelesse, or one wasted hower

BoulNar   B30.76  ff. 284-85v   HE  Eligie of>>%Von<< Mrs Boulstred.
                                [LM, 78] Languag[sic] thou art to narrowe, and to weake

BedfShe   B30.77  ff. 285v-86v  HE  Elegie / To the Countes of Bedford
                                [LM, 79] You that are she>e<, and you thates double shee,

SGo       B30.78  ff. 286v-87   HE  Songe
                                [LM, .80. / >>ID.<<] Go and Catch a falling starre

Commun    B30.79   f. 287r-v    HE  [om]
                                [LM, .81. / >>ID<<] Good we must loue, and most[sic] hate ill,

Anniv     B30.80  ff. 287v-88   HE  [om]
                                [LM, .82. / >>ID<<] All Kinges and all their favorytes

WomCon    B30.81   f. 288v      HE  [om]
                                [LM, .83. / >>ID<<] Now thou hast loued mee one whole day,

SSweet    B30.82  ff. 288v-89   HE  Song
                                [LM, .84. / >>ID<<] Sweetest loue I do no goe for wearynes of %V\thee

Flea      B30.83   f. 289v      HE [om]
                                [LM, .85. / >>ID<<] Marke but this flea and marke in this

LovExch   B30.84   f. 290r-v    HE  [om]
                                [LM, .86. / >>ID<<]  Loue, any diuell else but you

LovAlch   B30.85   f. 291       HE  Mummie
                                [LM, .87. / >>ID<<]  Some that haue deeper digg'd loues myne then I,

noncan    B30.86  ff. 291v-92   HE  [om]
                                [LM, . 88.] When all who seeme to loue by saying so

noncan    B30.87   f. 292r-v    HE  Epigrame.
                                [LM, .89.] Good Madame ffowler doe not trouble mee

noncan    B30.88  ff. 292v-93   HE  [om]
                                [LM, .90.] Deare Loue Continew nice and Chast,

Ecst      B30.89  ff. 293v-95   HE  Exta**e[rendered illegible by 2d hand scribble]
                                [LM, .91. / >>ID<<] Where like a Pillow on a bedd

Under     B30.90   f. 295r-v    HE  [om]
                                [LM, .92. / >>ID<<] I haue don one brauer thing,

LovDeity  B30.91  ff. 295v-96   HE  Loue>>e<< s Diety[sic]
                                [LM, 93. / >>I.D<<] I long to talke wth some ould lours ghost

LovDiet   B30.92  ff. 296v-97   HE  Loues Dyett.
                                [LM, .94. / >>ID<<] To what a Cumbersome vnweildynes

Will      B30.93  ff. 297-98    HE  The Will
                                [LM, .95. / >>ID<<] Before I sigh my last gaspe, lett me breath[trimmed]
                   f. 298v      blank

noncan    B30.94   f. 299       [om]
                                ffor bearringe all the gattes of sinne.|

noncan    B30.95   f. 299       Yf I might w>*%>i< she what I woude haue
                   f. 299v      blank
                   f. 300r-v    blank but for false start of next item: Each woman is*

noncan    B30.96  ff. 301-08v   HE  A Wife|
                                Each Woman is a breife of Womankynde