First-Line Index to the 1633 Edition of Poems, by J.D.

Donne Variorum siglum A

In left-to-right order, each item listed below is identified by (a) Donne Variorum short form (noncan = noncanonical), (b) heading plus first line, and (c) location in the artifact (by folio or page nos.).

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INFINITATI SACRUM etc. (Epistle to Metem)                                             A3-A4
THE PRINTER TO THE UNDERSTANDERS.                                                     A1-A2 (second sig. A)
Hexastichon Bibliopolae%L [I see in his last preached]  -- Jo. Mar.                   A2v
Metem      Metempsychosis ["I sing the progress of a deathless soul"]                 001-27
HOLY SONNETS./La Corona. (a Heading)                                                  028
Cor1       "Deign at my hands"                                                        028
Cor2        Annunciation ["Salvation to all that will is nigh"]                       028-9
Cor3        Nativity ["Immensity cloistered in thy dear womb"]                        029
Cor4        Temple ["With his kind mother who partakes thy woe"]                      030
Cor5        Crucifying ["By miracles exceeding power of man"]                         030-1
Cor6        Resurrection ["Moist with one drop of thy blood"]                         031
Cor7        Ascension ["Salute the last and everlasting day"]                         031-2
HSDue      "As due by many titles"                                                    032
HSBlack    "O my black soul"                                                          033
HSScene    "This is my play's last scene"                                             033-4
HSRound    "At the round earth's imagined corners"                                    034
HSMin      "If poisonous minerals"                                                    035
HSDeath    "Death be not proud"                                                       035-6
HSSpit     "Spit in my face"                                                          036
HSWhy      "Why are we by all creatures"                                              037
HSWhat     "What if this present"                                                     037-8
HSBatter   "Batter my heart"                                                          038
HSWilt     "Wilt thou love God"                                                       039
HSPart     "Father part of his double interest"                                       039-40
Hero       Hero and Leander ["Both robbed of air"]                                    040
Pyr        Pyramus and Thisbe ["Two by themselves each other"]                        040
Niobe      Niobe ["By children's birth and death"]                                    040
Ship       A Burnt Ship ["Out of a fired ship"]                                       041
Wall       Fall of a Wall ["Under an undermined and shot-bruised wall"]               041
Beggar     A Lame Beggar ["I am unable, yonder beggar cries"]                         041
SelfAc     A Self Accuser ["Your mistress, that you follow whores"]                   041
Licent     A Licentious Person ["Thy sins and hairs"]                                 042
Antiq      Antiquary ["If in his study"]                                              042
Disinher   Disinherited ["Thy father all from thee"]                                  042
Phrine     Phrine ["Thy flattering picture, Phrine"]                                  042
Philo      An Obscure Writer ["Philo with twelve years' study"]                       042
Klock      Klockius ["Klockius so deeply hath sworn"]                                 042
Martial    Raderus ["Why this man gelded Martial"]                                    043
Merc       Mercurius Gallo-Belgicus ["Like Aesop's fellow slaves"]                    043
Ralph      Ralphius ["Compassion in the world again is bred"]                         043
ElJeal     Jealosy ["Fond woman which would'st have thy husband die"]                 044-5
ElAnag     The Anagram ["Marry and love thy Flavia"]                                  045-7
ElChange   Change ["Although thy hand and faith"]                                     047-8
ElPerf     The Perfume ["Once and but once found in thy company"]                     049-51
ElPict     His Picture ["Here take my picture"]                                       051-52
Sorrow     Elegia ["Sorrow, who to this house"]                                       052-3
ElServe    "Oh, let me not serve so"                                                  053-5
ElNat      "Nature's lay idiot"                                                       055-6
