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ValName23[C-i]049.00B.059So, in forgetting* thou remembrest right,
ValName23[C-i]049.00B.065Impute this idle talke,* to that I goe,
Twick23[C-i]051.00B.005But O, selfe-traitor, I doe* bring
ConfL30[C-i]056.00B.007But are* other creatures so?
[CW: Are]
ConfL31[C-i]056.00B.016And not to seeke new lands, or not to deale with all?*
LovAlch34[C-i]059.00B.014Shall we, for this vaine Bubles* pay?
LovAlch34[C-i]059.00B.022In that dayes rude hoarse minstralsey, the spheres,*
Curse35[C-i]061.00B.011And may he* feele no* touch
Curse35[C-i]061.00B.027What Plants,* Myne, Beasts, Fowle, Fish,
ElAut85[G-o]050.00B.044For these, not Ancients, but Antiques be;*
BoulNar88[G-o]151.00B.039God tooke her hence, lest some of us shuold* love
ElBrac89[G-o]008.00B.0HEEleg. XII. * Vpon the losse of his Mistresses Chaine, for which he made satisfaction.
BoulNar89[G-o]151.00B.056The Gentiles fram'd them Gods and Goddesses*
ElBrac92[G-o]008.00B.092So, that I almost pitty thy estate.*
ElBrac92[G-o]008.00B.093Gold being the heaviest metal amongst all;*
ElBrac92[G-o]008.00B.095Her* fetter'd, manacled, and hang'd in chains,
ElBrac92[G-o]008.00B.106All mischiefe that all devils ever throughout;*
ElPart96[G-o]021.00B.100Thinke, heaven hath motion lost, and the world, fire;*
Storm148[K-o]109.00B.012Honour and misery have one face one* way.
BedfWrit167[M-i]138.00B.006In that,* I seem'd to shunne beholdingnesse.
TWHence178[M-i]117.00B.001At once from hence my lines and I depart,*
RWSlumb182[N-i]122.00B.030Some thing to answer in* some proportion
HWVenice185[N-o]129.00B.016To heaven in troopes, at'a good mans passing-bell:*
FirAn213[P-o]155.00B.010Shee's now a part both of the Quire, and Song:*
FirAn214[P-i]155.00B.025Her death did wound and tame thee than, and* than
FirAn214[P-i]155.00B.029'Twas heavy then to heare thy voyce of* moane,
FirAn215[P-i]155.00B.071A faint weake love of vertue, and of good*
FirAn216[P-o]155.00B.086And strength it selfe by* confidence growes weak,
FirAn216[P-o]155.00B.093And can there be worse sicknesse than to know,*
FirAn217[P-o]155.00B.132And for our children we reserve to* morrow.
FirAn218[P-i]155.00B.155Wee seeme ambitious* Gods whole worke t'undoe;
FirAn219[P-i]155.00B.200Both beasts* and plants, curst in the curse of man,
FirAn221[P-o]155.00B.246The worlds infection, to bee* none* of it.
FirAn222[P-i]155.00B.301Of th'earth?* Thinke so: but yet confesse, in this
FirAn223[P-i]155.00B.317Shee, who if those great Doctours truly* said
FirAn223[P-i]155.00B.328That here is* nothing to enamour thee:
FirAn226[P-i]155.00B.421The common profit; and some people have*
FirAn227[P-i]155.00B.457From her example* and her vertue, if you
BedfCab271[S-i]147.0Ba.012To ripe and mellow three,* w'are stubborne clay,

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