Index of Letters

For convenience of reference, we have numbered the letters in the volume consecutively, from 1 to 129.  This list gives each letter’s  number, its first few words, its addressee, and the page numbers on which it appears in the volume.  The list of addressees is not regularized or corrected,  but rather reports what is given in the text except that when the addressee is implied (as in “To your selfe”), the name of the addressee has been supplied in brackets.  For those letters for which no  addressee is either specified or implied,  the bracketed name has been supplied by the editors of the forthcoming Oxford edition of the letters.

Note:  in this index the first line of each letter is a hot link; left-clicking on it takes the user to the beginning of the letter in the file containing the complete text of the volume.


[table id=13 /]


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