Storm      The Storm ["Thou which art I"]                                             056-9
Calm       The Calm ["Our storm is past"]                                             059-61
HWKiss     To Sir Henry Wotton ["Sir, more then kisses"]                              061-3
Cross      The Cross ["Since Christ embraced"]                                        064-6
Mark       Elegy on the Lady Markham ["Man is the world"]                             066-8
BoulRec    Elegy on Mrs. Boulstred ["Death, I recant"]                                069-71
HG         To Sr. Henry Goodyere ["Who makes the past a pattern"]                     072-4
RWThird    To Mr. R. W. ["Like one who in her third widdowhood"]                      074-5
HWNews     To Sir Henry Wotton ["Here's no more news"]                                076-7
BedfReas   To the Countess of Bedford ["Reason is our soul's left hand"]              077-79
BedfRef    To the Countess of Bedford ["You have refined me"]                         079-82
EdHerb     To Sir Edward Herbert ["Man is a lump"]                                    082-4
BedfWrit   To the Countess of Bedford ["To have written then"]                        084-7
BedfTwi    To the Countess of Bedford: On New-Year's Day 
                     ["This twilight of two years"]                                   087-90
HuntMan    To the Countess of Huntingdon ["Man to God's image"]                       090-3
TWHail     To Mr. T. W. ["All hail sweet poet"]                                       093-4
TWHarsh    To Mr. T. W. ["Haste thee harsh verse"]                                    095
TWPreg     To Mr. T. W. ["Pregnant again"]                                            095-6
TWHence    "At once, from hence, my lines and I depart,"    (printed as if a   
                     continuation of TWPreg)                                          096
CB         To Mr. C. B. ["Thy friend whom thy deserts"]                               097
SB         To Mr. S. B. ["O thou which to search"]                                    098
BB         To Mr. B.B. ["Is not thy sacred hunger"]                                   099-100
RWSlumb    To Mr. R. W. ["If as mine is thy life a slumber be"]                       100-01
ILRoll     To Mr. I.L. ["Of that short roll"]                                         101-2
ILBlest    To Mr. I.P. ["Blest are your north parts"]                                 102
ED         To E. of D. with Six Holy Sonnets ["See, Sir, how as the sun's"]           103
HWVenice   To Sir H. W. at his Going Ambassador to Venice  
                     ["After those reverend papers"]                                  104-5
MHPaper    To Mrs. M. H. ["Mad paper stay"]                                           106-08
BedfHon    To the Countess of Bedford ["Honor is so sublime"]                         108-10
BedfDead   To the Countess of Bedford: Begun in France 
                     ["Though I be dead and buried"]                                  111
Carey      A Letter to the Lady Carey and Mrs. Essex Rich
                     ["Here where by all"]                                            112-5
Sal        To the Countess of Salisbury ["Fair, great, and good"]                     115-18
EpEliz     An Epithalamion . . . on the Lady Elizabeth 
                     ["Hail, Bishop Valentine"]                                       118-22
Eclog      Eclogue at the Marriage of the Earl of Sommerset 
                     ["Unseasonable man, statue of ice"]                              123-35
EpLin      Epithalamion Made at Lincoln's Inn ["The sunbeams in the east"]            135-8
Har (Ltr)  To the Countesse of Bedford. [Madame,/ I have learn'd etc.]                139
Har        Obsequies to the Lord Harrington ["Fair soul, which wast not only"]        140-48
ElComp     The Comparison ["As the sweet sweat of roses in a still"]                  149-50
ElAut      The Autumnal ["No spring nor summer beauty"]                               151-2
Image      "Image of her whom I love"                                                 153
Henry      Elegy on the untimely Death of . . . Prince Henry 
                     ["Look to me, Faith"]                                            154-7
noncan     Davison's "Psalm 137" ["By Euphrates flowry side"]                         157-61
Res        Resurrection imperfect ["Sleep, sleep, old sun"]                           161-2
Ham        An Hymn to the Saints and to the Marquis Hamilton 
                     ["Whether that soul which now comes"]                            162-3
Ham ltr    "S%+IR, / I%+ Presume you rather try what you can doe in me, then what     [164] 148
noncan     Basse's "An Epitaph upon Shakespeare" 
                     ["Renowned Chaucer lie a thought more nigh"]                     [165] 149
Sappho     Sappho to Philaenis ["Where is that holy fire"]                            166-68
Annun      Upon the Annunciation and Passion ["Tamely frail body"]                    168-69
Goodf      Goodfriday, 1613. Riding Westward ["Let man's soul be a sphere"]           170-71
Lit        A Litany ["Father of heaven and him"]                                      172-85
Mess       The Message ["Send home my long strayed eyes"]                             186
Noct       A Nocturnal upon St. Lucy's Day ["'Tis the year's midnight"]               187-88
Witch      Witchcraft by a Picture ["I fix mine eye on thine"]                        189
Bait       The Bait ["Come live with me"]                                             190-91
Appar      The Apparition ["When by thy scorn"]                                       191
Broken     The Broken Heart ["He is stark mad"]                                       192-3
ValMourn   A Valediction Forbidding Mourning  
                     ["As virtuous men pass mildly away"]                             193-4
GoodM      The Good Morrow ["I wonder by my troth"]                                   195
SGo        Song ["Go, and catch a falling star"]                                      196-7
WomCon     Woman's Constancy ["Now thou has loved me one whole day"]                  197-8
Under      The Undertaking ["I have done one braver thing"]                           198-9
SunRis     The Sun Rising ["Busie old fool, unruly sun"]                              199-200
Ind        The Indifferent ["I can love both fair and brown"]                         200-01
LovUsury   Love's Usury ["For every hour that thou wilt spare me"]                    201-2
Canon      The Canonization ["For God's sake hold your tongue"]                       202-4
Triple     The Triple Fool ["I am two fools, I know"]                                 204-5
LovInf     Lovers' Infiniteness ["If yet I have not all thy love"]                    205-6
SSweet     Song ["Sweetest love, I do not go"]                                        206-8
Leg        The Legacy ["When I died last"]                                            208-9
Fever      A Feaver ["Oh do not die"]                                                 209-10
Air        Air and Angels ["Twice or thrice had I loved"]                             211-12
Break      Break of Day ["'Tis true, 'tis day"]                                       212
Anniv      The Anniversary ["All kings and all their favorites"]                      213-14
ValName    A Valediction of my Name in the Window ["My name engraved herein"]         214-17
Twick      Twickenham garden ["Blasted with sighs and surrounded with tears"]         218-19
ValBook    A Valediction of the Book ["I'll tell thee now"]                           219-21
Commun     Community ["Good we must love"]                                            222
LovGrow    Love's Growth ["I scarce believe my love to be so pure"]                   223-4
LovExch    Love's Exchange ["Love, any devil else but you"]                           224-5
ConfL      Confined Love ["Some man unworthy"]                                        226
Dream      The Dream ["Dear love, for nothing less"]                                  227-8
ValWeep    A Valediction of Weeping ["Let me pour forth"]                             228-9
LovAlch    Love's Alchemy ["Some that have deeper digged"]                            229-30
Flea       The Flea ["Mark but this flea"]                                            230-1
Curse      The Curse ["Whoever guesses, thinks, or dreams"]                           231-2
Praise     To the Praise of the Dead and the Anatomy (by Joseph Hall)
                     ["Well died the world"]                                          233-5
FirAn      The First Anniversary. An Anatomy of the World 
                     ["When that rich soul"]                                          235-51
FunEl      A Funeral Elegy ["'Tis lost to trust a tomb"]                              252-55 [256 blank]
Harb       The Harbinger to the Progress (by Joseph Hall) ["Two souls move here"]     257-9
SecAn      The Second Anniversary.  Of the Progress of the Soul                       
                     ["Nothing could make me sooner"]                                 260-77
Ecst       The Ecstasy ["Where, like a pillow on a bed"]                              277-80
LovDeity   Love's Deity ["I long to talk with some old"]                              280-81
LovDiet    Love's Diet ["To what a cumbersome unwieldiness"]                          281-82
