First-Line Index to AF1

First-Line Index to AF1

Mapletoft Volume, United States Air Force Academy, Colorado (ms. emendations & additions to a copy of A)

Compiled February 8, 2001, by JoAnna Klein

Expanded & emended January 3, 2002, by J. Syd Conner

Because the manuscript emendations (of printed text) that comprise AF1 frequently are not made in headings or first lines, the first part of this index, which deals with emendations, excludes the usual transcriptions. Instead, it lists items printed in the volume that contain substantive emendations in manuscript, identifying them by Donne Variorum short form and the page numbers where they are located. The second part of the index deals with whole entries copied onto blank pages immediately following the printed volume’s last numbered page (406; page numbers below for this section are bracketed). In left-to-right order, each item in this section is identified by (a) its Donne Variorum short form (nc = noncanonical), (b) its location in the artifact (by page no.), and (c) diplomatic transcriptions of its heading (HE) and first line. %X = element centered on the page.

This index last corrected on March 3, 2003.

Part 1: Printed items containing substantive emendations in manuscript:

form      Page(s)
Metem     1-27   
ElJeal    44-45   
ElChange  47-48   
ElPerf    49-51      
ElPict    51-52   
Sorrow    52-53       
          56    Wr. under ElNat and above double rule over Storm:        
                "vide 29 where 3 elegies should follow here"
Storm     56-59      
Mark      66-68
RWThird   74-75       
BedfReas  77-79
BedfRef   79-82
BedfWrit  84-87
BedfTwi   87-90
TWHence   96
Har       140-48   
Ham ltr   [165] 148
Mess      186      
Bait      190      
Under     [198] 168
Commun    222      
ConfL     226      
Para      302

Part 2: Items entered entirely in manuscript on blank leaves following
p. 406:

         [407]     section HE   Additions to Dr Donne in ye Edition 1669. 8vo
HSMade   [407]     HE  In the Holy Sonnets to be inserted: pag:32./ %XI
                   Thou hast made me, and shall thy work decay?
HSSighs  [407]     HE  %XIII. page. 33.
                   O might those sighs and tears return again
HSLittle [407-08]  HE  %XV. ibid:
                   I am a little world made cunningly
         [408]     begin runnng HE   Divine Poems
HSSouls  [408]     HE  %XVIII. page 35.
                   If faithfull Souls be alike glorifid
nc       [408-09]  HE  %XOn the Blessed Virgin Mary.
                   In that, o Queen of Queens, thy birth was free
Sidney   [409-10]  HE  %XUpon the Translations of the Psalms by Sr/ Philip
                       Sidney, & The Countess of Pembroke/ his Sister.
                   Eternal God (for whom who ever dare
nc       [410-11]  HE  %XOde
                   Vengeance will sit above our faults, but till
Tilman   [411-13]  HE  %XTo Mr Tilman after He/ had taken Orders.
                   Thou, whose Diviner Soul hath caus'd thee now
Sickness [413-14]  HE  %XHymn to God, my God/ in my sickness
                   Since I am coming to that holy room,
         [414]     begin running HE   Elegies
ElBrac   [414-17]  HE  %XElegie 13. pag:149.
                   Not that in colour it was like thy hair,
nc       [417-19]  HE  %XElegie XIV
                   Come Fates, I fear You not; all whom I owe
ElPart   [419-22]  HE  %XElegie XV.
                   Since She must goe, and I must mourn, come night,
Julia    [422-23]  HE  %XElegie XVI
                   Hark newes, o Envy, thou shalt hear describd
Citizen  [423-25]  HE  %XElegie XVII
                   I sing no harme good sooth to any wight,
ElProg   [425-27]  HE  %XElegie XVIII
                   Who ever loves, if he doe not propose
         [428]     begin running HE   Poems [on versos]; Letters [on rectos]
HuntUn   [428-31]  HE  %XTo the Countess of Huntingdon: inserted pag: 111.
                   That unripe side of earth, that heavy clime
nc       [432]     HE  %XA Dialogue between Sr Henry Wotton/ and Mr Donne|
                   If her disdain least change in You can move,
nc       [433]     HE  %XTo Ben: Johnson. 6.Jan.1603.
                   The State, and mens affairs are the best playes
nc       [434]     HE  %XTo Ben: Johnson Novem:9.1603.
                   If great men wrong me, I will spare myself;
nc       [434-35]  HE  %XTo Sr Tho: Rowe. 1603.
                   Dear Tom/ Tell her if she to hired servants shew   
         [436]     begin running HE    Poems
ElFatal  [436-37]  HE  %XElegy
                   By our first strange and fatal interview,
BedfCab  [437-38]  HE  %XOn Himself [ll. 7-24 only]
                   My Fortune and my choice thy custome break,
BedfCab  [438]     HE  %XElegie [ll. 1-6 only]
                   Madam/ That I might make your Cabinet my Tomb,
nc       [438-39]  HE  %XElegy on Mris Boulstred.
                   Death be not proud, thy hand gave not this blow,
Coryat   [440-41]  HE  %XUpon Mr Tho: Coryat's Crudities.
                   O to what height will love of greatness drive   
         [442]     begin running HE    Songs and Sonnets
Fare     [442-43]  HE  %XFarewell to Love|
                   Whilst yet to prove
nc       [443-44]  HE  %XS%+ong
                   Dear Love continue nice, and chast,
Lect     [444-45]  HE  %XA Lecture upon The/ Shadow
                   Stand still, and I will read to Thee   
         [446]     begin running HE    Satyres
nc       [446-52]  HE  %XSatyre VI to be added pag: 349.
                   Sleep next Society, and true friendship
nc       [452-53]  HE  %XSatyre VII
                   Men write that Love and Reason disagree.   
         [454]     begin running HE    Letters
prose    [454]     HE  %XTo the Lady G.
                   Madam/ I am not come out of England, if I remain in the
prose    [455-56]  HE  %XTo my honored Friend G.G. Esqr
                   Sr/ Neither Your letters, nor silence, needs excuse; your friend:
prose    [456-57]  HE  %XTo My honoured friend G.G. Esqr.
                   Sr/ I should not only send You an account by my Serv*nt,
prose    [457-58]  HE  %XTo my honoured friend G.G. Esqr
                   Sr/ This advantage you my other friends have by my fre:   
         [459]     begin running HE    Reliquae%L Donnianae%L
Libro    [459]     HE  %XDe Libro cum mutuaretur, impresso, domi/ a pueris
                       frustatim lacerato, et post/ Reddito Manuscripto
                   Parturiunt madido quae%L nixu prae%Lla, recepta;
Amic     [460]     HE  %XAmiciss: et meritiss: Ben: Johnson/ In Vulponem.
                   Quod Arte ausus es hic tua%C, Poeta,
prose    [461-62]  HE  om
                   AE%Lvum sortiti sumus quo plane indoctis nihil turpius,
prose    [462-65]  HE  %XCatalogus Librorum
                   1. Nicolai Hill Angli, de sexu et Hermaphroditate
prose    [466-69]  HE  om
                   Ut primum per literas, et quo solent ordine, a Volis, Amplis:
Gaz      [469]     HE  %XTranslated out of Gazae%Lus, Vota/ Amico facta. Fol. 160.
                   God grant thee thine own wish, and grant thee mine,
nc       [470]     HE  %XIn Sacram Anchoram Piscatoris/ Georgii Herberti.
                   Quod Crux nequibat fixa, claviq%Q additi
nc       [471]     [om; translation of p. 470]
                   Although the Cross could not Christ here detain,
GHerb    [472]     HE  %XTo Mr George Herbert with one of my/
                       Seals of the Anchor and Christ.
                   Qui prius assuetus Serpentum fasce Tabellas
Sheaf    [473]     HE  %XA Sheaf of snakes used heretofore to be my/
                       Seal, the Crest of our Poor Family.
                   Adopted in Gods Family, and so
nc       [474]     HE  %XTo Lucy Countess of Bedford/ with Mr Donnes Satyres
                   Lucy, You brightness of our Sphear, who are
nc       [474]     HE  %XTo John Donne|
                   Who shall doubt, Donne, where I a Poet be,   
ElVar    [475-77]  HE  om   
                   The heavens rejoyce in motion, why should I
         [478]     begin running HE    Elegies on the Author      
nc       [478-81]  HE  %XIn Obitum Venerabilis Viri Johannij . . . [5 more ll.]   
                   Conquerar. ignavoq%Q sequar tua funera planctu?   
nc       [482-83]  HE  om   
                   Now, by one Year, time and our frailty have   
nc       [484-86]  HE  om   
                   Long since this task of tears from You was due,   
         [487]     blank