VOLUME 7.2 (1988)


John T. Shawcross. But Is It Donne’s? The Problem of Titles on His Poems. 141-150.
James S. Baumlin. Donne’s Poetics of Absence. 151-182.
Joseph E. Duncan. Resurrections in Donne’s “A Hymne to God the Father” and “Hymne to God my God, in my sicknesse.” 183-196.
Robert Thomas Fallon. Donne’s “Strange Fire” and the “Elegies on the Author’s Death.” 197-212.
Robert C. Evans. Sir John Harington and Thomas Sutton: New Letters from Charterhouse. 213-238.
Howard Canaan. Meaning, Shape, and Number in Upon Appleton House. 239-256.

Reviews Essays

Jonathan F.S. Post. Herrick, Cultural Clout, and the Burden of Simplicity. 257-272.
Stanley Stewart. Imagining Dutch Reformed Donne. 273-286.