Will       The Will ["Before I sigh my last gasp"]                                    283-5
Fun        The Funeral ["Whoever comes to shroud me"]                                 285-6
Blos       The Blossom ["Little thinkest thou"]                                       286-7
Prim       The Primrose ["Upon this primrose hill"]                                   288-9
Relic      The Relic ["When my grave is broke up again"]                              289-90
Damp       The Damp ["When I am dead"]                                                290-1
Dissol     The Dissolution ["She is dead"]                                            291-2
Jet        A Jet Ring Sent ["Thou art not so black"]                                  292-3
NegLov     Negative Love ["I never stooped so low"]                                   293
Prohib     The Prohibition ["Take heed of loving me"]                                 294
Compu      The Computation ["For the first twenty years"]                             295
Expir      The Expiration ["So, so, break off"]                                       295
BoulNar    Elegy upon the Death of Mrs. Boulstred  
                     ["Language thou art too narrow"]                                 296-98
BedfShe    Elegy to the Lady Bedford ["You that are she"]                             298-9
ElExpost   The Expostulation ["To make the doubt clear"]                              300-02
Para       The Paradox ["No lover saith, I love"]                                     302-3
Christ     A Hymn to Christ at the Author's Last Going into Germany 
                     ["In what torn ship soever"]                                     304-5
Lam        The Lamentations of Jeremy ["How sits this city"]                          306-23
Sat1       "Away thou fondling motley humorist"                                       325-28
Sat2       "Sir, though (I thank God for it) I do hate"                               329-32
Sat3       "Kind pity chokes my spleen"                                               333-96
Sat4       "Well, I may now receive and die"                                          337-45
Sat5       "Thou shalt not laugh in this leaf, Muse"                                  346-49
Father     A Hymn to God the Father "[Wilt thou forgive"]                             350
[Prose letters follow]
HEN. GOODEERE.  [Etiam vulgari lingua scriptae]                                       351-52
To Sir H. G.   [I send not my Letters as tribute]                                     353-55
To Sir H. G.   [Sir,/ Nature hath made all bodies like]                               356-58
To Sir H. G.   [Sir,/ This Tuesday morning, which hath brought]                       359-61
To Sr H. G.    [Sir,/ In the history or stile of friendship]                          362-63
To Sr H. G.    [Sir,/ It should be no interruption to your pleasures]                 364-66
To the Countesse of Bedford [Happiest and worthyest Lady,/ I do not remember that]    367
To Sr H. G.    [Sir,/ Because I am in a place and season]                             368-69
To Sir H. G.   [Sir,/ I hope you are now welcome to London]                           370-72
[Elegies on the Author follow]
To The Memorie of My Ever Desired Friend Dr. Donne. [To have liv'd eminent] --by H.K. 373-75
To the deceased Author etc. [When thy Loose raptures] -- by Tho: Browne.              376
On the death of Dr DONNE. [I Cannot blame those men]  -- by Edw. Hyde.                377
On Doctor Donne, by Dr C. B. of O. [Hee that would write an Epitaph for thee]         378
An Elegie upon the incomparable Dr DONNE [All is not well etc.]--HEN. VALENTINE.      379-81
An Elegie upon Dr Donne. [Is Donne, great Donne deceas'd?] --IZ. WA.                  382-84
An Elegie upon the death....By Mr. Tho: Carie. [Can we not force]                     385-88
An Elegie on Dr. DONNE: By Sir Lucius Carie. [Poets attend, the Elegie I sing]        389-92
On Dr. DONNES death: By Mr. Mayne of Christ-Church in Oxford. [Who shall presume]     393-96
Vpon Mr J. Donne, and his Poems. [Who dares say thou art dead] --Arth. Wilson.        397-99
In memory of Doctor Donne: By Mr R. B. [Donne dead? 'Tis here reported]               400-03
Epitaph [Heere lies Deane Donne]                                                      403-04
Epitaph upon Dr. DONNE, By Endy: Porter. [This decent Urne a sad inscription]         405-06
      heading A3v-A4 = EPISTLE.
         "    A1v-A2 = The Printer/ to the Reader.
Note: running head pp. 2-323, 350 = Poems
        "       "  pp. 325-49 = Satyres
        "       "  pp. 351-72 = Letters
        "       "  pp. 373-405 = Elegies (v)/ upon the Author (r)
      heading p. 406 = Elegies &.
AltVic     A Letter Written by Sir H. G. and J. D. Alternis Vicibus  ["Since every tree begins"] 
Amic       Amicissimo et Meritissimo Ben Jonson ["Quod arte ausus es hic tua"] 
AutHook    Ad Autorem ["Non eget Hookerus"] 
AutJos     Ad Autorem ["Emendare cupis Joseph"] 
BedfCab    Epitaph on Himself: To the Countess of Bedford  ["That I might make your cabinet"]
Cales      Cales and Guiana ["If you from spoil"] 
Coryat     Upon Mr. Thomas Coryat's Crudities ["Oh to what height"]
EG         To Mr. E. G. ["Even as lame things"] 
EgDD       Epigraph from Death's Duel ["Corporis haec animae"] 
  ElBed    Going to Bed ["Come, Madam, come"] 
  ElBrac   The Bracelet ["Not that in color it was like thy hair"]
  ElFatal  On His Mistress ["By our first strange and fatal interview"]  
  ElPart   His Parting From Her ["Since she must go"] 
  ElProg   Love's Progress ["Whoever loves, if he do not propose"] 
  ElVar    Variety ["The heavens rejoice in motion"]
  ElWar    Love's War ["Till I have peace with thee"]
EtAD       Epitaph on Ann Donne ["Annae Georgii More de filiae"] 
EtED       Epitaph on Elizabeth Drury ["Quo pergas, viator"] 
EtRD       Epitaph on Robert Drury ["Roberti Druri/ quo vix alter"] 
EtSP       Epitaph in Saint Paul's ["Ioannes Donne/ Sac: Theol: profess:"] 
Fare       Farewell to Love ["Whilst yet to prove"] 
Faust      Faustinus ["Faustinus keeps his sister"]
Gaz        Translated out of Gazaeus ["God grant thee thine own wish"] 
GHerb      To Mr. George Herbert With One of My Seals  ["Qui prius assuetus serpentum"] 
Heart      "When my heart was mine own" 
Holy Sonnets:
 HSLittle  "I am a little world" 
 HSMade    "Thou hast made me" 
 HSShe     "Since she whom I loved" 
 HSShow    "Show me dear Christ"
 HSSighs   "O might those sighs" 
 HSSouls   "If faithful souls" 
 HSVex     "O to vex me"
HuntUn     To the Countess of Huntingdon ["That unripe side of earth"]
HWHiber    H. W. in Hibernia Belligeranti ["Went you to conquer?"] 
Ignatius, verse from 
  IgAver   "Aversa facie Janum referre"
  IgFeath  "Feathers or straws swim on the water's face"
  IgFlow   "As a flower wet with last night's dew"
  IgLark   "The lark by busy and laborious ways"
  IgNoise  "With so great noise and horror"
  IgOper   "Operoso tramite scandent"
  IgPiece  "That the least piece which thence doth fall"
  IgPlum   "Aut plumam, aut paleam"
  IgQual   "Qualis hesterno madefacta rore"
  IgResemb "Resemble Janus with a diverse face"
  IgSport  "My little wandering sportful soul"
  IgTanto  "Tanto fragore boatuque"
InAA       Inscription in Corvinus' Album Amicorum ["In propria venit"] 
InLI       Inscription in Bible at Lincoln's Inn ["In Bibliotheca Hospitii"] 
Jug        The Juggler ["Thou callest me effeminate"] 
Lect       A Lecture upon the Shadow ["Stand still and I will read"] 
Liar       The Liar ["Thou in the fields walkest"] 
Libro      De Libro Cum Mutuaretur ["Doctissimo Amicissimoque v. D. D. Andrews"]  
Macaron    In Eundem Macaronicon ["Quot, dos, haec, linguists"] 
MHMary     To the Lady Magdalen Herbert, of St. Mary Magdalen ["Her of your name"] 
RWEnvy     To Mr. R. W. ["Kindly I envy thy songs"] 
RWMind     To Mr. R. W. ["Muse not that by thy mind"] 
RWZeal     To Mr. R. W. ["Zealously my muse"] 
SelfL      Self Love ["He that cannot choose but love"] 
Sickness   A Hymn to God My God, in My Sickness ["Since I am coming"] 
Sidney     Upon the Translation of the Psalms by Sir Philip Sidney ["Eternal God, (for whom who ever dare...)"]
Stat       Stationes (from Devotions) ["Insultus morbi primus"] 
Tilman     To Mr. Tilman After He Had Taken Orders ["Thou whose diviner soul"] 
Token      Sonnet. The Token ["Send me some token"]
Walton's Lives, verse from   WaltDeo  "Deo opt. max. benigno"
  WaltMult "Multiplicate sunt super"
  WaltQuid "Quid habeo quid non acceppi"
Wing       Sir John Wingfield ["Beyond th'old pillars"]

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