A Special Issue Devoted to Literature and Music
Edited by Richard S. Peterson


Richard S. Peterson. Introduction. 1-2.
Anne Lake Prescott. “Formes of Joy and Art”: Donne, David, and the Power of Music. 3-36.
R. D. S. Jack. Music, Poetry, and Performance at the Court of James VI. 37-63.
Gavin Alexander. The Musical Sidneys. 65-105.
Elise Bickford Jorgens. A Rhetoric of Dissonance: Music in The Merchant of Venice. 107-128.
Lin Kelsey. “Many sorts of music”: Musical Genre in Twelfth Night and The Tempest. 129-181.
Byron Adams. “By Season Season’d”: Shakespeare and Vaughan Williams. 183-197.
Linda Phyllis Austern. Words on Music: The Case of Early Modern England. 199-244.
William Peter Mahrt. Yonge Versus Watson and the Translation of Italian Madrigals. 245-266.
Christopher R. Wilson. Number and Music in Campion’s Measured Verse. 267-289.
John Morehen. Alleluia: A Question of Syllabification, c. 1550-c. 1625. 291-314.
Paul L. Gaston. George Herbert, the “Hymn Menders,” and the Anglican Hymn Tradition. 315-332.
Stephen M. Buhler. “Soft Lydian Airs” Meet “Anthems clear”: Intelligibility in Milton, Handel, and Mark Morris. 333-353.