A Presentation Copy of Trinity College, Dublin, Manuscript 877

A Presentation Copy of Trinity College, Dublin, Manuscript 877 (DT1)

The following brief description of this artifact is provided in Peter Beal’s Index of English Literary Manuscripts:

Collection of 143 poems by Donne and his Paradoxes and Problems, in a single hand (except for two poems on f. 104r-v, added afterwards by two other hands); the scribe also probably responsible for Puckering MS (∆ 13); this collection constituting ff. 13–161v of a single folio volume (comprising 279 leaves) containing also Dublin MS (II) (∆ 61); c. 1623-5.

A full-scale digital facsimile of this manuscript to match those already available on this website is in preparation  and will appear later this year. In the meantime, we offer the attached set of uncropped scans—including the leaves that precede the beginning of the poetic text on f. 13—that will allow users to page through the artifact seriatim and begin to become familiar with it.  We have also added a script that allows users to zoom in on any image by left-clicking the mouse.

It should be noted that examination of the document as here presented can prove confusing not only because some of the original pages are now missing, but also because, in its current form, some pages are bound out of order. Help with these problems is available here.

The images were made by the Digital Resources and Imaging Services of Trinity College, Dublin, and are presented under a licensing agreement with The Board, Trinity College, Dublin.
The images were purchased with funds provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities.